Legacy (s)

Don’t you think everyone wants to create a legacy that is uniquely their own! I do. I may be wrong, but there is always a first time!

Leave-The-Legacy-76Usually it’s for our kids and other loved ones. However, many have larger hopes, dreams and goals that include family and more. Take Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, George Washington and I believe so many more lost in Paris just two weeks ago in that tragic and senseless massacre!

We think of building our legacy and grand ideas, but none of us know how long we have. I know God does but I can’t help you or myself about that. So what are we to do!!!

More and more I hear so very many knowledgeable and even foolish persons saying to us — START TODAY!

But are we listening? I don’t more often than not and I should! After all, I’ve had significant strokes, heart attacks and several cancers, but do I listen? I can only say I test God regularly, and figure I still have plenty of time. What kind of insanity is that?

I like what I think Steve Jobs said about thinking on what is really important on the day of forgiveness as to what is important?!

An extra $1,000 for a vacation, or spending time with a child … your’s or another’s to teach them or just help them smile? These are all gifts and can be part of your legacy too! Oh! Did I tell you that you can do these daily … not large but huge as you go on and I’d be proud of that legacy.

Perhaps having completed the sale of a patent or publishing another book might be your idea of a good legacy … it would be! Can you do it today?

This is the time of THANKSGIVING here in the states. Many are thankful of the kindnesses given to them by you whether it was a coffee or a mortgage payment and the list goes on! We can always do something as little as it may seem to you … may be incredible to another, but do it often. I believe Thanksgiving can be celebrated daily all over the world.

Even Kermit is Thankful!  (faust112670 Kermit)

Even Kermit is Thankful!
(faust112670 Kermit)

So really you can start building on to your legacy right now! No muss no fuss (is that what one says?).

Help another discover a real Thanksgiving today! Of course, you build yet another part of your legacy! If I can help somehow, let me know. Perhaps join us here so we can help one another build your legacy! Many hands make light work!

Write your stories today for your loved ones, friend and yes … strangers! God Bless, Rick =)

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