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It is my wish and hope to make this blog about you and offering my experience and most of all, basic facts and truth along with yours! Why? My talents and nicknames over the past 50 years might provide some insight. Foremost I am a helper described as a supporter , defender, encourager and more! I expect you too to share so we can help each other out down the road! One of my basic core beliefs is nothing else really matters in life except each other! I hope you can share that thought too!

One of the more questionable nicknames was ‘brains’. In my younger years it was my most prominent alias! Today it would stand for geek, nerd and others and was really embarrassing! If there was ever a question almost of any type they’d say grab ‘brains’ … if he don’t know then he’ll find out! Gradually into my teens and since then it’s always been go ask ‘Carter’ … !

My insatiable curiosity, former excellent memory, along with a few of my gifts I found it was nice to be needed! Albeit, I wasn’t always able to ‘figure it out’ but I tried.

With the advent of Google my talents weren’t needed, as in the past, but that’s OK! Nevertheless, I have all this research, experience, successes, failures and joys that I CAN pass on to save others from themselves too! Perhaps to protect themselves and their families! My wife used to say I had forgotten more than what most learned.

My goal is to prayerfully offer insight and find some wisdom into our frailties, fears, and more with your help and have fun doing it. There are several questions I often use when working with whoever! It could be a HS student, a widow / widower, a young or old woman or man, a child all tailored to each of course. The first question is Who are you? The next question is What one or two things that make you so happy you believe you can fly! The final question is what rulebook or who is it you go to as a mentor … ( who or what do you give authority to in your life)?

I have also been known for two particular statements that are a kinda trademark. The first and most well known is ‘Question everything!’ . The next is you probably should never or hardly ever say, ‘I knew that!’. That’s a real important one and hard to follow since you and I are always right (more or less)!?

P.S. I have also included an About Business page too. Simply, I bought a package years ago to do a push button website and more which didn’t work (they disappeared). I had to pick a website that had the word(s) money or million in it and do it quick. I came up with i-am-a-millionaire.com (wrong in so many ways). Indeed, a second poor choice like who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Do I hear billions and more?

When you have a moment (or two) take a look as it will provide additional insight to “Who I am”? (Rick Carter) … you know blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and too long … =)! This was the about page for that website. (I hope to include goals from there)

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