Getting shorter … er … being brief?

I keep telling you I am going to be more brief like Seth Godin ( and I’m making some improvements, but I’m not Seth. I think you will find some truth and wisdom with him too!

My good acquaintance Andy Traub has a book about learning to rise early, which is a problem for me. Quite a few others too since his book keeps selling and selling! One of the keys was one has to go to bed earlier to get up earlier. This caused me to think that perhaps I might write more often and doing so just might make each piece shorter? What do you think?

Please check out the about me and business pages. This will confirm that the most important thing in this world are people like you and me, in my opinion ! Nothing else would exist except for us being in this world, and yet we keep hurting each other thoughtlessly . Too often we forget about each other and we need to stop. Really! I am and many of you have been about always helping each other whenever we can.

Back in the 60’s it was always our hope to stand up against those things that were wrong. You know, right and wrong! We wanted to fix it but we didn’t so much. So now we can begin again with small kind acts together! The past is past. We can continue now once again starting with these small acts! We should never give up! 1, then 2, and then 4, and then 8, … redoubled would result in 500,000,000 small kind acts in the first month alone! How many would that be in a year then?

This is what I have always been about, and even if done imperfectly it packs a punch! So many of you have helped too! Our record can and will get better! Let’s do it NOW!

I’ve said this before. Send a dollar a month to your favorite charity, or a religious charity. There’s like 26,000,000 (twenty six million religious charities alone) and 3 x that many together!

We all need to offer help to each other with advice, wisdom, smiles, local good works to wherever you and this newsletter can reach !

Even simple tips help like for those of us in the north offered by my post mistress Shannon! She suggested turning down the windshield visors to defrost the windshield more quickly after an icy rain … guess what it works! I didn’t know that before!

We can help each other a lot just by looking around and noticing others outside ourselves, which I neglect too often! I’ve said it before, that even a smile can save a life! More about that next time!

God Bless and wishing all of us a Very Merry Christmas with greater Peace and Caring! Thanks for stopping by … Rick =)

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