Want Something Now?

Sure you do if you are on planet Earth. But why?

It is our nature (natural tendency) be it a sin nature or childish nature or inability to discipline ourselves and so many other reasons! Thoughtlessness?

I keep promising this one will be shorter and I am trying; REALLY! What brought this topic up is the Christmas / Holiday push to sell you this year’s car, the latest and greatest software, yet another dress or suit … you haven’t worn the last one yet … uhhh … from two years ago!?

I have 17 pair of jeans size 34×34 in several colors. Maybe there are tags on some of them and I have them on Craigslist for $85 as a lot price ($5 ea.). I have or have had other items as well!

Over the past decade I have disposed of over $100,000 worth of self help books and courses. 90% of them I have read and 100% I have opened but not studied! Why? So many were saying the same thing from a different perspective or not as well as a favorite person who explained things well and so the list went. I have gotten rid of 3, 4 maybe 500 books this year! Books I bought and never read as well just in case. They too were good and I thought I could use that … but did I? I allowed myself to be moved by emotion, fearing I would miss out! Truthfully never have yet, but sure wasted a lot of money!

Yessiree, I have at least $50,000 of programs and software and self help on my hard drive! Some of those have been there for over a decade! Perhaps longer! Never did do them!

Yes I bought them all and more! Hmm, did I really NEED them or just WANT them?

I promise you if I needed them, I bought them, and read them, and used them, and made some part of my life better! They didn’t help me by osmosis and ‘living’ with me! They only helped me by doing something with them. I am positive that has happened to you too!

Often we are accused of being human doings and not human beings. You know, just always being in a rush and not aware we are not being productive and many other worthwhile actions! Still we need to do things to be able to eat, buy a house, have children, serve at our place of worship and more!

My point is our natural tendency is to act without thought because whatever is shiny or new or just dreamy is most often a want and not a need. Sure, we should always have goals, dreams, wishes, but with a worthwhile purpose! Otherwise we waste our resources and 5 years later we haven’t moved! We’re poorer, but you all know this! I see this most often in how to make money products or how to be a better mom or dad (self help) and none work if you don’t!

Instead of making a New Years Resolution do it today! Promise yourself you will never buy another thing … anything … unless the old one is worn out or you used it all up! You need to be ready to move on to the next stage of your career or life working at making it better! I don’t care if it is a product I may offer or so many other marketers like Sears , Walmart, Macy’s, or another who you trust and value! Not even if it’s FREE (a just in case …)! If your process or tool works and is good enough right now you don’t need it! You want it! STOP IT! *

Always give yourself a day or two – if the sale ends today they’ll do it again next week, next month or next year! Guess what! It’ll have more features from self help courses to cameras, cars and anything you can name! You know that, so demonstrate how much wisdom you really have today! Help yourself if no one else today … then tomorrow you can help another! Merry Christmas and sending you smiles and laughter! Rick =)

* P.S. Only take free if you believe it can help you now! You must read it now too! If it can’t help now … DELETE , THROW AWAY, RECYCLE! Now!

Again … Merry Christmas!

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5 thoughts on “Want Something Now?

  1. I’ve fallen victim to this to many times, Rick. When I started thinking about conspicuous consumption, I’d question: “Do I NEED this?” or, “Do I WANT this?”
    There is a difference.

    Glad to see you’re back. I was unable to link to you for several weeks. Merry Christmas, Rick.

    • Still learning and slowly. Of course you knew I am a bit slow at times! I now have the visual wordpress you recommended and of course it’s helping but my understanding is lagging! LOL Thank you for missing me! Also, A very Merry Christmas to you and yours! Rick =)

      • Did you send me two e-mails? If not, then someone did and referenced my comment on your blog. I didn’t respond as I wasn’t sure it was from you. If you reply to my comment here on your blog, WordPress alerts us via that little orange dot on the bell in the right corner that we have a message.

        Merry Christmas. 😉

        • Hi Judy! I did and finally found your direct email and wrote you. I don’t know about the orange dot? (I would have written sooner!) I will have to look it up in that visual wordpress book you told me about. Thanks! I need all the help I can get as you know! Wishing you a Merry Christmas Week! =)

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