What are your Opinions and Thoughts on Ferguson, Mo?

First, let me wish you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving to all peoples in the world! Please take just a moment and find one thing you are thankful for … and then tomorrow another! Continue to repeat until we meet again next year at this time. Perhaps together we can reduce the chaos we all see in our communities over the whole world!

I start out to make each post short. It always grows it seems because I ask the question are they (YOU) going to have any idea of what I am rambling about? Often that happens when we are rushed and people tell us hurry up! I ain’t got all day! Is that maybe what happened in Ferguson?

I used to write quite often back in the early 60’s. Now like then there were hundreds of topics daily whether about wars or potential ones (the Cuban missile crises), civil rights (children being murdered), should we keep prayer in school because it’s damaging our children! Some days I wrote many … I think to clarify or make sense of why people are doing what they were doing.

I have a good friend Alonzo and he works at Walmart and at least one other company. Very
industrious and a truly valued friend. We went to the same high school Central Tech. Here in Syracuse. We began there in the 60’s during Civil Rights, fear of nuclear holocaust and then there was me. Then and now naive !

We talked about Ferguson back in August. He asked what was my take on it all! Sadly even back then there was significant information suggesting that Michael Brown must have been impaired hearing and piecing together information that seemed to fit together to show a very sad puzzle and too much emotion with no basis for facts that fit! This was August and Alonzo had more info that I hadn’t thought of or knew. Afterwards, we ended up agreeing that nothing was what people wanted it be but rather way too much mis-information! We both agreed it was too sad and that all things are being made sensationalistic to betray the truth!

Bad news sells … even if it gets people killed. Even back then we agreed Obama and others seemed to have wanted it that way. Facts seemed to be irrelevant. Last night I said he isn’t going to get elected … 2 terms … duh!? Alonzo said he’s got his own agenda! More money, more money! Anything that can help him! We both had to laugh.

It turned out after months of intensive investigation that Michael Brown wasn’t shot in the back and must have been out of his mind for whatever reasons. He was headed to college according to some reports … you don’t run toward a cop with your hand in your jacket or pants and not expect to get fired on! It’s all sad but turned out almost exactly what Alonzo and I had discussed back in summer. We both often lament what is going on with everyone! Greed, selfishness and more!

Alonzo said something that is very important that we all need to consider! I really want to hear your opinions .. Maybe you could contribute to the discussion as well? I hope so since we are all in it together!

Alonzo went on to say that there is no leadership period! Certainly not Obama as none of us knows what he is. Back when we were kids I had Malcolm X , Martin Luther King and others as role models available to help us sort things out. Yeah that’s true … we had the Kennedy’s but you’re right! We had people we could look up to. (I know many had their problems but we didn’t need perfect!).

We need leaders like never before that can help us to look at ourselves .. Putting a mirror before ourselves that doesn’t allow us to lie or fantasize!

We, Alonzo and I, decided not only here in America but all over the world there isn’t anyone
that will stand up and tell the truth as best as he or she can do. Admit to not being perfect but really working at it! This is instead of bringing an emotional pity party saying look how we are abused! We have never been treated fairly … and these are 20 and thirty something … crying we are oppressed ! Alonzo said they should have been around when we were kids! One comment I just heard is that once every 28 hours a black person is shot. Not to minimize this, but in what context? If one is to tell a story they need to tell the whole or as it used to be said … now, here’s the rest of the story!

Thanks for stopping by and we can start helping each other today … right now … !  Oh, please don’t forget to say Thank you and Smile whenever you can!

Thanks & God Bless! Rick =)

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