Please tell me what THANKSGIVING is ?

I don’t want to make this long. What little feedback I have gotten and my own quirks some good and some bad … ‘I need to get through things quick! Today that is the way!’ (you can tweet that but I don’t know how to direct you yet … I will).

Is that a good way? Just get through it! Do we want to get through Thanksgiving as fast as possible? I remember families getting together and enjoying games and playing and hearing old stories of our great grandpa’s and grandma’s. We visited to nearby families and farms that had less to really bring a basket. I liked that. The whole thing even in the papers was about thanking God for the blessings we had and how we could help each other now and in the coming year! Darn, it felt good! This happened even with the ‘Black Friday’ hoopla of buying newer and more toys often which we already had as time went by!

I don’t know when Black Friday or the name started but was it a good thing? Thanksgiving and Black Friday are or were two different things. Yes? Depends.

Thanksgiving became associated with the Macy’s Day Parade back in the 20’s. The parade helped to stimulated sales it was hoped and starting right after THANKSGIVING on Friday. Enter commercialism of today.

Now the schedule on Thanksgiving for this year is eat by 1 – 2 at the latest and then divide and conquer! You guys go to Walmart and my brother and his wife will conquer K-mart and the grandkids will get the Bestbuy stuff and you Grandpa will have to babysit the little ones! No wonder I didn’t get to keep the Thanksgiving dinner I ate!?!? Is this better? Did I or you get a chance to express anything we were thankful for?

Why bother to make a big deal! We can launch a new product .. Thanksgiving in a box! Save mom all the trouble! Instant Thanksgiving – $35 to $75 for larger families? – Gee that could generate even at a 30% response a … Billion dollars in sales even before Thanksgiving! WOW!

That’s here in America. What about everyone else? Do we consider anyone else? We used to and I am not out to lay a guilt trip … you are free to do whatever you want. We have free will and power over our decisions. We had the same choices 50 years ago too! I don’t care what faith but most I knew of be they Moslem, Catholics, Protestants … even alcoholics donated to help someone else! Remembering back I always heard it made them feel good. I have 17 pair of jeans – do I need 19? I have a cell phone. Do I need a new smart phone that is smarter than me and will stress me out trying to figure it out? How much stuff do we need when we already have it … even if it is a year old?

Maybe we should just forget about being thankful altogether? Forget about the … Pilgrims? … I think that’s what they were called . I wish I had the money to go somewhere else. Somewhere they thanked the God of their understanding for a fresh water well saving the village from more than we can imagine here. Southern California is one I hear. Wasn’t it a few years back people got killed getting to sales?

We need to start breathing and help someone else! I think that’s what Thanksgiving was meant to be a long time ago! Can we bring it back? Go buy someone a meal today … right now … while they have the strength to eat it. Stay home on Thanksgiving and get to know each other again! Best of all laugh … a big belly laugh and rediscover joy! Hope this makes you ponder …

God Bless! =) Oh, Happy Thanksgiving I hope.

PS. Just got my book to help me post pictures here! Yea!

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