What does Transparency mean to You?

I googled ( if that’s a word) transparency and what it means and got more than I bargained for!

I got over 25 million responses. How much time do you have to read? LOL

Transparency is a word that is used in so many ways in business, government, relationships,
religion that perhaps 25 million hits may not seem to cover it all! I’m not joking .

In today’s world we speak of being transparent. I think the main take of it is to be seen as honest and trustworthy! In the past, you didn’t have to really be ‘that way’ because those ‘in the know’ became so skilled at putting it over on so many! That is until too many of us didn’t know which way was UP!

I know I got tired of it too long ago even before my wife died back in ‘96. How about you? We had our midterm elections yesterday (11/4/14) . The 1/2 way point between our US Presidential elections? The governments have always been the best spin doctors around, but now they don’t even try!? They just lie and don’t care if you know it or not!

Headlines like ‘Did you know the Jews made the Nazi’s hunt them down?’ could easily mislead thousand and perhaps even millions today! Look at ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Some of today’s headlines similar to ‘Today Israel is the real terrorist plaguing the Moslems and the countries of Iran, ‘Palestine’ (not a real country but part of Canaan), Jordan and many more!’ They have just a bit of truth in them. Even Obama and too many others are getting into it! Transparency?! Too many biased stories out there during the elections here. Certainly, many more in the world, just like the world’s view of say Israel and what she is trying to steal! Who belongs where seems to be the primary question! See why I say question everything!

Transparency? I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box. In fact I am slow and I have had to admit that too often; a joke which evokes laughter every time mentioned! However, I read in many places that Canaan was given to Abraham by His God and it’s even in the Bible! It has continued to be handed down and ultimately as far as I can see G_d gave ownership to the nation of Israel! Shouldn’t that settle it? I’m certainly not going to debate that with HIM! I’m dumb, but not stupid! I am after truth and facts always as you know.

Let’s get back to transparency.

Transparent – allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen. Another suggestion is it’s easy to perceive or detect what’s happening! You know , it’s easy to see what motives are behind actions. I meant to only write about being transparent and ask how you feel about !

Mine is to be above board without sacrificing personal safety for myself or others. We all do have a right to privacy. Still we will fall over and trip over our own feet if we are not honest and consistent in all our endeavors! Father, mother, boss, soldier, son, or daughter .. you get the idea. Stick to the facts and be consistent; not this way for work, and another way for home and so on. Certainly wouldn’t breed trust would it?

I just submitted a reference for a large company, rather one of their employees ( actually Christine). She cared about helping me! The only thing that matters in this world are people, I think. Isn’t there a song that people who need people are the luckiest! You know I am all about us helping each other! About just one making a difference and it happens all the time! Look around us!

Anyway, I had an order 5 month’s ago with the company I mentioned. It was a small problem, but I was persistent. I got stock answers or ‘lazy answers’ as I called them (transparent) . This firm has too many poor references but mine is 5 star. Why? Even though I had to call back more than a few times I finally found Christine! She is my hero! I want her on my team !

She wanted to help me which I felt and could see it! She had the guts to do what was needed! She took action! She took authority as if it was her company! Accountability along with responsibility part of a winning combo!

I would love to see how far up the ladder she is after 3 or 4 years. She knows how to care and take action! She probably had help to get there … was it you?

Thank you and God Bless! Hugs to you all! Rick =)

P.S. – I asked if you wanted to hear more often. One said it was up to me! I think I will post more often when called for. However, my promise is at least once a month!

P.S.S. – I’d like to find an old friend Joe Snow. He used to work at Chrysler in Syracuse, NY during the 1988 presidential primaries when Pat Robertson threw his hat in the arena. We worked on Pat’s campaign via Grace A/G back then. He had a word of knowledge that God was healing my allergies (God did) and I really would love to see and speak with Joe again!

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