The New Year ? All gone?

I’ll see about a week to 10 days after November 9 I pray… Till then… Yet another delay … kinda an 8 week delay that’s an undeserved blessing which I’ve yet to understand …

I planned on writing Billy Graham on his birthday as I have been these past years. We both lost our wives years apart but a loss of a wife tends to bond one to another. Things are always unexpected, unplanned and a mixture of joy and sadness always to be sure.

Billy’s 98 this year I think and he fully expects to live to be 100 and I’m going to try to make it there for that birthday. I believe I’ll be there because this year I had my sixth heart attack third cancer and I just got out from my two vessel bypass! The doctor told me that I’ve got a 50 year warranty.

Just months ago I didn’t think I’d finish my book that God wanted me to write or so I thought ‘they’ guess I gave up. I was hoping maybe one of my children would finish it as my son has a talent for writing. It seems my daughter’s is starting to show up of late as well with that talent.

You see in truth I didn’t expect to see you 10 days after the elections as I expected to die as I was told 10 years ago if I had another heart attack or stroke it was Kaput!

Surprise! Life is truly full of them have most often amazing and happy ones.

I just stopped at the clinic here at Syracuse Assumption church and once upon a time middle school; more later. Anyway, doctor friend of mine Bethany mentioned she thought it was closing down because it was for sale. Turns out they’re moving over to the rectory and the priests are moving upstairs and the clinic is going in the main floor that’s a real surprise! Indeed I’m looking around me and my past years there’s been a lot of them which I failed to recognize and still do.

As I started to mention Billy is expecting to live 100 years and while at the clinic we spoke about my bypass and how God has been real good to me.

How can Billy Graham know and expect to live 100 years and I wonder what sister JP is going to live to and so the conversation went. We went from wondering how long were going to live, what we’re going to do like the one thief on the cross with jesus that says remember me when you get to your father!

I said I’m not worried about that at all because I know where I’m going. With a new heart I’m more concerned about finishing things now and doing them well, since I’m going to be late – being the procrastinator that I am and always figuring I had time but first I want to get a bigger house and a nicer car and a better job I was always missing the point.

A couple people there were shocked at best with my comment about knowing where I’m going and I’m going to heaven and I said I’m sure of it. If I died this past few weeks I knew Jesus was going to be really really disappointed in me too! Sadly, so very very ashamed that I didn’t pay attention to him first! He already promised me seek what I want you to do first and I’ll give you anything your heart desires – God doesn’t lie.

They said I’ve never never never heard of anybody saying that they knew where they were going!!! I can’t tell you the exact time and moment that I knew that but it probably began with believing what God said!

Obviously I’ve thought about this over the past couple days and through Christmas – Jesus’s birthday.

Granted I am and have been so ashamed of so many things and before worried of going to heaven or hell and worse!

We’re given the gift, the greatest gift of forgiveness and I didn’t understand that when I went to Assumption and for perhaps another 40 years and all we have to do is ask in earnest and again believe what God says. Pretty simple I think or thought until they told me I ain’t never heard that before! I only know of a couple before me that really got it from the start.

I can’t tell you how many times I went to confession and started with bless me father, but I knew I was going to collect from the parking meters come the next week … and a few other things I don‘t want to mention!

I was to learn more about being repentant much later being the main trick to forgiveness so to speak.

We can all get it and it’s free… It’s really free and the best Christmas present ever! I hope you’ll check it out and have a great year.

Thanks and God Bless! Rick =)

PS. I’m really nothing special except got adopted as God’s kid. Oh! That’s how I know where I’m going!

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