Nanowrimo 2016

It was the end of May the last time I posted a blog. Things happen and my original piece will have to follow this and it is self-explanatory.

For all of you who’ve been so kind to me overall these many years it is appreciated often more than you know. So this is lead off for my November month of writing of this novel of sorts. You’re supposed to do it in a month and rough draft form, but I’ll tell you now that God had different plans.

What I have to tell you is I’ve continued to learn especially this last three years that he’s got a plan for me and all of your endeavors as well. I can promise you with my heartfelt thanks it will be better than you can or I can dream up.

It’s important to note that this ( ‘What you got to lose’ ) was a how to make money based on my experiences over the years. As I explore the situations in the multiple illnesses it once again occurred to me that God is in everything that we all do whether we are willing to admit it or not.

It’s an important book. I think so many of you will benefit from it or at least I hope so!

God wasn’t and hasn’t made it easy for me. I started the journey with Bell’s palsy and then vertigo and Bell’s palsy on the other side and more over the last several years. I’ve gotten up to six heart attacks and six strokes and several cancers of varying degrees I believe. But many of you guys never let go of me thankfully.

I hope and plan to continue and finish this book in a short time after November 9. It’s not to go another year if six months.

I’m thinking this works out as a nice blog entry too!

I’ll see you about a week to 10 days after November 9 I pray … Till then…

Thanks and God Bless! Rick =)

NB: This was written about 11/7 – apparently forgot to enter before entering the hospital – Unintentional mistake – rlc?

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