Do you ignore the little things?

You do know that little things are important and can be both precious or destructive with such little effort.

Well, I’ve been here just over a year now on this blog. It started about 60 years ago, with the desire to help each of us even in some small measure of truth. I do pray I have helped at least one. Gee, after 60 years one would think so, wouldn’t you?

Other than relatives or friends no one has had any interest enough to sign up. Finally this past month someone did! It really does make me smile out loud. It’s encouraging which is a small thing in the eyes of some. To me, I have been beside myself!

What about the widow’s mite, rather two small coins. Jesus said she had given more than any of the others who gave out of their wealth. I would like to think she gave out of Love! I can say I love the new subscriber and am thankful.

Then there are acorns and seeds growing into great Oaks and Redwoods.

This is most generally what we hope for in our beginnings of so many endeavors and real heartfelt leaps in faith.

The-Little-Things-Posters by Robert Braut

The-Little-Things-Posters by Robert Braut

Buying a cup of coffee and soup for a man, or a pizza for an immigrant family. These are small things that can grow as they come together and build. I think we have all seen these in our lives and other’s as well. It is truly wonderful, exciting and soul stirring.

I won’t get into the whys for those times we find that after all loving and sincere efforts that nothing happens. Little seems worth it now. It’s God’s will of course.

Where ever God shuts a door He opens a window! Really John, He has an even bigger ministry for you than you had hoped for in the beginning! Do these comforting sayings help you? How is it setting with you. Next time except this is the 6th time? Often I wish they’d say nothing. Give a hug instead!

Actually God has a bigger plans for me or you or her and we will get there! Funny, what about the ‘normal ordinary days’ that Henry Ford had or Edison, your grandfather or maiden Aunt Rita. There are others, that I hope enjoyed the smiles like you and me and just kept going. Again the little things, the precious moments of each day. All those in-between moments make up the majority of our lives! Both good and bad and sometimes we don’t know why this side of heaven. I hate those ‘sucky’ moments don’t you? Nevertheless, there’s another amazing moment coming along, in just a moment – So all is good!

Into each life we’re told a little rain must fall … I immediately ask why?!? I am noted as the Chief of questions throughout this solar system (talk about egos) ! I also minored in what if’s … !

If we answer honestly there really isn’t much of anything that we will or can do except receive our blessings. If you can agree with this then come along. If not you’ll feel better if you hang here and we’ll be back to pick you up!

This next excursion will cover a few small things we can help or control to some extent. Please take note that none of us have control really. What we do is just try to prepare to help in the most likely things that might occur.

Perhaps we ignore our gas gauge since it’s been broke for awhile now but we were smart! Now we’re not paying attention so much and we’re out of gas and lost too! No idea! At least we have a gas can and so start walking hoping to get a ride! Meanwhile, we get one heck of a Florida rainstorm short but drenching! Alas we return with gas. If we’re calm it’s a little thing and still the same if we raise cain! Short lived. In most instances there are many small things we do knowingly with thoughtlessness!

Then again there are other small things that can grow, like great oaks, into greater destruction. They are of a more important nature. Still they deal in our relationships and endeavors as well!

One small thing I recall involved my little brother of 3 or maybe 4. He came along with my girlfriend Ro and myself. Michael kept singing the same song over and over to which I finally told him to shut up! I also made some critical remark about his singing. It made him stop singing. He never sang again up to his death at 49. That was major – not little – and all that time I could never encourage him to sing again! A horrible little thing that destroyed a lot and turned out as a major thing!

Just one more note about my brother now known to me, “suffer the little children to come unto me” if anyone should harm one they should be dropped in the deepest part of the ocean with a millstone (BIG ROCK) tied about their neck. I agree and but for God’s grace I should not be here.

Then somewhere it’s written to treat your wife as yourself. Connie had just went to her hairdresser (he and I got along … but not so much) and I met her to go home. She had gotten an afro which she had dome for me to look lovely! It was a thing back then. Nevertheless, I told her she looked like a whore or something just as bad. She forgave me. Yet, I regret that more than anyone will know. I should have been drowned years before – truly.

Just a few little words but so destructive.

So you see little things matter a lot and I ask we all pay attention to them. Please take my few words and treat each other from here on as you would yourself. Meanwhile get rid of all that other thoughtlessness. It’s hard, but doable and can be full of joy for all concerned! I hope this helps. By the way it is great for business!

I won’t worry about getting readers anymore, but please stop in now and then, as I really could use and would welcome the company. Hoping you find some wisdom along the way too! God Bless!

Drafted April 21, 2016

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