Christmas Eve Thoughts

Written December 24, 2015

Classic Christmas girl  The Graphics Fairy

Classic Christmas girl
The Graphics Fairy

This blog post just might wind up a short story and that will be ok too~! You see Christmas eve has always been an important time in my life for my very own reasons. You too may have your own thoughts that night as well.

The first one I recall vividly has burned itself into my mind and can never be erased. Yes, seriously. It’s my warmest memory that I can ever have as Rick or Ricky?

It was in 104 Michaels Ave on the north side of Syracuse, NY (The salt city).

It was on the second floor there where I lived with my grandmother & grandfather, and always seemed cold there except in the summer.

The Christmas tree had so many colored lights in it. We had bulbs that looked like Street lamps, Santa Claus, Elves, Wreaths, Christmas trees; you only have to use your imagination to dream of many more and they’ll appear! I do and even after 50 years I find many more as time goes by!

With that there are mostly warm feelings each year with questions of wonder, but with sadness of what happened? The first year was very special though.

That first year was filled with amazing colors mixing on the white sheet to make new colors I’d never seen! Some of the bulbs had paint that had fell or chipped off and made many shapes forming some animals or memories of somewhere else I had been or was going to go!

Later on I often spent my time somewhere else alone with cousins, aunts and uncles and ‘friends of the family’. But the first night I was warm and safe and it still keeps me warm and safe today at least on that night!

I still believe Jesus or the Holy Ghost was there with me that very night, early morning. Sadly I can’t remember if I was 7 or 8 maybe. We had served midnight mass at Assumption. That doesn’t happen anymore there nor at many more similar churches like that. I also liked that night as people stayed up very late and the homes I could end up at were warm, but the trees were never as wonderful as mine that night.

I finally had decided that my Uncle Sam was my father actually. I called him Uncle Sam but wondered if I should let everyone catch on that I knew my dad was my grandfather actually.

Funny how young minds work. Funny how mine and maybe other’s work as we grow up.

Later that night Uncle Sam and I opened the most wonderful train set any kid could ever hope for! It’s orange and black diesel engine was incredible and so were the tunnels, box cars, log carriers, caboose along with all the little men and the other premier Lionel accessaries.

I ran it a bit and was told I could do it in the morning. Now … to bed! I asked if I could color a little before I went to bed. They said I could but no one came back so I stayed up so very late. Not sure how late of early it was but it was daylight when Sam woke me.

I’ll tell you a bit about my coloring that morning as I continue to explore Christmas eve.

Meanwhile I would love to hear about yours. Your special time can be whatever you most recall in detail and it doesn’t have to be Christmas eve! Honest!

I decided to write about this and it began me to think of what made others feel safe or happy or sad. What do you want and how can I best make or bring some happiness to each of you and the rest of us bring as well! What can we discover, or research to entertain you and increase your contentment. I still think we all have many many wonderful stories of a day or a week that filled us with joy or sadness. Perhaps a time when one of us would begin to laugh and couldn’t stop!!!

Sitting here 50 years later I missed too many things because I didn’t know and reading 10,000 books didn’t cover everything!

I believe each of us has answers for the other that will make our lives fuller!

Let’s sleep on it and come back a little later. OK? Both bad and good are to come but you know that I think.

God Bless and see you in a bit! Rick =)

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