Walmart Starts to Practice Medicine

Written 10/11/3015

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No … it is NOT a joke or a spoof! Walmart is beginning small and I suspect it could become one of the largest doctor groups in the world. Additionally it should become the only healthcare organization worth mentioning in the future overtaking the WHO!!!

Walmart is prohibiting salt intake in all Sam’s Clubs across the US within their cafe’s!

No clue, but discovered that today! Low sodium in good for heart conditions and blood pressure and it’s all our fault! If we can’t control ourselves, someone has to do it!

A wise decision it would seem to test it first! They have all the facilities in place, so what do they have to lose?

It is beginning in a small way not like Obama care. A big difference is at least Walmart will profit … Nobody is with Obama care!

Removing salt from all the patrons of Sam’s Club cafes is a small test of things coming!

It’s committing to the National Salt Reduction Initiative championed by many others!

Granted, it may take some time to exterminate salt, but meanwhile other things can start to be removed from public use!

Look what we’ve done with cigarettes (30 years?). The next step will be easier. Indeed, pharmaceuticals can start to be raised even more in price right now as they are with Obamacare … upwards of 700% and perhaps more. Greater profits for Sam’s Club and Walmart pharmacies! New and greater profits for insurance companies!

I know a great many of my scripts have gone from $12 to as high as $500 and more!

They are on the forefront of a new world perhaps doing away with stupid politics and only concentrating on profits!

Can you see it?

P.S. I thought I found a free cartoon I could use … to make a long story short I have written at least 3 maybe 4 times including the artist never receiving a response. So being brave or stupid I am going ahead with it. Is there anyone out there that can bail me out just in case?

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