Yom Kippur 2015

Israel Repenting

Israel Repenting

Yom Kippur is about many things with the stated first point as atonement. Atonement, like making restitution. Perhaps one could say reconciling with an individual.

I thought that for years like saying I am sorry and that takes care of it for the 237,000 times you hurt someone.

Do you remember all them?

Many of you who know me pretty well, often think I can be a bit off. My mind works differently than most people. Maybe because I have so many interests and talents.

I’m not bragging, but having been told that a lot over the years it’s possible. I think they might be right even though they all make fun of me and it’s ok!

One day a year we jews can be washed white as snow. Our memory of all wrongs and sins are sent away as far as the west is from the east. Who has promised us that? My God and His Son.

Who of us can make fun of God or would even dare. Heylel or Lucifer did even with all he knew?! What kind of lunatic would do that. Lucifer! He spent billions of years, perhaps trillions or more working in God’s service and with Him, so he knew God! I think he was perhaps the most foolish being that ever existed. He got kicked right out of heaven never to return.

Nope there were no do-overs for ‘him’. Yet according to the law we can be forgiven for everything. We get a do-over and get another chance this year.

Catholics per Rome, Christians and their versions; we can get do-overs weekly or daily even!

Have any of the Faiths really thought about that. What truth do we allow to sink in. I don’t think a lot and that says it all!

Saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t really cover it. Growing up as a Catholic I thought an act of contrition did it all … along with a 100 Our Fathers and 350 Hail Marys. I was a bad … bad boy.

I was an alter boy and wondering did I forget something? If I served Mass on Sunday would I be vaporized? No kidding I really did have these and many other thoughts. Looking back, I got a LOT OF DO-OVERS!

I wasted maybe a half million do-overs so far and never had anyone given me a reason to think what more could I do?

Teshuva a Hebrew word for Repentance. It was explained to me that what I was asking to be forgiven for meant nothing unless I was hell bent (sorry) on never ever doing it again. Not like fasting and after today or 6 weeks from now I could do it again … not a big deal. Right? Forever never occurred to me even after discovering I was supposed to repent (still working on figuring that out). Didn’t matter how much penance I did. It was what my heart decided.

As a Christian I can ask for forgiveness and be forgiven … every day! As a Jew I reap that benefit once a year? As a Jew I am comfortable with Yom Kippur because I really think about not doing whatever, really really seriously!

I may have hurt you but I sinned against G_D and HE gave me a do-over!

Blessing to all Faiths today and I hope your do-over is as wonderful as mine!

Thanks for listening and God Bless ! Rick

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