Remembering Kitty with Love

August 23, 2015

I was reading news, internet articles and hearing the TV in the background; all about the goings on.

KOMO 150112_flu_death_06_660
Scarlet Anne lost to the flu earlier this year…KOMO

So much is about fighting, and deaths and so many other tragic losses which brought me to think of my family’s losses as well.

Just recently a young girl of 10 and her mom died in a car crash.Almost immediately the 5 y.o. son made a 911 call to announce the accident and lead the rescuers to them. There are so many more children lost

Then the image of Kitty initiated overwhelming sadness, and the almost unbearable loss that comes with the tragic loss of yet another young child!

I had the privilege of writing about Kitty before in an earlier blog.

Loss is more it seems, with a child and I couldn’t begin to number the reasons. We have all lost family like mothers and fathers, brothers, grandparents and more which indeed evokes great sadness and grief.

Still the loss of a child is more. So I once again prayed for her mom and dad and the whole family. I don’t know what more I could do except each time I recall, to pray for Mom and Dad and the family. What else can any of us do except share in the grief and sadness at the time. It helps I believe.

It’s maybe a couple hours later and I went back to re-read my previous post where I found out about Kitty from my good acquaintance Brittany and her family.

I just finished praying how to, in some way, be able to ease the terribly tragic loss of Kitty. She was a bright promising young lady who just celebrated her 5th Birthday this past April.

No one knows what happened with Kitty … perhaps she fell in the water and in trying to get up … it was dark she got turned around after hitting hit her head? No matter what, it is tragic. We all ask why and we all start to lay blame which helps no one.

What has comforted me with Kitty and so many other losses in our own lives was my wife Connie knew they were safe now and we would see them again.

It makes it no less hard for sure!

I guess now that is partly why I am writing my latest thoughts on Faith. We’re all so lost without it along with needing to share it.

Hold Love - Not Loss“>

We both (Connie & I) shared whatever we could do together, but she’s home now with Jesus like so many of our loved ones, maybe working from the other side!

Please continue to pray for Kitty’s and Scarlet’s family and I hope this helps you and all of us left behind!

I want to thank Brittany, Scott, Isla, Hailey and Mira for their help in this post. Check them out to hopefully add a bright spot into your life! The Windtraveler Blog!

God Bless … Rick

PS: Don’t forget to hug, call, email, send a smile to a loved one today!

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