Fourth of July means …

July 4, 2015 – August 6, 2015 (actual)

Obama Or Else!

What does the 4th of July mean to you?

Independence … Freedom … A day off … Picnics … Fun … Fireworks … and yes England does have a 4th of July as does everyone else in the world!

I ask each of you to consider what it means to you especially. Is your meaning really yours or is it someone else’s version of who or what you should be! It’s kinda like I will be happy when … and you fill in the blanks … when I grow up … after I find a husband … get another promotion … get a new car and so many more images!

I’m risking a long blog post, but not longer than an average podcast. Many transcripts of podcasts seem to run a dozen pages. Will this be that long!?! I can’t deal with that you say?

If I promise you will make $3000 extra this month … or you can lose those extra 20 pounds with this new 3 x a day elixir you would deal with it, wouldn’t you? I think so. I would need to promise you something that you (whoever you are ) needed.

So I promise you views on how we can think better to help each other, friends, lovers, spouses, children and come out with at least one new idea that will help each of you in the coming year.

I said I was risking a longer post and a month later, here we are — I lied!

It hasn’t been intentional and in fact I have the most honorable intentions but I’ve failed once again.

Since the start of this blog I have striven to make short posts like Seth Godin whom I enjoy very much and you can google as well ( ).

Surprise! I am not Seth Godin nor am I Wes Craven, Harry Paige, Bob Allen, Bob Hope, Jerry Buchanan and so many more that I have met, spoken to, or enjoyed their company.

I’m Rick Carter that’s all that I yam … as my old friend Popeye would say!

We are all unique despite the fact we are all told we are created equal. My God makes each of us special with special talents or gifts to start with! We can think and accept equal to our opportunities yes! Others are not so blessed!

Freedom means to each of us something very different from the next man, woman and child on this earth. If I were to really write the infinite variations in a blog I could put you all to sleep in a matter of a few minutes! I used to do that to my wife when we first started dating … !

Now we won’t spend even two minutes with anything unless it matters to us or my son or my best friend – I won’t suggest everything is about you or me for that matter. However, it has to have a connection to what’s important to each of us generally and that’s ok!

That was my original idea for writing briefly like Seth Godin. I don’t want to waste time and I ain’t much different than any of you.

I want to wake people up to so many things we’re all missing and we shouldn’t be!

Let’s take Obama as an example! We make jokes about him, along with foreign countries, and until he came along I would never dare just out of respect.

He is supposed to be leading and defending our country and not bowing down to the King of Saudi Arabia ( yeah he did that too). He shouldn’t be threatening our allies like Israel which will include us!

That is if we don’t agree with approving the Iran Deal, it will be rockets over Tel Aviv. Next, New York City!? HUH?

They’re comparable, don’t you think! His Obamacare has made my life miserable and maybe a few of you out there? So now he’s going to give permission to Iran to do as they wish and stopping the deal will be over his dead body!

Sadly, I’m concerned it will be over many of us. We are repeating our mistake(s) once again!

Could that affect our freedom? It already is and has been for years now. My personal opinion is Obama needs to be impeached and Kerry can help him move out along with his things.

That’s one kind of freedom that means something to me. What is yours?

Maybe making more money via a side business grown out of your hobby. Creativity and that freedom to pursue it built this country in a great nation for one thing.

Well, those two ideas kinds cover our freedoms to pursue our dreams; to be a writer, create a business with inventions or your special chocolate chip cookies! Most important to have choices and not be ordered to dig ditches for your money or be a garbage man if you disagree with the king! We’re not paying attention and we need to be!

One last thought is it’s always about money in so many ways like the freedom of the internet. Major companies that don’t want it stand to make trillions over the future years if they can control it. It’s taken me over 50 years to believe that is true ( the thing about money). As I have mentioned I am slow. But sooner or later I do get it!

We need to help and protect each other so when some of us are sleeping there are others awake!

Maybe some of us fall on bad times and others can hear about it and help … not just here in the US, but I’m sure you’ve noticed the world has grown smaller. What might freedom means in other countries … we should think about that. Understanding their wishes can help us learn more about ourselves to help and protect each other and our collective freedoms , wherever that may be … Vive la Liberte! Remember the Alamo! You get the idea … Caring is never bad.

Oh … today is August 6, 2015 and yes I am a bit late; thank you for noticing! Blessings to you all! Rick =)

P.S. A wonderful writer and one of my teachers had a post just like mine (sorta) today. You can see her at ( ) and her post is ‘If You’ve Only Got 15 Minutes, Is It Even Worth Writing?’ That is if you’re a writer – she’s a new mom and now with her second I hear she’s doing awesomely! =)

Photo: Obama: Nuclear Deal with Iran or Rockets on Tel Aviv!
(US President Barack Obama. (AP/Andrew Harnik)

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2 thoughts on “Fourth of July means …

  1. Rick … I try not to talk politics, so I won’t begin now. But, on the subject of freedom, for me, it’s the ability to say, think and do – within the law – what you want to do. We have what Norman Rockwell illustrated in 1943 – the four freedoms: freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom of speech and freedom of worship.

    Not all of us have all of these freedoms. But, as you pointed out, people do help others who are struggling. I love how we come together and how people do care for one another. I don’t believe that some countries have this, and that’s sad.

    • Hi Judy – Love your posts and I am learning from them! For over 60 years I avoided speaking about politics and religion. Politics was avoided so as not to lose my job — I did anyway!? Who knew? Then about religion. I made my own faith at 8 y.o.. God figured it was time to groom me but who knew?

      I am now writing a book about religion / faith. How can I avoid religion at least now! Times change but freedom and truth does not … nor do our final values! I’ve found yours to be solid and those of many of our mutual acquaintances. BTW wasn’t that in the post Saturday evening? Don’t recall but yes. We need to keep that and I think God would like that in my humble opinion. =) P.S. Sorry I took so long getting back!

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