The real cost of losing things!

I’m using a comment to another post that Kristin Funston wrote that sparked a significant point in my life.

In truth I have lost so much but not my most precious treasure as I believe it!

For what it is worth I have learned over the years to keep several copies of keys (1st trial), Then important documents and later separate households where a copy might be kept. At first I had too many copies and learned to be more discriminating (still working on that too!). The keys actually were the key to the whole matter. I traveled a lot all over! Even with rental cars. I always had a key for my wallet, each pocket and found it necessary to add a fourth!

You might wonder if I was OCD — maybe but I finally felt safe … until I got locked out even with backups for my backups! You might think was it worth the cost particularly with rental cars … Tell me … is there any cost too great to lose sight of Jesus? Finally, I figured out … NOPE! True story! =)

PS. I keep the latest version of a good software recovery program, backup drive and thumbdrive of my book (s) each separate. Maybe I am OCD? My recent thoughts from Kristin Funston as above!

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2 thoughts on “The real cost of losing things!

  1. Back ups are always a good thing. When I was single, I was locked out of my apartment twice -as I recall. Lesson learned. 😉

    • That’s awesome but as you know I am slow! LOL Happy weekend to you with all your sunshine ( I think I am jealous?)

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