April 30, 2015 Thursday – Celebration!

Well, it’s been 30 days of mixed feelings of hope, fear, happiness, sadness and many more emotions and persevering! We all made it! I am sure I am no more surprised than any of us!

Many are wanting to continue I see and I hope Nicole will work something out! It’ll be good and if it’s continued I will make a post from time to time. I can’t tell any of you how great it has been for me as you already know from your experiences!

I believe for many of us if not most, it could be considered a journey of all the emotions mentioned above. I hope it has been rewarding for us all as we discovered new parts of us worth building on. I know I did. For that I am thankful as well.

For some of us fear will be a little more afraid of attacking us! Sadness will find a little more joy in those days and know recovery is just outside the door! Hope I think will have grown maybe 3 inches this month!

Of course, Happiness will be doing her Happy Dance too! Better than before!

Of course, this is all awesome and many of us will continue to add a smile to everyone we meet and extend a kindness which will build on our relationships with each other here and those we meet!

After all the only thing that matters in this world is each other.

Nothing else!

Let’s use each of our talents and gifts to encourage each other every day! Then as we go on down our respective paths we will leave and discover a little “awesomeness” each and every day!

I’ll be looking for the May flowers! Hugs to you all and especially smiles! Rick =)

PS Always go for that extra Smile!

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4 thoughts on “April 30, 2015 Thursday – Celebration!

    • Thank you Susie! I think we are all uncomfortable and maybe even afraid for so many reasons new and old! We try to live up to ‘suggestions’ from others. Faith as a foundation will always guide us in a safe direction. Out of Chaos and back into Order no matter how Busy we are! Glad it helped and thanks again!

    • Roz, it always makes me smile to hear another is doing well and has a plan! I believe quotes come out of others wisdom hard fought for or they wouldn’t be quoted! I for one don’t like reinventing the wheel and often quotes can say it so much better than I! I will be dropping in during the next few months to say hi to you and everyone else!

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