April 29, 2015 Wednesday-Need to do

One expression I have heard lately is all one needs to do is pay taxes and die. Here in the US taxes are due April 15th of each year. It’s a joke used often around this time of year but it’s depressing to me! How about you?

What do you need to do each day? Get up first! But what is the next thing other than getting dressed and off to work – whatever your profession, career, what-have-you?

‘Winging’ it just isn’t going to do it. Sure, you mark down your Doctor appointments, car repair necessities because you didn’t plan (my opinion), grocery shopping, laundry and may more like this!

However, do you know what you will be doing in just 5 years. Have you moved forward whatever that means to you and your family if you have children. Maybe you’ll have to help care for you mom or dad! Yes I always say it’s best to be in the present, but it doesn’t mean not to look forward!

If you don’t know where you are what do you need to do?

For me I would practice my procrastination. I have always found it thoroughly distracts me and finally I forget it was that I was going to do. It’s great practice for when you get older and walk out into the living room from the kitchen and haven’t the foggiest idea of what you wanted or how you got there! I know I’ll be prepared for old age and it won’t disturb me so when I get there.

We all get to be complacent. For some of us it happens faster and the moment you discover it … STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN … before you get run over!

I and my grandpa would always say it’s never too late and I found him to be right quite often (I learned it from him).

How does need differ from want? What we want is fun and it’s right now which is the present! However if we don’t check out what we need there will be little fun later! I promise.

Oh did you see where my shredder is? I NEED to do bills now for May! That’s awesome! Luv you all! Rick

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