April 27, 2015 Monday – What …

matters most today? Pick one thing! Just one thing that’s first on your mind, list or heart!

We didn’t sleep well last night or at least I sure didn’t! I sleep around a lot! One night I sleep with fear of the overdue taxes … not just IRS but we’re 18 months behind in property taxes too!

How was your night? Your daughter is facing a heart surgery and your wife’s biopsy came back positive. Thank God you got a raise coming.

Some people have that many things going on and others more! Face it we all have a lot on our plate and it paralyzes me!

After awhile does your health start to give you problems too? I’m not telling you anything new and I don’t like anyone telling me anything so what am I doing!? I don’t know?

You don’t know me really but I care … really I do care and I am able to as I sense too many things. I have also been there. I am a real person and you can email me or call me if you have trouble deciding what matters most. I promise – just email me or call. I will be available.

If I have already left and gone on ahead … I’m told Jesus’ number is in Jeremiah 33:3 … He’s available 24/7 too! How about you? Who needs you today?

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