April 24, 2015 Friday – Why Kitty?

I received news (sad) from a good acquaintance today … her name is Brittany. She, her husband and their 3 girls are sailing in the Caribbean or thereabouts.

I received her post from their website and it was about a tragic accident. I’ll let her tell you about Kitty

So many questions when tragedy strikes and there are thousands daily all over the world and always the questions why?

I hope this will answer the question most often asked. “How can God or whoever allow things like this? The answer is free will I think.

The second most often asked question or statement is Why did God or whoever do this to such a good family? My God doesn’t do evil and otherwise refer to question 1.

You see, after Adam and Eve betrayed God’s trust we were on our own since we bought the lie that we could know everything and always be right! Sadly we keep buying the same lie and fail to realize that we need help. None of us can do it alone.

We all need help so I am asking all of you to pray for Kitty’s family for help in finding peace and hope! I will join you and I thank you.

Jesus loves and always welcomes children as many of you know! In fact He wishes we could all become more like children and run to Him anytime we need help for anything.

By the way, I ask why too just like you! Every time! Then I pray. Thanks for stopping by…Rick

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