April 23, 2015 Thursday – Successes!

Yesterday we spoke of failures and how they contribute to our happiness and can put smiles on our faces!

We look at success as a goal be it for our career or marriage and our children and seek it in so much of our lives. A big focus in our minds and hearts is on money! Eventually that doesn’t satisfy any of us or at least me.

My goal even as a child was to be a millionaire! Years later my wife and I won the lottery for $30K … definitely not a million dollars but it helped. I think to this day a million dollars could have wound up a curse at that time. I know so many that it cost them their business, their families, their reputations and much more – most of them actually. I’ll have to write a book about that someday. I think I’ve said that literally hundreds of times … stay tuned LOL !

Let’s cut to the chase. Accumulating money can be a sign of success, but it really isn’t. That is unless we know what it can do and we are prepared to give it all away!

Yep! You guessed it! I’m gonna say it’s the little successes that bless us most and give us the memories. It is those little successes that will provide the greatest legacy we can give to those following each one of us.

It’s these little things that give us smiles! The smell of bacon and eggs cooking, or a Thanksgiving Turkey, a Christmas Ham, the laughter of children (our and others). Did you ever consider these successes? Me neither until my later years.

It took the death of a few friends, relatives and my wife. Shortly afterwards I quit living for years. I tried to start over, but a couple years later I gave up and went back into wherever I was. I forgot, lost and gave up on whatever I could do at one time. Oh, I was injured before all this too.

All totaled I gave up for several decades (but unwillingly). We’ll talk about that another time, but I know there are a number of you out there that have given up and can come back.

Maybe some of you haven’t even tried yet. You can still do little things whether or not you believe it. I promise you that they can be even greater successes than before! Remember Col. Sanders and chicken?

The point is that we need to re-frame what we considered success. Many before us tried to tell us all! For me, that including my grandfather. I didn’t listen. Reminds me of a scripture saying He who has ears, let him hear … it goes for girls too! =)

Let’s get up and get going today so together we will make a difference now! Thanks for stopping and it’s my privilege to meet you! Rick =)

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