April 22, 2015 – Learning from Failure

Yesterday, I failed to exit from the shower gracefully. Not my fault as my health declines once again like dozens of times before when treatment is withheld.

There are many ‘types’ and ‘sizes’ of failures. Just like there are many ‘types’ and ‘sizes’ of sin. Something I believed for a very long time.

What it did for me is to learn to be judgmental about everyone and everything. I also learned to be gullible to the nth power as well.

I’m writing a book about my journey of faith and religion and figured out I wasn’t perfect … boy was I surprised!

Then I discovered everyone else wasn’t perfect either, but not my job to judge. We all fail … probably a lot, but this isn’t bad. It can only be bad if we don’t learn and make course corrections.

From now on until I regain strength and stuff I will be hesitant when I get out of the shower. I won’t forget.

You know, all these little failures that we make and will continue to make will teach us how to learn better?

I think it is this process that can teach us how to become awesome with God’s wisdom! What do you think?

Let’s get on with it today!

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