April 21,2015 – Boo boo!

I don’t know how awesome today is except I am ok. I didn’t do much this day as I fell in the morning while getting out of the shower. I’ve been falling more and more lately this past year or so. I was better before until Worker’s Compensation stopped my benefits for the 50th time give or take.

I am not complaining, but it’s a process all about money and a very corrupt one at that! It helped to kill my brother in 2012 at 49 and I knew a great many others. Maybe I hsold write a book about that.

Anyway this morning as I was getting out my left hip gave out and I started to go down and hit my head pretty hard banged my right shin and fell on my left shoulder again. It’s taken several weeks to get swelling down but still hurting and ‘cracking’ and now this. I apparently also did some kind of split. I tore the skin just below the tail bone. It still hurts and bleeds a bit.

So, I will quit for today and post my ‘activities’ asap. That’s it for today.

Awesome for today is I didn’t get injured worse than I did! Thanks for listening … Rick still here! =)

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