April 14 2015 – Tuesday – Not …


If I were to ask how many of you would tell us that we forget what day it is. Sure in the morning but through half the day and longer? I did today. Yes I have a calendar on the desk and it’s in my phone if I look but why do that? I knew I had no appointments for the week! Even when I know I have appointments I start doing Wednesday’s schedule. I show up at Carrier, Lockheed, Albany State Capitol to meet Mario and no one mentions I thought you were coming tomorrow? I am only admitting to this now. Something simple can wreck a lot of awesomeness! Would you agree?

We should look. Something simple like that can interrupt your train of thought two dozen times a day and even 3 dozen if we don’t fix it! Take 30 seconds and look it up and you’re done! I would guess it stole at least 20 or more minutes out of my day! Not to mention walking around trying to figure what you were working on!

It can hurt your reputation and get a lot of people mad at you from missed appointments … at least for awhile! Missed sales, kids soccer games, baseball games! I am sure you can add to that!

A major key to productivity is often to do the most difficult or most disliked chore first and the rest go easier. I can attest to that! Sometimes it’s hard to get started though from my experience.
I want to add something that goes along with simple things.

When you start out and find an annoyance … could be a fly or a bee in the room, wondering what day it is, when is that birthday again, where did I leave my coffee mug, and you make one up! Just fix it as Nike would say (?) … and you’ll be ready to tackle the “ I don’t want to do this, but… “. In fact, you may already be energized to do it even faster! Hope you’re enjoying an awesome week! God Bless Rick =)

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