Salem is Coming on Easter Sunday!

Really?! Salem for those of you unfamiliar with the program, it is a TV program. It tries to show you evil and destruction in new ways to excite you and glorify the devil and raise him up. This is of course my opinion. Most of the program is conjecture … The devil is a master and much worse and much more scary if we really knew what he could do!

He goes by many names like Satan, Lucifer, the Devil along with witches and has helpers like the she devil of them all Lillith!? Wasn’t she on Cheers!?

This will be short. All the advertisement for upcoming new shows tell you it’s coming on say March 28th or April 6th and so on. Yep, Salem is coming on Easter Sunday too. Maybe it’s just me but it seems almost a subliminal suggestion that Satan is returning the same day, we celebrate that Christ has risen to proclaim the Cross having declared freedom for all from the devil; noted by a great many religions. Of course we all still have a choice with that freedom.

Was it purposed to gain viewers? Was it purposed to advertise the war going on since Lucifer declared he was greater than God? All these thoughts came into my head … and for whatever reasons I was offended. Hollywood, perhaps from it’s beginnings has worked at altering our opinions. Take the program Madam Secretary of late. Clearly, the last episode is supporting President Obama’s action to make Iran appear benevolent and Israel an increasing threat to the world?

You know I use comparisons all the time but generally they are equally worthy but this? I have said often I am slow, but this seems blatant and so easy to ignore. That’s what worries me not to mention the other things going on. Maybe not ignored by some 12 y.o. or 8 y.o. but maybe a couple of them question along with me?

Am I making a too big thing out of it? How much do we let go by over and over again. We can’t see it anymore. Excuses for rape, or cheating on taxes isn’t wrong really. Hey they now tax our saving accounts which is money we already paid taxes on! We are continually being desensitized! Maybe that is what I object to?

Don’t worry about it that this new drug will most likely cause 2300 deaths … it’s going to generate 11 billion by then and we’ll give them back a couple billion for those deaths. So, you don’t like it … there’s the door … !

Whoa! It can’t get out of hand like that! Can it? What do you think?

Maybe I am controversial at times. I worry and pray daily about others getting hurt and things people in general can get hurt by. Been that way since I was 8 y.o. . My life is and has been about helping and not hurting others. Most often, if not always, it seems it is about money. I believe we need to be truthful as well.

Things used to be better in the old days I hear … have we lost faith? Suicide is up!

Hope the post is short enough this time! Thanks for listening! Now I’d like to hear what you think! Short enough? Or not? LOL

Happy Easter to you all out there … hope you get some great cheap bunny candies on sale too! Rick =)

PS I may be entering some kind of challenge to do a blog post everyday for a month

Got Posts? – I have 2 gallons of Milk =)

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