Do You Like Giving?

I believe you do and yet I haven’t heard much from you.

I am sure that part of that is my fault! A little or a lot and perhaps it’s my website which I am working on! You know that I have been and still asking for help. I am not the guy who refuses to ask for direction! In fact I am a proponent of Real Maps! But that’s another thought!

Yes, as I have mentioned, I speak to people in my small circle (very small circle ) of people I interact fairly often with. Yet they are only a very very few, that have it in your hearts to reach out and give to one another.

The bottom line is simply to help others not to jump down the rabbit hole that you may have fell into yourself. The rabbit hole you fell into and managed to get out of thanks to another. Between all of you there has to be at least a million rabbit holes! Can you maybe help even just one other crawl out and help them heal their wounds? Darn straight you can and YOU KNOW IT!

We all need to hear from you, even if it’s only a comment here and there from time to time! It’s really quite simple! Maybe with enough of you we can create new ways to help each other not even dreamed of yet.

I will mention that many inventions we use now … we didn’t know we needed them until they were created … like an Apple iPhone. Going way back, that we needed a car until Ford figured a way to make them affordable and much more.

Are you up for more fun in your life? Are you up for more satisfaction in your lives? Are you ready to put a smile on your face along with your neighbor’s?

I spoke with just a couple people I know or acquainted with. They had different things they liked to do from helping with cancer drives, or putting their time and effort into changing the foods their kids get in school cafeterias … use your imagination! I also got questions like , do I like giving what? I said well, like giving anything … that led often to more questions! Too many questions for me! This was getting difficult!

I googled, “ so what is I like giving” mean or represent?! Guess what! I Googled (what is I like giving) and got 195,000,000 hits! I got a couple that I reviewed that might help us all!

A neighbor (‘M’) just knocked on my door and had oranges for me and a couple boxes of crackers which is great! You see I use the local pantry and they have been really short on crackers! No kidding!

Anyway, it’s Sunday and here she’s giving me some things I need! Does it help? For sure! She also volunteers at the panty a couple times a week as well! It may seem that to a great many of you it’s really not a big deal. But it is! It happens all over the US … the world every day! The truth is really every little bit helps.

None of us will ever be immune to trials of the everyday occurrences. However, an infection, disease , accident can turn our worlds upside down in a second. We’ll never be free from these possibilities and any one of us could become a recipient in a heart beat! Hence, there are and will be increasing opportunities to help, give and serve each other! I want to get to know you and each other.

We can help one another one by one and maybe even help thousands or 10 thousand like with the ice bucket challenge for ALS, which went viral. That started with just one person too ! A Mr. Pete Frates after discovery that he had come down with ALS (

There are so many charities and organizations all over the world. Will there ever be enough? I can’t answer that, but as long as there are hungry, and hurting people not being helped we need to help! I want more of you to get involved following each other and commenting on how we can do it! My wife used to say that I had read over 10,000 books but even so I have discovered I know so little about so many things! I truly need your help and I promise you will never regret it!

Oh! I have to give you the site I found so valuable about giving so here it is …

( I’m pretty sure you’ll find at least one idea you can bring back here that might be easy for you to do but difficult and perhaps impossible for many of us … but we can and will help! They have a similar request as well … Haven’t had a chance to read their book, but check it out and let me know what you think of it – I’d appreciate it!

I will leave you this time with a news article that came out on my wife’s (Connie) and my anniversary 3/13/15 . She went to be with Jesus in the summer of 1996, too long ago it seems to me. This clip again shows what one can do! That was and always had been Connie’s belief as well. Do you have 3 minutes? Again, I promise you won’t regret it!

I wish I could connect you to it directly as you don’t want to miss this!

Love to you all! Rick

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