What’s Valentine’s Day?

I think if you had asked my wife she would have said either a chore or a teaching assignment! At least for the first 5 or 6 years we were married! Though not for the reasons you might think! First if you hadn’t caught on yet I am slow. Slow to reason things out. Perhaps a post down the road can help with understanding that, but it takes me awhile to get it!

You see I would get her maybe the best and most expensive Kitchen aid mixer from Macy’s or a Neiman Marcus ‘something’ which took me awhile to discover that anything from there would cost me 6 month’s of my wage! (j/k)

It got me the reply … what’s this Dick?! Why it’s the latest and … Never mind! Thank you! This went on for many holidays including birthdays I’m sad to tell you! How many Valentine’s holidays work out just right?

Something Connie (my wife) and I used to talk about. We’d wonder if it really was a holiday promoted to keep greeting card companies in business to feed their families ? Someone else said that I think?

Valentines Day isn’t that bad and hopefully it brings a little more understanding at least for one day a year here, but what about people in Ethiopia, West Virginia, Laos, the Congo and so many more that don’t or can’t celebrate!

We were most interested in the kids … Can you imagine being a mom or dad and your baby is sick and maybe dying for lack of food, water or worse! I hope not! Rather you or I would like to just think of the great dinner and the movie we’ll see. There’s nothing wrong with that! Honestly! I just want all of us to realize how lucky we truly are on this day. But what about the other billions. I think we can love them too!

Again I would come back to you and ask what can we do? I see kids of all ages along with moms and dads and aunts, a majority of workers here who have a little bit extra! Could we go the extra mile and spare a quarter for each member of our family making up a dollar? A gift from our families only once a year? Connie and I thought so. We even started working at that and Connie’s most heartfelt concern were the Chinese kids … girls especially! What if we could love those few children in the almost 200 countries in the world. The love we could share and give today would be about $320 million ONCE A YEAR ! That’s a $160,000 per country! Just from only a $1.00 extra to take care of as many kids as we could that might not make it otherwise! Yeah our concerns were mostly for kids – our hearts went out to those who were least able to help themselves and kids always jump to the top of the list!

Imagine Love from just one day and only from one country in the whole world! How’s that song go … “What the world needs now is love sweet love … “ . Valentine’s Day is a good day for that here in the US as we will do this Saturday! Can we afford both? Who of you can help us do this?

Charity water ( https://www.charitywater.org/ )gets it all done without using any of the donations. Who can tell us how they do it .. Maybe we can do the same here !

That would be nice and as those of you who know me, I am a helper, giver and a ‘prayerer’ … is that a word? My love is to protect kids and those less able to protect themselves! I know there’s so many more of you out there and it’s great what each one of us can do! However many of us want to do so much more! We can together! We can do amazing things even with little money. Haven’t you seen kids raising hundreds and even thousands from their allowance, bake sales or car washes. We only have to get involved and share ideas. The only one stopping us is you and me. You know what trips us up so often in the course of all our lives and endeavors is fear! However, that which rescues us is always Love! That is what Valentines Day has meant for the past centuries.

There’s a scripture ”And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: FEAR NOT, neither be dismayed.” ~ Deuteronomy 31:8.

That verse goes back even further. I think a great many of us believe that God is Love!

In most of our hearts I truly believe we want the absolute best for one another. I am convinced that God definitely wants the best for all of us!

This Valentines Day I pray is the most loving, memorable and fun day you’ve all had ever!

Can we make a difference? Can we help each other have richer and more fulfilling lives! Can we all increase our successes and joy together?

Go to www.richardlcarter.com and let me and the others know what you think and can do to contribute to everyone! God Bless! Rick =)

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One thought on “What’s Valentine’s Day?

  1. Rick … The joke at our house is that I’m worried that my husband will wait so long to get a card that all that will be left will be cards that say: “Happy Valentine’s Day … to my neighbor.” That never happens, of course, and he always picks a lovely card.

    The idea of bringing clean water to places in need is an excellent idea. We do similar efforts for those in need thru our church. Bless you for caring.

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