Don’t Quit!

Too much to do & see ... so there's eh door

Too much to do & see … so there’s one door …

Don’t give up! Perhaps it is what it is which is so often said. Never did like that saying, but after many years I think I am understanding it … sorta.

I also apologize to you simply because there were some topics you might have wanted to consider but I’ve been too busy with life! I had to take time to get rock solid permission for the last picture. I believed that if I didn’t get permission I was fearful the world would end! Mine at least! I was afraid plain and simple. My wife used to say you know too much, which makes you think too much! Finally, I agreed.

What do you believe or think and how do you process each and every thing? Do you have control over all the processes? Did you just fail miserably or just a little? How many times has this happened this morning? I hope a lot!

I think it means you’re busy living or trying to live! That’s good don’t you think?

We can’t do it all. There’s simply too much so pick!!!

Pick one thing and finish it despite whatever is in front of you that seems to be stopping you! Most of all tell fear you will do whatever it takes to make it happen over it’s dead body!

It will either hurtle you forward to experience joy and happiness, because you will succeed or fail! Either way, it’s behind you and you can take one step forward … Simon says so!

You’ve accomplished it and you know you’ll do it better the next time! Or, you’ve failed and now you know it doesn’t work that way but you’ve gained wisdom! I can promise you that both are satisfying! You can only lose if you quit!

I go through this so many times during the day. I want to quit or be lazy and think why bother!

My excuses are that I am really sick. I have a heart attack and then I am stuck in the hospital to have them recover me so to speak! I am depressed and I don’t think of it much … I just don’t want to do anything … ever been there? However we have life and we forget to be thankful for that gift! Each and everyone of us!

I discovered what depression really is. WE tell people to just get over it … WRONG! I really and truly wanted to go to heaven and be with my wife … I wanted to die because to be alive was not an option. I quit hundreds of times a day and yelled at God! I don’t care if you have something for me to do yet! That’s a lame excuse! You hear me!

Yet in between I have helped my daughter though she doesn’t see and I have helped my son and he sees. I have helped so many and that helps me. It is what I do and is one gift I have for anyone. Truly it helps me to help you. Is that selfish?

Why I am not dead today is a miracle! It’s also only by God’s grace – a gift. I have thrown so many gifts back at God and said no thanks! Get out of my life now!

Today I am so glad He ignored me! What about tomorrow?

My suggestion is Don’t Quit!

My wife gave me that sign before she died almost 20 years ago! I have to look at it almost every day but it helps me to remember you.

Sending smiles to you today! Rick

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Walmart Starts to Practice Medicine

Written 10/11/3015

salt images 6inch

No … it is NOT a joke or a spoof! Walmart is beginning small and I suspect it could become one of the largest doctor groups in the world. Additionally it should become the only healthcare organization worth mentioning in the future overtaking the WHO!!!

Walmart is prohibiting salt intake in all Sam’s Clubs across the US within their cafe’s!

No clue, but discovered that today! Low sodium in good for heart conditions and blood pressure and it’s all our fault! If we can’t control ourselves, someone has to do it!

A wise decision it would seem to test it first! They have all the facilities in place, so what do they have to lose?

It is beginning in a small way not like Obama care. A big difference is at least Walmart will profit … Nobody is with Obama care!

Removing salt from all the patrons of Sam’s Club cafes is a small test of things coming!

It’s committing to the National Salt Reduction Initiative championed by many others!

Granted, it may take some time to exterminate salt, but meanwhile other things can start to be removed from public use!

Look what we’ve done with cigarettes (30 years?). The next step will be easier. Indeed, pharmaceuticals can start to be raised even more in price right now as they are with Obamacare … upwards of 700% and perhaps more. Greater profits for Sam’s Club and Walmart pharmacies! New and greater profits for insurance companies!

I know a great many of my scripts have gone from $12 to as high as $500 and more!

They are on the forefront of a new world perhaps doing away with stupid politics and only concentrating on profits!

Can you see it?

P.S. I thought I found a free cartoon I could use … to make a long story short I have written at least 3 maybe 4 times including the artist never receiving a response. So being brave or stupid I am going ahead with it. Is there anyone out there that can bail me out just in case?

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