The real cost of losing things!

I’m using a comment to another post that Kristin Funston wrote that sparked a significant point in my life.

In truth I have lost so much but not my most precious treasure as I believe it!

For what it is worth I have learned over the years to keep several copies of keys (1st trial), Then important documents and later separate households where a copy might be kept. At first I had too many copies and learned to be more discriminating (still working on that too!). The keys actually were the key to the whole matter. I traveled a lot all over! Even with rental cars. I always had a key for my wallet, each pocket and found it necessary to add a fourth!

You might wonder if I was OCD — maybe but I finally felt safe … until I got locked out even with backups for my backups! You might think was it worth the cost particularly with rental cars … Tell me … is there any cost too great to lose sight of Jesus? Finally, I figured out … NOPE! True story! =)

PS. I keep the latest version of a good software recovery program, backup drive and thumbdrive of my book (s) each separate. Maybe I am OCD? My recent thoughts from Kristin Funston as above!

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Memorial Day …

May 25, 2015

We make memories all through our lives!

As we get older and not old age, do we begin to appreciate what they can and can’t do for us!

They can uplift us and also put us in the depths of a depression you can never imagine! When you finally imagine it ( I pray none of you do), you’re lost and all life is hopeless and we want to disappear and worse — cut our losses and die!

Too many of us have been there sadly and do not want to go back. For those of you that have been spared your faith has saved you, whatever your faith is!

Memorial Day here in the US has been or was started to remember our fallen men and women in wars. Those we lost defending our country against our enemies.

Oddly enough one of the worst wars fought was the Civil War and that’s where Decoration Day came from later to be called Memorial Day.

Brother against sister and Father against son and so much hurt, which still exists today.

However, we do nat take it as solemnly as we did. Rather it’s a day for pig roasts and some parades and disputes of which weekend to celebrate … It used to be May 30th. This year it is being held on two consecutive weekends so neither one seems real actually – to me that is.

I wonder about this? Is it to sell more chickens and wings and ribs and beer and …? It no longer seems to be about the dollar … It is!!!

What’s your thoughts on this?

Here’s what I wrote on a dear friend’s blog about Memorials (

We remember so we don’t forget! Forget what?

The love that our families gave us and the happy memories to be enjoyed later!

Then we remember so we don’t forget a tragedy or tragedies of war and yes 911, Boston, the Holocaust and more!

Both are important.

One brings us Joy and the other brings us profound sadness and terrible losses.

We have free will to create new memories. God doesn’t create them! We do!

Thank God for Romans 8:28 ( scripture in the bible)!

Let’s make better and happier ones from now on!

Thanks for reading and I am so sorry for losing this post too! It’ my fault and hope you will forgive me. Rick =(

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Me & Writing!

“I am participating in the Writing Contest: How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life. Hosted by Positive Writer.” –

I started writing even before I was 5 or was it 3 or perhaps younger?

You might ask why, or even more puzzling … how?

I had a really really good memory.

Maybe not photographic, but I remembered pages say from a 4th grade science book or a 3rd grade history of our nation~!

Even into high school and college I wrote so many memories. I did however have another lapse in high school after I discovered girls were pretty neat and my writing suffered a bit.

About girls. They were confusing and often, I felt not to be trusted. You know, with telling you they liked you and then you’d see them making out with … you get the idea … bummer!

Some of the girls confessed to me, of all people, that they experienced things like that too with guys! I can’t imagine. No kidding! If I said something then that was that (pretty much).

However, if it had been on paper I could have crumpled it up and maybe even burned it! I wanted to do that a lot back then and even today sometimes.

I had a tough time even when I was young with some of my writing. Oh well.

It sucks when you can’t erase it! I mean really really sucks! Sorry, bad word around my grandkids! ( I get told that a lot)

At a very early age however, I did start to write on paper and once I started I couldn’t stop. It always felt better doing it on paper … on paper I could change the endings. I could erase and change.

On paper I could write a whole ‘nother story that ended with a happy ending that didn’t hurt anyone! Maybe some of the stories on paper could help someone escape the bad parts … you know add hope to their writing?

This erasing thing added so much to all my writing as I grew!

Nevertheless, I cried for a bit like when I was younger because someone told me you’re lying! Talk about hurt. I didn’t lie. I just wanted to be a good boy.

Not a lot to ask for I thought and so I prayed. I prayed some more and then some more. You know what? I discovered that erasing changes how I looked at things. I could at last find good in stuff that I wrote! Even though much of it was bad I could erase it and look at it from a whole new direction! Yupper! Erasing let me change my attitude and find hope and a new dream from hurts left behind.

Erasing let me move forward to change my future and helped to give me courage to challenge so many fears I had.

That’s how writing has helped me find a better future and life, even when it has seemed so dark!

Rick =)

See more at:

This post is a contest entry for the Positive Writer. I enjoy them and wish for more time. They have helpful things for me and maybe for some of my readers now and later! Now hopefully I can link this!?!?

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