April 19, 2015 Sunday – Can you …

Hear me now!

I didn’t go out of the apartment at all today. Exercised, but never took a shower. Finished an addendum to an appeal after discovering new evidence. Exercised a bit more and it’s almost morning and I feel like I have taken a half bottle of IB profen my gut hurts so bad and my body isn’t co-operating.

It’s 5 AM Monday and I haven’t done this in many years but I had to get a few things caught up by today! Not really but they did keep standing in my way of moving forward.

Lately I have felt I can’t fight anymore. I figure it’s hit you at one time or another as well. When it happens and you’re in the present you push through no matter what! Still it’s always a choice. That choice can contribute to or take away from awesomeness! What choices will affect you today.

Can you hear the voice of your God? I’ve been practicing that for years trying to hear the voice of my God. It’s only this last decade that I figured out really what Paul meant to pray without ceasing … . That goes along with hearing God’s voice. Recognizing it to hear Him is the trick!

You know your brother’s or sister’s or mother’s voice and of course your kids and wife and so on. Why? Because you communicate with them daily for the whole day at times!

The more I have spoken with God the more I think I could hear Him talking back to me – Praying is another word for talking. I’ve been told I talk too much, but God has never told me or indicated I pray too much. I wish I had figured that out sooner since it seems so simple and helpful to me now.

Now I hear Him more and more often a couple times a day. Some people call it a hunch or intuition and the like. It may be , but when it’s Him things happen. Yesterday, I kept having a need to go back and ask this person walking if they needed a ride? It wouldn’t stop until I said Ok and turned around and then I ‘felt’ better. I did meet up with them back at the corner. It was a wonderfully spirited woman with short black hair and slight build. At first he/she was walking along as a good pace with a white cane. They were blind I figured, but they appeared quite capable. Many disabled don’t like to be singled out, but after awhile it’s ok. I know this because I have been disabled on and off for 3 decades. Part of the reason I didn’t act right away. Bottom line is it was a good conversation and she was amazed I had stopped. She said it was so nice and brightened her spirits. She has no family other than her daughter who went back south to finish her last semester at college. The long and short of it is we connected and I made myself available to help out if and when she needed it. She thanked me for the offer but said it was nice to get out and walk in the nice weather after having such a long winter. I agreed and I left her my number and we’ll talk again I am sure! I have to tell you that is awesome and it’s not the first time!

Try it out and see what can happen when you find your self following a strong hunch or intuition … it just might be your God trying to talk to you! Wouldn’t that be awesome for you! I hope it happens soon!

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April 18, 2015 Saturday – Git it done!

I got up today and was moving at 8:30 which is awesome by itself. Mornings are usually late for me depending on how my body co-operates!

I’m doing this 30 day “awesome challenge”. Truth be told, we could be dead in as little as 10 years or sooner if we really did an awesome thing each day … round up the TV and Radio stations newscast every day! Yes it’s a matter of definition. Yet there are little things we can do extra every day, that can lead up to a few awesome legacies. We can leave these behind to help so many other people like you and me that come after!

I think you all know this! However I like this awesome nation thing
( https://www.facebook.com/groups/1544044082529084/ ) . It sparked me to go for the challenge, if even only to accomplish one more thing. I know it’s small, but isn’t that what we all do? In the midst of our life we add a ton of ‘small things’ that become awesome … like our kids, families, careers and more.

There are many other sites that report on similar good things. I have written about these before (sorry not sure which ones) like this! Now, this is the second time today I’ve had this problem. Not remembering too! Not knowing if the article is saved or not or where it is! I have to contact a friend Judy and see how she keeps track of her stories, articles and such! You should check her out as she has some great stories and who doesn’t enjoy a good story http://earth-rider.com/ !

Over the years I’ve written too many and I have used them over and over to help others that have come to me. Only recently have others told me you should write a book about those since they might help others. So I am once again doing a few of the little things I can do. You can do it too and you can start today! Then you should write a book or get help to do one!

This all came to mind because I got up early. You see I had a full schedule for like 8 hours today. I had a class at church for audio and had to work on lights for the service. However, I got an extra 3 hours! I could get yesterday’s post done, work on an appeal I needed to finish and review (not done yet), and think how awesome these three extra hours are! That’s awesome! Today I got into the present like when I was a kid! Are you in the present? Try it … you might like it!

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April 17, 2015 – Friday – The end

What aren’t we doing right if anything? Are we going to Europe for a month this year? Oh, am I getting a 15% or 20% raise this quarter? I think a bigger home down on Hilton Head needs to be built so we can entertain more guests!

Maybe we can pay only $10 to the doctor and the other bills and make the mortgage payment? Perhaps next week we can get a little more from the food bank? It’s just not working!!!

We look forward to the weekend and we’ve woven it into the very fabric of our life! At least here in the US. We’re running so fast during the week that suddenly we come to stop so to speak! We begin to decompress. We might even think, consider and meditate.

Did ‘persons’ in the first group (paragraph) know more than the second group? As it happens it’s not that way as we often think. It’s a series of events that some of us participate in and then some of us don’t!

Remember when we were kids and the days seemed long but never long enough! LOL

I remember heading out Saturday morning with my friends to bowl at the local Strike n’ Spare. The price was right at 3 games for a dollar! Yes it was awhile ago and then the days were longer. Even school days but it was ok.

We paid attention then and we were almost always in the present! A very important point.

It’s a point raised by good and bad self improvement courses, advice and even in a majority of faiths or religions. Why? Should it make a difference? Yes.

As we get older we get ‘lazy’ in the sense of the fact we get tired as we continue to make advancements in our careers, move ahead with our girlfriends or boyfriends or our families have needs. Too often we get torn in too many directions and lose so much time in confusion.

Perhaps lazy isn’t the word really. Heaven knows we work our fingers to the bone whether rich or poor and too often it’s confusion, mis-direction and then becoming overwhelmed. Maybe I should use the word complacency or a smugness. Satisfied with the status quo and assuming it will continue to bode well. It happens at an early age at different times for each of us.

We remember the past and think of the good memories or we dream of the future and how wonderful it will be and we lose sight of the present. We start to fail by not staying in the present. What is done is done! Let’s make more happy memories! The future can become what we hope for, but we have to stay in the present and focus on that! Then the Happy memories will become ours! Now that’s awesome! Thanks Lord, I’m here.

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April 16, 2015 Thurs – We need happy!

Well, most of us made it through Tax Day! It’s a day filled with dread, massive worry, and the what am I going to do!?!? In a word … Fear. It doesn’t have to be. We all have choices.

We need more happy. We need lots more happy and I am the worst example. I see hurts to be bandaged, and sadness to be alleviated, children to be rescued and so much more! My wife and I shared those interests up until she went home to be with Jesus the summer of ‘96.

She was my go to when I needed to lift my spirits. She might suggest work on my cars or in the workshop. She’d say go sing along with one of my tapes or go for walk up in the hills! That was 20 years ago. I don’t do any of that only rarely. I get caught up with life – good or bad! We all do and sadly it’s toward the negative usually.

A friend mentioned this to me about 2 weeks ago and I agreed and been thinking about it. We all need HAPPY!

Sing a song. Visit a grandchild. Go up to the lake. Go to Facebook. You name it for you … but do it. However, everything needs to be in moderation. I’m all work and no play! I have been called dull and boring at times but don’t tell anyone!

This morning I got up and saw or rather heard “Everyone is Lonely”. It made me happy! Are you different too? Funny how and when happiness appears. Here’s a link to that via Huffington.


It impressed me to the point of finding out who sang it as the voice made the happy part and her name is Liz Beebe. https://www.youtube.com/user/BeebeLiz .

She also sings with the Dustbowl Revival! A group I believe will become a top ten at least here in the US! I have a knack for that.

http://www.dustbowlrevival.com/#!sights/cypa Check out their newest song “Whiskey in the Well” from SF! There’s more videos there too!

Liz is the lead singer there and she is in other groups. I think a very talented young woman to watch! Check her out! https://www.backstage.com/LizBeebe/

I believe you will see the awesomness growing up all around her! It needs to be watered is all.

Hope I helped you to smile today and take a break … Look up and look around … Tomorrow’s Friday and for most it means a break so prepare! Love you all! Rick =)

http://laughingsquid.com/a-cute-animation-by-adhd-that-reminds-us-all-to-be-nice-because-everyone-is-lonely/ in case the other doesn’t link up! =)

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April 15, 2015 – Dooms (Tax) Day

We are half way through our month of awesomeness and for me, what I hope to show 30 days in my life ( be it a writer or so many other adventures I ran). As my grandfather always would say it’s another day! No surprise it’s here!

Yes it all seems to be made up of many little things and then BOOM! It’s an event! Still many more little things that help contribute to each of us and to each other! So, I think together is usually how we become awesome. Rarely alone. Yes?

There’s over 500 of us and for a pet peeve I have been working to rectify by myself – it hasn’t happened! I have a hope we can all fix this together!

It’s about The Weather Channel. You’ll find it on www.weather.com (10 or 5 day view) . Another competitor is in Canada and theirs is www.theweathernetwork.com . I log into Kingston Ontario since they are about 125 miles apart – not too far as the weather travels. This has been part of solving my problem by using Canada’s network!

This has been going on for almost a year now that I am aware of. Both sites have little 30 – 50 second spots of interest and some up to 2 minutes as I recall. I used to catch 1 – 3 in the evening checking out for the morning activities. 3 foot of snow or only 3 inches … makes a difference! It was convenient about a year ago. Now weather.com hasn’t worked since, as the spots go to a black screen. No video. Canada’s work and they have many of the same short videos.

Just before this the US group started running ad videos of a minute, 90 seconds and longer. More than 5 or 6 seconds is too long – if I am interested I’ll click in, otherwise it’s over! Sound about right?

Well, they started ad videos of 2.5 minutes previewing a 45 second spot! The killer here is you can’t bypass them! You want to see the 44 second clip you HAVE TO WAIT! Yes, you read that right!

During this time I wrote to feedback and contacted corporate a number of times. I even called as well. No response and finally I got an email saying they were paying attention after 6 months!

I am wondering if any of you have experienced this thus far? I know it’s a little thing – a small annoyance certainly. I just turned on the TV and looked at the weather channel!

Problem solved, but I was hooked on those tiny spots about a 3,000 yr old man found taking a bath! I called corporate and they advised me the internet was separate and never the two would meet!

They keep doing as they darn well please. Now the temperatures load vertically rather than horizontally. I may be abnormal but I read left to right. Maybe up and down if I am searching for the temp in Ankara vs Miami or looking for a stock price. The new improvements aren’t improvements in my opinion.

Ok, Canada has been good to load and it has worked this past year pretty well. They still make me smile with some of their videos and many of their ads advertise products in Canada and in the US.

As I mentioned the past year the weather channel’s ‘powers to be’ have made poor choices and bad changes yet tell us they are continuing to improve for all of us?

Here’s a puzzling point to my thinking. They appear to be planning to sell the properties. They being the Blackstone Group and Bain Capital. I think someone is confused besides me! How about you? Isn’t the idea to wash and wax your car when you plan to sell … you know make sure everything works even if only for a week or two afterwards.

Yes this is all about me since it’s my pet peeve. However, I am interested how much change could be effected if all 500 of us sent a note saying we’d like the videos to work and preferred reading the weeks weather days left to right . It’s a small test and we can all check up how it’s going having the weather channel respond back to The Awesomization Nation Facebook Page!

Nothing may happen at all, but it may serve us to see how customer service is moving toward or away from improvement. Hope tomorrow has added fun for all of us! Rick =)

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April 14 2015 – Tuesday – Not …


If I were to ask how many of you would tell us that we forget what day it is. Sure in the morning but through half the day and longer? I did today. Yes I have a calendar on the desk and it’s in my phone if I look but why do that? I knew I had no appointments for the week! Even when I know I have appointments I start doing Wednesday’s schedule. I show up at Carrier, Lockheed, Albany State Capitol to meet Mario and no one mentions I thought you were coming tomorrow? I am only admitting to this now. Something simple can wreck a lot of awesomeness! Would you agree?

We should look. Something simple like that can interrupt your train of thought two dozen times a day and even 3 dozen if we don’t fix it! Take 30 seconds and look it up and you’re done! I would guess it stole at least 20 or more minutes out of my day! Not to mention walking around trying to figure what you were working on!

It can hurt your reputation and get a lot of people mad at you from missed appointments … at least for awhile! Missed sales, kids soccer games, baseball games! I am sure you can add to that!

A major key to productivity is often to do the most difficult or most disliked chore first and the rest go easier. I can attest to that! Sometimes it’s hard to get started though from my experience.
I want to add something that goes along with simple things.

When you start out and find an annoyance … could be a fly or a bee in the room, wondering what day it is, when is that birthday again, where did I leave my coffee mug, and you make one up! Just fix it as Nike would say (?) … and you’ll be ready to tackle the “ I don’t want to do this, but… “. In fact, you may already be energized to do it even faster! Hope you’re enjoying an awesome week! God Bless Rick =)

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April 13 2015 – Monday – Broken…

Site is still broken.

If you’ve read Sunday’s post you already know what happened or you can go back to read the back story.

I was a bit upset since I have been trying to get things up to date on my site and hoping to put pics on all – most all the posts. It’s gong to take a bit but will get done. You know a picture is worth a 1000 words? Saves on carpal tunnel too! Oh! have dragon speak and bought a new copy but learning it very slowly right now – shame on me!

So, I got on this AM and found that posts hadn’t been ‘posted’ for over a week. Even the ones I made revisions on and so forth. Once again I thought it was all up to date.

Most of it was due to plugins and moving this site to be primary which I am still not sure about. It’s working now so far so we’ll see! All of a sudden it appears that I posted over a half dozen in one day?!? Trying to find out what SEO will do with that! LOL

I already did Sundays again as it was lost.

My awesome yesterday was copying the rest of Jerry Buchanan’s newsletters of 40 years ago . I have been sending copies to http://bly.com , a good acquaintance of mine! Jerry had been a mentor to us both! His ilk ( Jerry ) have been dwindling over the past 40 years. Everything is push push and grab the product money and if you need help? Well, it’s becoming a crap shoot more and more to find good customer service!

It amazes me as there are those out there write about what is customer service. I have some thoughts about that, but really would like to hear from you! Now don’t make me do a survey! I don’t know how yet and having problems making my website a bit classier! A little help here would be welcome!

Well, it seems my site is working better, but I won’t say it’s fixed yet. We’ll see. I KNOW WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING AWESOME. What do you think of when you think awesome? I know each of us has different views.

I can see that in our closed group facebook Awesomization Nation! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1544044082529084/ . I find a great many views and all very good ideas. I am the last to say this one is better than another and so on. I believe the only one that can judge is God Himself! I mention this only because there is ever increasing foolishness! Nevertheless I see a group working daily at doing good and helping others which is awesome! Thanks for listening! Rick =)

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April 12 2015 – Sunday – ‘Catchup’!

In truth, it’s Monday and I lost my posts and more via the Host? Lost Sunday’s post entirely so I’ll tell you what I recall.

There was one thing that I recall clearly is that I am mailing the last of some newsletters from 40 years ago. That is the most important thing ( to me and Bob) besides loading the blogs for the other days. I speak of Bob who is Bob Bly.

I’ve followed Bob for copyrighting and more for over a decade when he was on ureach.com . You can find him now on http://bly.com . We both have a fondness for a Jerry Buchanan who was a mentor to me ( more like a father ) along with his wife Bev. Over the past couple years we discovered we both had him as a mentor along the way. One of Jerry’s articles is in my book ‘How to Blacklist a Landlord’ ( a guide to more satisfying apartment living) published back in 1976 .

Jerry had a wonderful newsletter the Towers Club. In fact he was the one that encouraged me to start writing more. He’d seen some of my work for Clarkson College where I went.

We got closer after I graduated and I finished a couple articles and my Blacklist book with help of an employer I was consulting on marketing. The rest of the story r/t my Landlord Book will have to wait until I re-publish it.

It was Jerry that kept trying to tell me my employer was much less than an outstanding business person. Here I am in my early 20’s and I knew better! We are kinda dumb in the beginning.

We sorta’ listen to our parents or grandparents. I think all kids consider them questionable in their knowledge. They are out first mentors that we need to listen to! Jerry was my next mentor in my life who I didn’t listen closely enough to, as well!

I am the most gullible person in the world or saying it another way … trusting. The only one close to me is my son. My blind trust got me into a pile of trouble that I didn’t do, but got blamed for.

That’s the reason for me subtitle on the blog.

As it turned out much of my stuff was trashed after my wife died but I still had maybe 25 issues of Jerry’s Towers Club newsletters. Along the way as I mentioned Bob and I discovered we had this connection with Jerry. Hence, I told him I had a few issues from way back. After some talking I told him I would get copies to him. Today or Sunday I packed them up and mailing out today!

Now that is an awesome thing! It spans 40 years!

It also gives me one more example of why I got lucky with my first discovery of a faith I could live by! One of my tenants of faith came from a benediction at the close of a TV station at night.
I was 8 years old when I added it to my faith treasure. The benediction said … ‘treat each and every heart as if it were breaking, as I shall not pass this way again’.

Nothing good is ever lost! Hope your Sunday was blessed and awesome too! Rick =)

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April 11 2015 – Audio 201

It’s already Saturday and Audio 201! Still working at feeling better and the headaches are beating me up and fell twice already, but such as is life. I am going backwards fast lately as both hips and knees want to give out and causing more injuries! This is a major reason I need to get a book out to make some money and pay for my own treatment!

So, Audio 201 is a class at the Vineyard church I go to here in the Syracuse area. It’s being taught by one of the pastors named Gary. A most helpful and pleasant individual! I started out doing the lights as they are the easiest and I wont to move forward no matter how I feel. I am able to help out once a month. Funny, maybe a year ago I was functioning without a cane fro almost two months and then they took benefit away.

No one should be controlled by an insurance company or an injury that can be helped and allow a person to maintain normal basic activities. I say that but it’s not the way it is. Have I said it’s all about money!? It is!

I like getting out as you can imagine and giving something back is important to me though I don’t have to … I like to! I’ll take maybe 800 IB profen and hopefully it will carry me from 1:30 to maybe 6 pm. I have to get gas too and check on a script along with 2 or 3 other things.

If there is anything else I’ll let you know. The main thing today that I think is awesome is that God let’s me do things that I hope are in line with His wishes! Talk later.

Well, everything is pretty much ok, but have to lay down. Pain levels around10 now but my word is invalid. It has to be proven nowadays. Wish me luck and I will pray we all have fun tomorrow with great weather! Hugs … Rick =)

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April 10 2015 – Friday again!

It’s Friday again and the movie is Sponge Bob Square Pants at 6PM there at Wegman’s. I’d like to go but still having a rough time with pain and such! However, I can’t stand being inside but when I am so often and so long bedridden I just can’t get out.

Often even for doctors appointments, groceries, church, and more. That’s what happens without my treatments being approved. Happens way too often, but everything can’t be awesome can it?

I said to heck with it and I took 600 of IB profen. Went both to get groceries and had a coupon for a little shop to get some fish. Stopped at Wegman’s and watched TV for maybe an hour while I ate it and then went home.

Sometimes we just have to do whatever. I of course paid with my digestive system being in pain and it will probably bleed later on but it is what it is!

I an writing this and I am going to go lay down. Wish you all pleasant dreams! Rick =)

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