April 29, 2015 Wednesday-Need to do

One expression I have heard lately is all one needs to do is pay taxes and die. Here in the US taxes are due April 15th of each year. It’s a joke used often around this time of year but it’s depressing to me! How about you?

What do you need to do each day? Get up first! But what is the next thing other than getting dressed and off to work – whatever your profession, career, what-have-you?

‘Winging’ it just isn’t going to do it. Sure, you mark down your Doctor appointments, car repair necessities because you didn’t plan (my opinion), grocery shopping, laundry and may more like this!

However, do you know what you will be doing in just 5 years. Have you moved forward whatever that means to you and your family if you have children. Maybe you’ll have to help care for you mom or dad! Yes I always say it’s best to be in the present, but it doesn’t mean not to look forward!

If you don’t know where you are what do you need to do?

For me I would practice my procrastination. I have always found it thoroughly distracts me and finally I forget it was that I was going to do. It’s great practice for when you get older and walk out into the living room from the kitchen and haven’t the foggiest idea of what you wanted or how you got there! I know I’ll be prepared for old age and it won’t disturb me so when I get there.

We all get to be complacent. For some of us it happens faster and the moment you discover it … STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN … before you get run over!

I and my grandpa would always say it’s never too late and I found him to be right quite often (I learned it from him).

How does need differ from want? What we want is fun and it’s right now which is the present! However if we don’t check out what we need there will be little fun later! I promise.

Oh did you see where my shredder is? I NEED to do bills now for May! That’s awesome! Luv you all! Rick

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April 28, 2015 Tuesday – My Son…

is one of my most important persons in the world, as are my other children. Jesus was God’s most important person to Him. Let face it that people are all that’s important in this world and they all are or can be Awesome! That’s what I and everyone else in this awesomization nation Facebook group are or have been discovering.

I believe what many of us have discovered thus far can be expanded upon. Perhaps we can find additional like voices and we can all grow even more. What do you think?

All of us have many gifts and talents that we might share to help build a forum of like minded people that will and can help ourselves and others! Really!

I have benefitted from this exercise immensely. I did this out of selfishness. Yes you heard that correctly.

It’s ok to be selfish. You’ve all heard these statements that if you don’t take care of yourself no one will. More importantly if you start to fail in business or in your health and so on you can’t help someone else. That’s very very true.

In fact, I’m going to be asking Nicole for help for me and it will be also for her since I came to this by her putting this month forward or out there for us all!

Check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/1544044082529084/ The Awesomization Nation on facebook .. I think you can get in there by asking to be allowed. I can recommend it with full confidence. It may or may not be the time for you but read what others are finding for themselves. Please let me know your thoughts as I am interested!

Sending many blessings to you all today! Rick

PS. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Wrote it early and forgot (first time ever). Right! LOL

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April 27, 2015 Monday – What …

matters most today? Pick one thing! Just one thing that’s first on your mind, list or heart!

We didn’t sleep well last night or at least I sure didn’t! I sleep around a lot! One night I sleep with fear of the overdue taxes … not just IRS but we’re 18 months behind in property taxes too!

How was your night? Your daughter is facing a heart surgery and your wife’s biopsy came back positive. Thank God you got a raise coming.

Some people have that many things going on and others more! Face it we all have a lot on our plate and it paralyzes me!

After awhile does your health start to give you problems too? I’m not telling you anything new and I don’t like anyone telling me anything so what am I doing!? I don’t know?

You don’t know me really but I care … really I do care and I am able to as I sense too many things. I have also been there. I am a real person and you can email me or call me if you have trouble deciding what matters most. I promise – just email me or call. I will be available.

If I have already left and gone on ahead … I’m told Jesus’ number is in Jeremiah 33:3 … He’s available 24/7 too! How about you? Who needs you today?

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April 26, 2015 Sunday-Thanks for little things

Today is a day I have spent mostly praying and not because it’s Sunday. Maybe a little more as I’m tired today . I do it everyday as we all should be doing to my way of thinking. God’s a pretty good friend to have. Who better!

Within the last year another church member came up to me and told me I was a friend of God and then walked away ( I still don’t know who he was). However, I had just finally finished Ray Stedman’s Friend of God. It was about Abraham and I can recommend it highly! If you have a best friend you talk with them every day and I think it’s no different with God. Sorry, I got off track … the little things yes?

Today I have been also thinking about the little things we ignore including the chores or whatever. Have you done that lately and then forgot about it? Ultimately they add up and cause us to be uneasy, fearful and we don’t know why!

Probably, we’ve all got 50 or a 100 things we mean or need to do … later. We forget, but they’re still there and add up. They slow us down and can ultimately stop us from doing our best. It’s not just people that can nag!

So I am going to keep cleaning the bathroom and hope to finish tonight. Send a letter to my son. Take a shower since it’s 6 PM on Sunday and I need to get dressed! Write the rest of today’s post. Order some new socks that don’t have holes in them. I have written very little on my book since I have been posting this month. Figuring I’d get to it except I haven’t. Finish my exercises as they aren’t done for the day. Send love to you all. Pray for my kids and their children. Can you think of other little things you need to catch up on?

Yup! Thank you Jesus for all the little things as they are my awesome legacy. What makes up your awesomeness? Blessings to you all too! Rick =)

PS – After this I will be going back to my old posts to add pics finally. Maybe I can find out how to make links purple or blue so you can get to where I’m telling you about easier?!

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April 25, 2015 Saturday – Awesome ?

As many of you know I started posting daily for this month. A challenge from “The Awesomization Nation “ (on facebook). It’s not unlike I would place one difficult task to complete each day and make it number one. It worked for things around the house, at work, with my wife and kids and so it went.

Those were my awesome days not unlike many I see for many participating in this challenge.

I am recalling and passing on things I have learned over a half century. Great Marketing hasn’t changed, but just uses different mediums. In fact it has made more marketers think harder beyond their copy and pasting up ads with wax. That’s just one thing.

I sadly am still tied up more in my work than anything else. In the process I have missed many things, but gained wisdom along the way ( I hope ).

I have been ‘told’ I need to write and clean about 17 months ago. I’m doing writing everyday now and I am thankful! That’s awesome in fact. Cleaning … well it’s been a year since I could vacuum to any good extent as I am unable to.

For almost a month or so I was beginning to be able to, but my WC treatments were taken away and my abilities declined. Now over a year later I am still focused on the wrong thing partly by choice and forced to if I wanted to get better all over again. I needed to ramp up my anger as it helps me to gain strength and help me. All anger isn’t destructive or bad … something else I have learned.

After thinking about Kitty (check out April 24, 2015 Friday – Why Kitty?) I don’t want to miss another minute if I don’t have to. She makes me smile about today and helping me to be in the present and make goals. Everything can be awesome, as everyday can be awesome! Today I made up my mind to clean whatever I can and do little things.

I will shop for sneakers as I need a pair – not want but need. I am going to move forward on being as smart as a smart phone. I am going to buy a couple grocery things I like and not worry that I can’t afford them … I can afford them once today! I am going to start the bathroom shelves and then start to do floor maybe today and work on it tomorrow.

I am happy I took this challenge though at first didn’t know what to do with it .. Every time I just do it over these past 30 years things work out … but if I don’t then things get worse! We both should think about that. My brother did and it started to go better for us both and then he died at 49 and I still don’t know the ‘reason’.

I’m off to do the ‘little’ things! Rick =)

PS got back about 10 PM and in pain with a bad stomach now too! It’s ok.

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April 24, 2015 Friday – Why Kitty?

I received news (sad) from a good acquaintance today … her name is Brittany. She, her husband and their 3 girls are sailing in the Caribbean or thereabouts.

I received her post from their website and it was about a tragic accident. I’ll let her tell you about Kitty

So many questions when tragedy strikes and there are thousands daily all over the world and always the questions why?

I hope this will answer the question most often asked. “How can God or whoever allow things like this? The answer is free will I think.

The second most often asked question or statement is Why did God or whoever do this to such a good family? My God doesn’t do evil and otherwise refer to question 1.

You see, after Adam and Eve betrayed God’s trust we were on our own since we bought the lie that we could know everything and always be right! Sadly we keep buying the same lie and fail to realize that we need help. None of us can do it alone.

We all need help so I am asking all of you to pray for Kitty’s family for help in finding peace and hope! I will join you and I thank you.

Jesus loves and always welcomes children as many of you know! In fact He wishes we could all become more like children and run to Him anytime we need help for anything.

By the way, I ask why too just like you! Every time! Then I pray. Thanks for stopping by…Rick

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April 23, 2015 Thursday – Successes!

Yesterday we spoke of failures and how they contribute to our happiness and can put smiles on our faces!

We look at success as a goal be it for our career or marriage and our children and seek it in so much of our lives. A big focus in our minds and hearts is on money! Eventually that doesn’t satisfy any of us or at least me.

My goal even as a child was to be a millionaire! Years later my wife and I won the lottery for $30K … definitely not a million dollars but it helped. I think to this day a million dollars could have wound up a curse at that time. I know so many that it cost them their business, their families, their reputations and much more – most of them actually. I’ll have to write a book about that someday. I think I’ve said that literally hundreds of times … stay tuned LOL !

Let’s cut to the chase. Accumulating money can be a sign of success, but it really isn’t. That is unless we know what it can do and we are prepared to give it all away!

Yep! You guessed it! I’m gonna say it’s the little successes that bless us most and give us the memories. It is those little successes that will provide the greatest legacy we can give to those following each one of us.

It’s these little things that give us smiles! The smell of bacon and eggs cooking, or a Thanksgiving Turkey, a Christmas Ham, the laughter of children (our and others). Did you ever consider these successes? Me neither until my later years.

It took the death of a few friends, relatives and my wife. Shortly afterwards I quit living for years. I tried to start over, but a couple years later I gave up and went back into wherever I was. I forgot, lost and gave up on whatever I could do at one time. Oh, I was injured before all this too.

All totaled I gave up for several decades (but unwillingly). We’ll talk about that another time, but I know there are a number of you out there that have given up and can come back.

Maybe some of you haven’t even tried yet. You can still do little things whether or not you believe it. I promise you that they can be even greater successes than before! Remember Col. Sanders and chicken?

The point is that we need to re-frame what we considered success. Many before us tried to tell us all! For me, that including my grandfather. I didn’t listen. Reminds me of a scripture saying He who has ears, let him hear … it goes for girls too! =)

Let’s get up and get going today so together we will make a difference now! Thanks for stopping and it’s my privilege to meet you! Rick =)

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April 22, 2015 – Learning from Failure

Yesterday, I failed to exit from the shower gracefully. Not my fault as my health declines once again like dozens of times before when treatment is withheld.

There are many ‘types’ and ‘sizes’ of failures. Just like there are many ‘types’ and ‘sizes’ of sin. Something I believed for a very long time.

What it did for me is to learn to be judgmental about everyone and everything. I also learned to be gullible to the nth power as well.

I’m writing a book about my journey of faith and religion and figured out I wasn’t perfect … boy was I surprised!

Then I discovered everyone else wasn’t perfect either, but not my job to judge. We all fail … probably a lot, but this isn’t bad. It can only be bad if we don’t learn and make course corrections.

From now on until I regain strength and stuff I will be hesitant when I get out of the shower. I won’t forget.

You know, all these little failures that we make and will continue to make will teach us how to learn better?

I think it is this process that can teach us how to become awesome with God’s wisdom! What do you think?

Let’s get on with it today!

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April 21,2015 – Boo boo!

I don’t know how awesome today is except I am ok. I didn’t do much this day as I fell in the morning while getting out of the shower. I’ve been falling more and more lately this past year or so. I was better before until Worker’s Compensation stopped my benefits for the 50th time give or take.

I am not complaining, but it’s a process all about money and a very corrupt one at that! It helped to kill my brother in 2012 at 49 and I knew a great many others. Maybe I hsold write a book about that.

Anyway this morning as I was getting out my left hip gave out and I started to go down and hit my head pretty hard banged my right shin and fell on my left shoulder again. It’s taken several weeks to get swelling down but still hurting and ‘cracking’ and now this. I apparently also did some kind of split. I tore the skin just below the tail bone. It still hurts and bleeds a bit.

So, I will quit for today and post my ‘activities’ asap. That’s it for today.

Awesome for today is I didn’t get injured worse than I did! Thanks for listening … Rick still here! =)

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April 20, 2015 – Fear of the Lord?

I think this will be short (always my goal but seldom obtained).

Fear of the Lord … of God! The Lord’s anger taken out on Adam and Eve to the destruction during the Exodus and only a part of it! Sermons of Fire and Brimstone and more!

Some pretty scary stuff! We don’t respond to ‘nice’ really well, and in fact we ignore it more often than not. Like we deserve everything. We as human beings don’t take nice things seriously. Did we listen to our parents and what happened … ? We wished we had.

Fear of the Lord that any second He could suddenly appear and we’d all be crispy critters!

Now that gets our attention! Still we forget pretty quickly after it doesn’t happen and I think that’s foolish. Our parents (godly) who have spent their whole lives in raising, providing for us still don’t get the credit they deserve and are often hurt over and over.

Fear of the Lord comes down to a simple thing like with our parents. We love our parents and don’t want to disappoint them for anything finally, but … God loves us more! How much more should we Fear disappointing Him!

Thanks for listening and God Bless. Now that’s Awesome! Rick =)

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