I guess when you blog they don’t always come in order … like time wise. There’s one I need to post for you guys, that I did a couple months back so that it can help you! Not this one. Every blog will not be a literary masterpiece ( I might think so), but if it helps just one to move forward and be great then that’s good.

Oh, but you don’t have to be great … did anyone ever tell you that? You’re already special to many people if you’d just pause right now and think who do I matter to? No … STOP! Take two minutes and REALLY grab a scrap of paper and write down some names and special people in your life! This isn’t taped so you can come back and find me and where you left off!

Good! You have taken a Huge first step to change your life, my life and so many others here! It may not show next week or next month but it will show … you can save a life this week too!

You can help me to help all of you better and each of you to help at least one other here … I PROMISE! I know this because I have done so repeatedly over the past 50 years! I’m not bragging but the past month or two I have started to remember things I have done big and small!

I have as a good acquaintance Jeff Goins (http://goinswriter.com/ ) and he wrote the in-between book (http://inbetweenbook.com/ ). None of us do great things all the time … maybe just once by getting married. How many lifetime football players play in the superbowl? How many times do they play in it?! What do they do in-between? Not a lot you would most likely guess? Train , eat well , play with their kids .. go to Walmart and pick up glue … does this sound like you by chance?

Do they brag, … maybe or maybe not! You’re mowing the lawn of the widow in back of your place. You remember her as a child who always had the best cookies in the world (but you never told mom)! Mom knew but it was fine! You came home because your mom and your sister have cancer and they needed you; that’s important and life changing!

You saw a ‘bum’ on the street and boy did he smell! But you went with him to a BK or wherever and got him what he wanted to eat. See what you alone can do … love does a lot! Every little bit helps! I will repeat that … “Every little bit really does help!” ( you can tweet that) – Here’s where I need help … !

I haven’t got the foggiest idea on how to put that link in and get you back here to the blog. Do you know and can you help me?

I don’t’ know how to put a picture under my post headings to make this more fun! I don’t know how to get facebook links and likes along with twitter , email and youtube logos, on my pages so you can share with your friends and loved ones the stuff you think can help them! See, you could send something to your mom that would make her smile … or your wife/husband while you’re out on the road – letting her know you miss her and love her!

There are a lot of things you can do, will do, and have done to bring smiles into many many lives! You’re special! I told you that! I want each of us to remind the other from now on!

Why? Partly because I feel guilty along with many others of my time. We started telling the whole world we were gonna do it better in the 60’s and 70’s! We failed a lot, but we did get better. Now more than ever before we have a huge opportunity to make it better like the song ‘Hey Jude’ – by the Beatles – Paul McCartney! Julian, John’s son had the power to make it better even at a young age (my opinion / maybe Paul’s) and now with of us aging ‘we can still make it better’ … just you, just me, and all the rest of us ! We can make a huge difference each and every day. Stumped?

I am going to give you a simple exercise. Start to say please and especially thank you for anything and everything you can! You’ll start to see more and more smiles every day! I promise!

Meanwhile I need to be selfish and I am really asking how can I do the above things so this keeps getting ‘better, … better, … better, … BETTER~! ‘

Thank you and God Bless! Hugs to you all! Rick =)

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Where am I now!

Well, for one I am coming up on my 65th Birthday on Monday being September 29th. You knew that! I mentioned it in my last post. This month I finally figured out how to put a copyright date on my pages for the blog! Simple you say? Perhaps for many and I used to program and it was. Today is a hugely different story as none of us are the same as we were are we?

Hopefully we have grown and accordingly our likes and dislikes have changed as our lives have dictated. The point is we changed. Why?

Did we get smarter, get married, have an accident or other injury? There are so many things we were never prepared for!

I got burned out on programming. So it has taken me the better part of this month to work on getting pictures into my posts and getting pages copyrighted … by the way to get this © symbol you hold down the ‘alt key’ and type in ‘0169′ and there you have it! It’s simple really but then you have to get it to the bottom of the page! That eventually took a plug – in I found. It’s called ‘add to footer’ and it’s still complicated to me. I was able to use regular English in the plug-in to put it on every page as you can see~! Still working on the pictures. Why pictures?

Honestly, the reason I want pictures is because everyone else does it! The best reason I can see is it catches your attention!

In marketing, advertising and many more things you only have a split second to capture one’s attention! I know this as I have written too many ads and copy over the years. I am still pretty good at it too! Still a bit wordy at times like I mentioned last. We all need to learn that less is better. They call it being ‘minimalistic’. Presenting in a simple and brief way. This is good!

I think you will agree that too much information only serves to create confusion and what do you do when you find confusion? Walk away … run away … do you remember even?

This is all tiring and hard for me and takes me away from writing but it has to be done. It’s part of everyone’s life and yours! There are fun and yucky parts to all our lives and we have to do it all at least to start with. Why?

We’re all competing for something! I’m competing for your attention because I really want to help you and in turn we can help each other in becoming a better us! Really! We’re all important and we want to become more of everything we hope for that’s good! Even the worst of us.

In business it’s called a process. Studying is structured within a process. Laying out a whole plant for JIT (‘just in time’) production is a process! What is our process to become more? Perhaps you will ask more of what exactly? Say a better husband, or a better boss and heaven forbid a better employee! What process is involved in these? There’s too many you scream and I agree … I used to call them hats that I’d wear as a dad, a boss, a husband… and so it went. I succeeded in some and failed in others. Rarely could I repeat either my failures or successes! I had too many processes set up! Can you imagine changing the layout of a brewery monthly?! Insane! Why do we do it to ourselves!

Likewise, we each need a process that is best for each of us! More importantly we need to believe in that process until something or anything happens that proves to us this part should change!

Usually, we have to rewrite and reorganize our rulebook so that it works once again and we have more faith in it!

Faith starts within ourselves. It too is a process and for it to work well it has to be consistent in all we do! That way we won’t have second guess ourselves will we? We’ll gain more confidence in what we we’re doing at any time!

I didn’t do that as I should have. The result was I hurt too many people I loved.

You have to have a Faith, a Rulebook, a religion. Basically a process that guides you in EVERYTHING inside you! Otherwise you’ll get tossed around like a rowboat in a huge storm and being broken apart over and over!

I’m here right now and invite you to help me to help others. It’s growing and I am really looking forward to hearing from you! Time’s a wastin’ so maybe I need to post more often? Let me know what’s important to you.

One of my gifts I had growing up was being a one man human Google! “Go ask Carter he’ll know or he’ll find out!”. How do I stop this bully … or I got cheated out of my dad’s watch! What I hope to find are like minded people that want to help protect themselves and others from being hurt. More importantly bring solutions!!!

Bring it here in your comments to show others how you turned it around and had your success!

I guess that about covers it for this month and I hope this started you thinking about your process that got you success and times of joy! Share it here! God Bless! Rick :=)

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