Don’t Give Up! A comment for Daphne Delay


Ken RobinsonSadly sometimes it’s a continual fight that goes on too long! We have to replace or allow to replace the old unwanted man or behavior! It’s true that even when we immediately start the ‘new beginning’ as I call it! We have to start a NEW HABIT to replace the old.

Why? I don’t know except that it is a must!

Otherwise even after weeks or months and the more we start thinking (foolishly) … I’m miserable this week! It’s really bad and was it so bad before?

The truth is yes and then we start to rationalize, and head back to the swamp (alligators, pirana, malaria, and more) ! My thought is DON’T! We’ll still fall down but less and less as we get stronger and more successful than before!

However, I have physically gotten weaker and I do fall down more – truly! My doctor says I have to exercise more but I can’t … not yet, so I ask for help!

It’s always ok to ask for help! New beginnings are never failures unless we give up!

By the same token … sometimes they are easy if you work at them and you are following God’s lead!

I’ve had both. And you?

Let me and the readers know your experiences too! Help us all!

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No Time … No Time!

No time, there’s just no time!!! I can’t find any time to do anything I need to do. Bills to pay and the car needs repairs and no money to do any of it.


Funny isn’t it … business owners and CEO’s and even fellow workers find time for what they need and want to do? Why can I find the time! Why can’t you find the time?

Illness and injuries are terrible interruptions (some of my most memorable excuses). I’m pushing to move forward more than ever perhaps. Yet the interruptions seem to increase and they slow me down again a lot! Poor me.

Not only do the physical limitations slow one down but then there is the depression, fear of not being able to finish my grand design or that no one will listen or pay attention to either of us.

What’s next? Why bother since I will never finish and no one will give a crap anyway! I’ve said this before but …

Then time marches on and it’s months, weeks and years later!

I’m sure you’ve read or been told that if you don’t act now you’ll find yourself in the same place 5 years later! It’s true too often and I am proof!

Want to know a fact that you can take to the bank? You have to fight it along with all the other negatives (people places or things)!!!

You really have to say I can do it! It may take you 2 years to do it while another 1 year to accomplish it seeking the same goal as you! But I am here to honestly tell you that it can be done.

Most failures come from a history of excuses and a lack of perseverance. My main excuses have to do with injuries and illnesses so I can speak to those.

There are others such as I ain’t got talent in … maybe not, but I doubt it. Oh … I am only a woman. Perhaps I’m just plain old like Col Sanders, just to mention a very few.

I should be happy and never complain! After all there’s others worse off than I! So I should settle and be thankful I am not them.

Now, that’s yet another excuse though cleverly disguised along with I should be grateful I have a job and so it goes!

I am positive you can think of others in less than a New York minute (Whatever that means)! Google it! Stop being lazy! You’re right here on your incredible phone or computer and the whole world is at your fingertips! It’s amazing from what was available in 1957.

Speaking of 1957 is when I saw Billy Graham on TV at my best friend’s house. It changed the direction of my life more than I could have imagined with many detours!

What brings this to mind is his daughter Anne Graham Lotz’s husband (Danny Lotz) just passed away. Please put the family in prayer and I thank you!

So why am I always late and behind in my life’s plan ?

Disney adaptation of Lewis Carrol’s “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland”

Is your life feeling like this now or perhaps in the not too distant past? Stop it!

Chaos doesn’t work for any good thing and any time I feel like this I have to stop and breathe!

I have to prioritize as to what is important and what is urgent. That is what I am doing right now.

I am getting very little feedback as to what you want and others still are mentioning I really have to write a book! I wrote one and I am writing one right now!

The 1,000 or more people that know me tell me I have to write about my life altogether otherwise no one will believe it. I’m not sure I do. I’m told so many things and given many suggestions and a very important person in my life suggested I blog parts here and there!

It’s required me to really consider a different method — One thinks that when they have tried everything … but there’s always one more way! Blogging these incidents and memories along the way that can help us all, just might work!

I started this last blog here to share my life’s ups and downs hoping to help you avoid mistakes and provide ideas to ‘do better than I did’! That’s what our parents hoped would help us, but did we listen? How many of you listened or didn’t listen … I really want to know and probably many others too!

Maybe we can all benefit even better as we go along. It is said two heads are better than one. Things are easier to carry if there are two. In the bible it mentions a chord of three strands are not easily broken. It brought to mind a teaching I read that the chord of three would be like a husband, wife and God!

Let’s make a chord of 3 strands with me and you and the God of our understanding.

Hoping it works and honestly hope you’re doing really well as we move forward!

I am trying to write more each day as I have been remiss for several months now! I apologize and ask your forgiveness for wasting so much of my time which also belongs to you.

This song keeps bringing up may great memories and poor choices corrected too! Hope you enjoy it!
It’s about 5 1/2 minutes with lots of memories included free of charge!

Music: “No Time” by The Guess Who (Google Play • eMusic • AmazonMP3 • iTunes)

Thanks for your time and God Bless =)

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