Legacy (s)

Don’t you think everyone wants to create a legacy that is uniquely their own! I do. I may be wrong, but there is always a first time!

Leave-The-Legacy-76Usually it’s for our kids and other loved ones. However, many have larger hopes, dreams and goals that include family and more. Take Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, George Washington and I believe so many more lost in Paris just two weeks ago in that tragic and senseless massacre!

We think of building our legacy and grand ideas, but none of us know how long we have. I know God does but I can’t help you or myself about that. So what are we to do!!!

More and more I hear so very many knowledgeable and even foolish persons saying to us — START TODAY!

But are we listening? I don’t more often than not and I should! After all, I’ve had significant strokes, heart attacks and several cancers, but do I listen? I can only say I test God regularly, and figure I still have plenty of time. What kind of insanity is that?

I like what I think Steve Jobs said about thinking on what is really important on the day of forgiveness as to what is important?!

An extra $1,000 for a vacation, or spending time with a child … your’s or another’s to teach them or just help them smile? These are all gifts and can be part of your legacy too! Oh! Did I tell you that you can do these daily … not large but huge as you go on and I’d be proud of that legacy.

Perhaps having completed the sale of a patent or publishing another book might be your idea of a good legacy … it would be! Can you do it today?

This is the time of THANKSGIVING here in the states. Many are thankful of the kindnesses given to them by you whether it was a coffee or a mortgage payment and the list goes on! We can always do something as little as it may seem to you … may be incredible to another, but do it often. I believe Thanksgiving can be celebrated daily all over the world.

Even Kermit is Thankful!  (faust112670 Kermit)

Even Kermit is Thankful!
(faust112670 Kermit)

So really you can start building on to your legacy right now! No muss no fuss (is that what one says?).

Help another discover a real Thanksgiving today! Of course, you build yet another part of your legacy! If I can help somehow, let me know. Perhaps join us here so we can help one another build your legacy! Many hands make light work!

Write your stories today for your loved ones, friend and yes … strangers! God Bless, Rick =)

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Don’t Quit!

Too much to do & see ... so there's eh door

Too much to do & see … so there’s one door …

Don’t give up! Perhaps it is what it is which is so often said. Never did like that saying, but after many years I think I am understanding it … sorta.

I also apologize to you simply because there were some topics you might have wanted to consider but I’ve been too busy with life! I had to take time to get rock solid permission for the last picture. I believed that if I didn’t get permission I was fearful the world would end! Mine at least! I was afraid plain and simple. My wife used to say you know too much, which makes you think too much! Finally, I agreed.

What do you believe or think and how do you process each and every thing? Do you have control over all the processes? Did you just fail miserably or just a little? How many times has this happened this morning? I hope a lot!

I think it means you’re busy living or trying to live! That’s good don’t you think?

We can’t do it all. There’s simply too much so pick!!!

Pick one thing and finish it despite whatever is in front of you that seems to be stopping you! Most of all tell fear you will do whatever it takes to make it happen over it’s dead body!

It will either hurtle you forward to experience joy and happiness, because you will succeed or fail! Either way, it’s behind you and you can take one step forward … Simon says so!

You’ve accomplished it and you know you’ll do it better the next time! Or, you’ve failed and now you know it doesn’t work that way but you’ve gained wisdom! I can promise you that both are satisfying! You can only lose if you quit!

I go through this so many times during the day. I want to quit or be lazy and think why bother!

My excuses are that I am really sick. I have a heart attack and then I am stuck in the hospital to have them recover me so to speak! I am depressed and I don’t think of it much … I just don’t want to do anything … ever been there? However we have life and we forget to be thankful for that gift! Each and everyone of us!

I discovered what depression really is. WE tell people to just get over it … WRONG! I really and truly wanted to go to heaven and be with my wife … I wanted to die because to be alive was not an option. I quit hundreds of times a day and yelled at God! I don’t care if you have something for me to do yet! That’s a lame excuse! You hear me!

Yet in between I have helped my daughter though she doesn’t see and I have helped my son and he sees. I have helped so many and that helps me. It is what I do and is one gift I have for anyone. Truly it helps me to help you. Is that selfish?

Why I am not dead today is a miracle! It’s also only by God’s grace – a gift. I have thrown so many gifts back at God and said no thanks! Get out of my life now!

Today I am so glad He ignored me! What about tomorrow?

My suggestion is Don’t Quit!

My wife gave me that sign before she died almost 20 years ago! I have to look at it almost every day but it helps me to remember you.

Sending smiles to you today! Rick

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Yom Kippur 2015

Israel Repenting

Israel Repenting

Yom Kippur is about many things with the stated first point as atonement. Atonement, like making restitution. Perhaps one could say reconciling with an individual.

I thought that for years like saying I am sorry and that takes care of it for the 237,000 times you hurt someone.

Do you remember all them?

Many of you who know me pretty well, often think I can be a bit off. My mind works differently than most people. Maybe because I have so many interests and talents.

I’m not bragging, but having been told that a lot over the years it’s possible. I think they might be right even though they all make fun of me and it’s ok!

One day a year we jews can be washed white as snow. Our memory of all wrongs and sins are sent away as far as the west is from the east. Who has promised us that? My God and His Son.

Who of us can make fun of God or would even dare. Heylel or Lucifer did even with all he knew?! What kind of lunatic would do that. Lucifer! He spent billions of years, perhaps trillions or more working in God’s service and with Him, so he knew God! I think he was perhaps the most foolish being that ever existed. He got kicked right out of heaven never to return.

Nope there were no do-overs for ‘him’. Yet according to the law we can be forgiven for everything. We get a do-over and get another chance this year.

Catholics per Rome, Christians and their versions; we can get do-overs weekly or daily even!

Have any of the Faiths really thought about that. What truth do we allow to sink in. I don’t think a lot and that says it all!

Saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t really cover it. Growing up as a Catholic I thought an act of contrition did it all … along with a 100 Our Fathers and 350 Hail Marys. I was a bad … bad boy.

I was an alter boy and wondering did I forget something? If I served Mass on Sunday would I be vaporized? No kidding I really did have these and many other thoughts. Looking back, I got a LOT OF DO-OVERS!

I wasted maybe a half million do-overs so far and never had anyone given me a reason to think what more could I do?

Teshuva a Hebrew word for Repentance. It was explained to me that what I was asking to be forgiven for meant nothing unless I was hell bent (sorry) on never ever doing it again. Not like fasting and after today or 6 weeks from now I could do it again … not a big deal. Right? Forever never occurred to me even after discovering I was supposed to repent (still working on figuring that out). Didn’t matter how much penance I did. It was what my heart decided.

As a Christian I can ask for forgiveness and be forgiven … every day! As a Jew I reap that benefit once a year? As a Jew I am comfortable with Yom Kippur because I really think about not doing whatever, really really seriously!

I may have hurt you but I sinned against G_D and HE gave me a do-over!

Blessing to all Faiths today and I hope your do-over is as wonderful as mine!

Thanks for listening and God Bless ! Rick

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Remembering Kitty with Love

August 23, 2015

I was reading news, internet articles and hearing the TV in the background; all about the goings on.

KOMO News.com 150112_flu_death_06_660
Scarlet Anne lost to the flu earlier this year…KOMO News.com

So much is about fighting, and deaths and so many other tragic losses which brought me to think of my family’s losses as well.

Just recently a young girl of 10 and her mom died in a car crash.Almost immediately the 5 y.o. son made a 911 call to announce the accident and lead the rescuers to them. There are so many more children lost

Then the image of Kitty initiated overwhelming sadness, and the almost unbearable loss that comes with the tragic loss of yet another young child!

I had the privilege of writing about Kitty before in an earlier blog.

Loss is more it seems, with a child and I couldn’t begin to number the reasons. We have all lost family like mothers and fathers, brothers, grandparents and more which indeed evokes great sadness and grief.

Still the loss of a child is more. So I once again prayed for her mom and dad and the whole family. I don’t know what more I could do except each time I recall, to pray for Mom and Dad and the family. What else can any of us do except share in the grief and sadness at the time. It helps I believe.

It’s maybe a couple hours later and I went back to re-read my previous post where I found out about Kitty from my good acquaintance Brittany and her family.

I just finished praying how to, in some way, be able to ease the terribly tragic loss of Kitty. She was a bright promising young lady who just celebrated her 5th Birthday this past April.

No one knows what happened with Kitty … perhaps she fell in the water and in trying to get up … it was dark she got turned around after hitting hit her head? No matter what, it is tragic. We all ask why and we all start to lay blame which helps no one.

What has comforted me with Kitty and so many other losses in our own lives was my wife Connie knew they were safe now and we would see them again.

It makes it no less hard for sure!

I guess now that is partly why I am writing my latest thoughts on Faith. We’re all so lost without it along with needing to share it.

Hold Love - Not Loss“>

We both (Connie & I) shared whatever we could do together, but she’s home now with Jesus like so many of our loved ones, maybe working from the other side!

Please continue to pray for Kitty’s and Scarlet’s family and I hope this helps you and all of us left behind!

I want to thank Brittany, Scott, Isla, Hailey and Mira for their help in this post. Check them out to hopefully add a bright spot into your life! The Windtraveler Blog!

God Bless … Rick

PS: Don’t forget to hug, call, email, send a smile to a loved one today!

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No Time … No Time!

No time, there’s just no time!!! I can’t find any time to do anything I need to do. Bills to pay and the car needs repairs and no money to do any of it.


Funny isn’t it … business owners and CEO’s and even fellow workers find time for what they need and want to do? Why can I find the time! Why can’t you find the time?

Illness and injuries are terrible interruptions (some of my most memorable excuses). I’m pushing to move forward more than ever perhaps. Yet the interruptions seem to increase and they slow me down again a lot! Poor me.

Not only do the physical limitations slow one down but then there is the depression, fear of not being able to finish my grand design or that no one will listen or pay attention to either of us.

What’s next? Why bother since I will never finish and no one will give a crap anyway! I’ve said this before but …

Then time marches on and it’s months, weeks and years later!

I’m sure you’ve read or been told that if you don’t act now you’ll find yourself in the same place 5 years later! It’s true too often and I am proof!

Want to know a fact that you can take to the bank? You have to fight it along with all the other negatives (people places or things)!!!

You really have to say I can do it! It may take you 2 years to do it while another 1 year to accomplish it seeking the same goal as you! But I am here to honestly tell you that it can be done.

Most failures come from a history of excuses and a lack of perseverance. My main excuses have to do with injuries and illnesses so I can speak to those.

There are others such as I ain’t got talent in … maybe not, but I doubt it. Oh … I am only a woman. Perhaps I’m just plain old like Col Sanders, just to mention a very few.

I should be happy and never complain! After all there’s others worse off than I! So I should settle and be thankful I am not them.

Now, that’s yet another excuse though cleverly disguised along with I should be grateful I have a job and so it goes!

I am positive you can think of others in less than a New York minute (Whatever that means)! Google it! Stop being lazy! You’re right here on your incredible phone or computer and the whole world is at your fingertips! It’s amazing from what was available in 1957.

Speaking of 1957 is when I saw Billy Graham on TV at my best friend’s house. It changed the direction of my life more than I could have imagined with many detours!

What brings this to mind is his daughter Anne Graham Lotz’s husband (Danny Lotz) just passed away. Please put the family in prayer and I thank you!

So why am I always late and behind in my life’s plan ?

Disney adaptation of Lewis Carrol’s “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland”

Is your life feeling like this now or perhaps in the not too distant past? Stop it!

Chaos doesn’t work for any good thing and any time I feel like this I have to stop and breathe!

I have to prioritize as to what is important and what is urgent. That is what I am doing right now.

I am getting very little feedback as to what you want and others still are mentioning I really have to write a book! I wrote one and I am writing one right now!

The 1,000 or more people that know me tell me I have to write about my life altogether otherwise no one will believe it. I’m not sure I do. I’m told so many things and given many suggestions and a very important person in my life suggested I blog parts here and there!

It’s required me to really consider a different method — One thinks that when they have tried everything … but there’s always one more way! Blogging these incidents and memories along the way that can help us all, just might work!

I started this last blog here to share my life’s ups and downs hoping to help you avoid mistakes and provide ideas to ‘do better than I did’! That’s what our parents hoped would help us, but did we listen? How many of you listened or didn’t listen … I really want to know and probably many others too!

Maybe we can all benefit even better as we go along. It is said two heads are better than one. Things are easier to carry if there are two. In the bible it mentions a chord of three strands are not easily broken. It brought to mind a teaching I read that the chord of three would be like a husband, wife and God!

Let’s make a chord of 3 strands with me and you and the God of our understanding.

Hoping it works and honestly hope you’re doing really well as we move forward!

I am trying to write more each day as I have been remiss for several months now! I apologize and ask your forgiveness for wasting so much of my time which also belongs to you.

This song keeps bringing up may great memories and poor choices corrected too! Hope you enjoy it!
It’s about 5 1/2 minutes with lots of memories included free of charge!

Music: “No Time” by The Guess Who (Google Play • eMusic • AmazonMP3 • iTunes)

Thanks for your time and God Bless =)

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Fourth of July means …

July 4, 2015 – August 6, 2015 (actual)

Obama Or Else!

What does the 4th of July mean to you?

Independence … Freedom … A day off … Picnics … Fun … Fireworks … and yes England does have a 4th of July as does everyone else in the world!

I ask each of you to consider what it means to you especially. Is your meaning really yours or is it someone else’s version of who or what you should be! It’s kinda like I will be happy when … and you fill in the blanks … when I grow up … after I find a husband … get another promotion … get a new car and so many more images!

I’m risking a long blog post, but not longer than an average podcast. Many transcripts of podcasts seem to run a dozen pages. Will this be that long!?! I can’t deal with that you say?

If I promise you will make $3000 extra this month … or you can lose those extra 20 pounds with this new 3 x a day elixir you would deal with it, wouldn’t you? I think so. I would need to promise you something that you (whoever you are ) needed.

So I promise you views on how we can think better to help each other, friends, lovers, spouses, children and come out with at least one new idea that will help each of you in the coming year.

I said I was risking a longer post and a month later, here we are — I lied!

It hasn’t been intentional and in fact I have the most honorable intentions but I’ve failed once again.

Since the start of this blog I have striven to make short posts like Seth Godin whom I enjoy very much and you can google as well ( http://www.sethgodin.com ).

Surprise! I am not Seth Godin nor am I Wes Craven, Harry Paige, Bob Allen, Bob Hope, Jerry Buchanan and so many more that I have met, spoken to, or enjoyed their company.

I’m Rick Carter that’s all that I yam … as my old friend Popeye would say!

We are all unique despite the fact we are all told we are created equal. My God makes each of us special with special talents or gifts to start with! We can think and accept equal to our opportunities yes! Others are not so blessed!

Freedom means to each of us something very different from the next man, woman and child on this earth. If I were to really write the infinite variations in a blog I could put you all to sleep in a matter of a few minutes! I used to do that to my wife when we first started dating … !

Now we won’t spend even two minutes with anything unless it matters to us or my son or my best friend – I won’t suggest everything is about you or me for that matter. However, it has to have a connection to what’s important to each of us generally and that’s ok!

That was my original idea for writing briefly like Seth Godin. I don’t want to waste time and I ain’t much different than any of you.

I want to wake people up to so many things we’re all missing and we shouldn’t be!

Let’s take Obama as an example! We make jokes about him, along with foreign countries, and until he came along I would never dare just out of respect.

He is supposed to be leading and defending our country and not bowing down to the King of Saudi Arabia ( yeah he did that too). He shouldn’t be threatening our allies like Israel which will include us!

That is if we don’t agree with approving the Iran Deal, it will be rockets over Tel Aviv. Next, New York City!? HUH?

They’re comparable, don’t you think! His Obamacare has made my life miserable and maybe a few of you out there? So now he’s going to give permission to Iran to do as they wish and stopping the deal will be over his dead body!

Sadly, I’m concerned it will be over many of us. We are repeating our mistake(s) once again!

Could that affect our freedom? It already is and has been for years now. My personal opinion is Obama needs to be impeached and Kerry can help him move out along with his things.

That’s one kind of freedom that means something to me. What is yours?

Maybe making more money via a side business grown out of your hobby. Creativity and that freedom to pursue it built this country in a great nation for one thing.

Well, those two ideas kinds cover our freedoms to pursue our dreams; to be a writer, create a business with inventions or your special chocolate chip cookies! Most important to have choices and not be ordered to dig ditches for your money or be a garbage man if you disagree with the king! We’re not paying attention and we need to be!

One last thought is it’s always about money in so many ways like the freedom of the internet. Major companies that don’t want it stand to make trillions over the future years if they can control it. It’s taken me over 50 years to believe that is true ( the thing about money). As I have mentioned I am slow. But sooner or later I do get it!

We need to help and protect each other so when some of us are sleeping there are others awake!

Maybe some of us fall on bad times and others can hear about it and help … not just here in the US, but I’m sure you’ve noticed the world has grown smaller. What might freedom means in other countries … we should think about that. Understanding their wishes can help us learn more about ourselves to help and protect each other and our collective freedoms , wherever that may be … Vive la Liberte! Remember the Alamo! You get the idea … Caring is never bad.

Oh … today is August 6, 2015 and yes I am a bit late; thank you for noticing! Blessings to you all! Rick =)

P.S. A wonderful writer and one of my teachers had a post just like mine (sorta) today. You can see her at (http://www.aliventures.com/ ) and her post is ‘If You’ve Only Got 15 Minutes, Is It Even Worth Writing?’ That is if you’re a writer – she’s a new mom and now with her second I hear she’s doing awesomely! =)

Photo: Obama: Nuclear Deal with Iran or Rockets on Tel Aviv!
(US President Barack Obama. (AP/Andrew Harnik)

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The real cost of losing things!

I’m using a comment to another post that Kristin Funston wrote that sparked a significant point in my life.


In truth I have lost so much but not my most precious treasure as I believe it!

For what it is worth I have learned over the years to keep several copies of keys (1st trial), Then important documents and later separate households where a copy might be kept. At first I had too many copies and learned to be more discriminating (still working on that too!). The keys actually were the key to the whole matter. I traveled a lot all over! Even with rental cars. I always had a key for my wallet, each pocket and found it necessary to add a fourth!

You might wonder if I was OCD — maybe but I finally felt safe … until I got locked out even with backups for my backups! You might think was it worth the cost particularly with rental cars … Tell me … is there any cost too great to lose sight of Jesus? Finally, I figured out … NOPE! True story! =)

PS. I keep the latest version of a good software recovery program, backup drive and thumbdrive of my book (s) each separate. Maybe I am OCD? My recent thoughts from Kristin Funston as above!

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Memorial Day …

May 25, 2015

We make memories all through our lives!

As we get older and not old age, do we begin to appreciate what they can and can’t do for us!

They can uplift us and also put us in the depths of a depression you can never imagine! When you finally imagine it ( I pray none of you do), you’re lost and all life is hopeless and we want to disappear and worse — cut our losses and die!

Too many of us have been there sadly and do not want to go back. For those of you that have been spared your faith has saved you, whatever your faith is!

Memorial Day here in the US has been or was started to remember our fallen men and women in wars. Those we lost defending our country against our enemies.

Oddly enough one of the worst wars fought was the Civil War and that’s where Decoration Day came from later to be called Memorial Day.

Brother against sister and Father against son and so much hurt, which still exists today.

However, we do nat take it as solemnly as we did. Rather it’s a day for pig roasts and some parades and disputes of which weekend to celebrate … It used to be May 30th. This year it is being held on two consecutive weekends so neither one seems real actually – to me that is.

I wonder about this? Is it to sell more chickens and wings and ribs and beer and …? It no longer seems to be about the dollar … It is!!!

What’s your thoughts on this?

Here’s what I wrote on a dear friend’s blog about Memorials (www.mirrorministries.org)

We remember so we don’t forget! Forget what?

The love that our families gave us and the happy memories to be enjoyed later!

Then we remember so we don’t forget a tragedy or tragedies of war and yes 911, Boston, the Holocaust and more!

Both are important.

One brings us Joy and the other brings us profound sadness and terrible losses.

We have free will to create new memories. God doesn’t create them! We do!

Thank God for Romans 8:28 ( scripture in the bible)!

Let’s make better and happier ones from now on!

Thanks for reading and I am so sorry for losing this post too! It’ my fault and hope you will forgive me. Rick =(

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Me & Writing!

“I am participating in the Writing Contest: How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life. Hosted by Positive Writer.” –

I started writing even before I was 5 or was it 3 or perhaps younger?

You might ask why, or even more puzzling … how?

I had a really really good memory.

Maybe not photographic, but I remembered pages say from a 4th grade science book or a 3rd grade history of our nation~!

Even into high school and college I wrote so many memories. I did however have another lapse in high school after I discovered girls were pretty neat and my writing suffered a bit.

About girls. They were confusing and often, I felt not to be trusted. You know, with telling you they liked you and then you’d see them making out with … you get the idea … bummer!

Some of the girls confessed to me, of all people, that they experienced things like that too with guys! I can’t imagine. No kidding! If I said something then that was that (pretty much).

However, if it had been on paper I could have crumpled it up and maybe even burned it! I wanted to do that a lot back then and even today sometimes.

I had a tough time even when I was young with some of my writing. Oh well.

It sucks when you can’t erase it! I mean really really sucks! Sorry, bad word around my grandkids! ( I get told that a lot)

At a very early age however, I did start to write on paper and once I started I couldn’t stop. It always felt better doing it on paper … on paper I could change the endings. I could erase and change.

On paper I could write a whole ‘nother story that ended with a happy ending that didn’t hurt anyone! Maybe some of the stories on paper could help someone escape the bad parts … you know add hope to their writing?

This erasing thing added so much to all my writing as I grew!

Nevertheless, I cried for a bit like when I was younger because someone told me you’re lying! Talk about hurt. I didn’t lie. I just wanted to be a good boy.

Not a lot to ask for I thought and so I prayed. I prayed some more and then some more. You know what? I discovered that erasing changes how I looked at things. I could at last find good in stuff that I wrote! Even though much of it was bad I could erase it and look at it from a whole new direction! Yupper! Erasing let me change my attitude and find hope and a new dream from hurts left behind.

Erasing let me move forward to change my future and helped to give me courage to challenge so many fears I had.

That’s how writing has helped me find a better future and life, even when it has seemed so dark!

Rick =)

See more at: http://positivewriter.com/writing-contest-how-writing-has-positively-influenced-my-life/#sthash.A8RTFrZm.dpuf

This post is a contest entry for the Positive Writer. I enjoy them and wish for more time. They have helpful things for me and maybe for some of my readers now and later! Now hopefully I can link this!?!?

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Almost Two Weeks!

May 24, 2015


I last published or sent my last work out around Mother’s day – the title of the last blog. It wasn’t what I had planned, which you know already if you read it!

I wanted to get into what I will cover today. It’s a selfish interest at first look, but I hope and believe it will be for your benefit more. I need to get to a point where I can handle the tech part much more easily (like I used to). I used to program and teach programs and software from Apple to Microsoft. My job at the local BOCES is what gave me the idea initially and the confidence that people would pay for what I knew.

This all stemmed from being the “go to” guy for everyone that knew me … I was the forerunner of Google! I read a lot – emphasis on a lot!!!

Over the years my knowledge extended to many things like how to use ebay and later craigslist along with word processing software and more! I was pretty good, but now … I don’t like the details so much. I move better and understand more of the ‘whole picture’! I came to hate programming

Studied physics and then mechanical engineering and electrical via high school (except not so much after I discovered girls!). I have always been a helper or having a gift of helping. Others have seen it and told me I should take better care so I can help others!

They have a point!

After my recent April marathon I said I was going to get pics on my blog and maybe figure out how to separate them. I have been working too slowly in my opinion but my son who is working with me tells me to take it step by step or 1 step at a time. I know he’s right of course, but I am still too impatient even after all these years!

What’s next?

Two things really!

Should I get photos from places like creative commons or use ones that I have had for decades? What do you think? Remember it is extra work and I am only one person and the precise reason I am not further ahead than I am!

I will continue to work on placing pics to make it all more enjoyable for all of us. As it comes together I can concentrate on more matters that apply to each of you. There’s no reason to go through life being gullible as I have. Remember my motto to “Question Everything…”.

I hope to lead the way discovering and revealing information to help each and everyone of you how to avoid wasting time, money, energy and protecting yourself in ways you haven’t thought of nor have I!

Years ago, the Commissioner of patents ( Charles H. Duell) said in effect that everything that has been invented has been invented! He hadn’t heard of Steve Jobs yet and others! I want to work in finding truth that will help everyone and myself in the process!

By the way, here’s a fact that I have believed for at least 25 years or more. Everything is not digitized and too much is missing already. It’s going to be missed forever if we rely only on transcribing electronically to save it all! We need to keep books and memories as they are irreplaceable!

I mention this as it has been later found that Mr. Duell didn’t say what he is credited with. Someone else found something in a 1899 comedy magazine attributing it to a JOKE in this magazine! Yet Google couldn’t find any reference to the above prior to 1980. Oh oh!

Things are being increasingly lost. So much of my education came from the Library of Congress whether by brown photocopies (way back when) or other means afforded a young student! Most often it was to verify items like Camillus , NY was the birthplace of the Republican Party! I can attest to that!

Help me to find someone that can offer help for me to move forward! I believe we will all benefit! Yea!!!

Oh, I will keep asking for help so that I can return in kind, to you all!

Blessings to you all! Rick =)

PS I wrote a couple weeks ago and couldn’t / forgot to publish … health and such – sorry 🙁

PSS I apologize for being so self serving and I really do hope it will be of benefit for a great many! Thanks! Rick =)

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