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“I am participating in the Writing Contest: How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life. Hosted by Positive Writer.” –

I started writing even before I was 5 or was it 3 or perhaps younger?

You might ask why, or even more puzzling … how?

I had a really really good memory.

Maybe not photographic, but I remembered pages say from a 4th grade science book or a 3rd grade history of our nation~!

Even into high school and college I wrote so many memories. I did however have another lapse in high school after I discovered girls were pretty neat and my writing suffered a bit.

About girls. They were confusing and often, I felt not to be trusted. You know, with telling you they liked you and then you’d see them making out with … you get the idea … bummer!

Some of the girls confessed to me, of all people, that they experienced things like that too with guys! I can’t imagine. No kidding! If I said something then that was that (pretty much).

However, if it had been on paper I could have crumpled it up and maybe even burned it! I wanted to do that a lot back then and even today sometimes.

I had a tough time even when I was young with some of my writing. Oh well.

It sucks when you can’t erase it! I mean really really sucks! Sorry, bad word around my grandkids! ( I get told that a lot)

At a very early age however, I did start to write on paper and once I started I couldn’t stop. It always felt better doing it on paper … on paper I could change the endings. I could erase and change.

On paper I could write a whole ‘nother story that ended with a happy ending that didn’t hurt anyone! Maybe some of the stories on paper could help someone escape the bad parts … you know add hope to their writing?

This erasing thing added so much to all my writing as I grew!

Nevertheless, I cried for a bit like when I was younger because someone told me you’re lying! Talk about hurt. I didn’t lie. I just wanted to be a good boy.

Not a lot to ask for I thought and so I prayed. I prayed some more and then some more. You know what? I discovered that erasing changes how I looked at things. I could at last find good in stuff that I wrote! Even though much of it was bad I could erase it and look at it from a whole new direction! Yupper! Erasing let me change my attitude and find hope and a new dream from hurts left behind.

Erasing let me move forward to change my future and helped to give me courage to challenge so many fears I had.

That’s how writing has helped me find a better future and life, even when it has seemed so dark!

Rick =)

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This post is a contest entry for the Positive Writer. I enjoy them and wish for more time. They have helpful things for me and maybe for some of my readers now and later! Now hopefully I can link this!?!?

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Almost Two Weeks!

May 24, 2015


I last published or sent my last work out around Mother’s day – the title of the last blog. It wasn’t what I had planned, which you know already if you read it!

I wanted to get into what I will cover today. It’s a selfish interest at first look, but I hope and believe it will be for your benefit more. I need to get to a point where I can handle the tech part much more easily (like I used to). I used to program and teach programs and software from Apple to Microsoft. My job at the local BOCES is what gave me the idea initially and the confidence that people would pay for what I knew.

This all stemmed from being the “go to” guy for everyone that knew me … I was the forerunner of Google! I read a lot – emphasis on a lot!!!

Over the years my knowledge extended to many things like how to use ebay and later craigslist along with word processing software and more! I was pretty good, but now … I don’t like the details so much. I move better and understand more of the ‘whole picture’! I came to hate programming

Studied physics and then mechanical engineering and electrical via high school (except not so much after I discovered girls!). I have always been a helper or having a gift of helping. Others have seen it and told me I should take better care so I can help others!

They have a point!

After my recent April marathon I said I was going to get pics on my blog and maybe figure out how to separate them. I have been working too slowly in my opinion but my son who is working with me tells me to take it step by step or 1 step at a time. I know he’s right of course, but I am still too impatient even after all these years!

What’s next?

Two things really!

Should I get photos from places like creative commons or use ones that I have had for decades? What do you think? Remember it is extra work and I am only one person and the precise reason I am not further ahead than I am!

I will continue to work on placing pics to make it all more enjoyable for all of us. As it comes together I can concentrate on more matters that apply to each of you. There’s no reason to go through life being gullible as I have. Remember my motto to “Question Everything…”.

I hope to lead the way discovering and revealing information to help each and everyone of you how to avoid wasting time, money, energy and protecting yourself in ways you haven’t thought of nor have I!

Years ago, the Commissioner of patents ( Charles H. Duell) said in effect that everything that has been invented has been invented! He hadn’t heard of Steve Jobs yet and others! I want to work in finding truth that will help everyone and myself in the process!

By the way, here’s a fact that I have believed for at least 25 years or more. Everything is not digitized and too much is missing already. It’s going to be missed forever if we rely only on transcribing electronically to save it all! We need to keep books and memories as they are irreplaceable!

I mention this as it has been later found that Mr. Duell didn’t say what he is credited with. Someone else found something in a 1899 comedy magazine attributing it to a JOKE in this magazine! Yet Google couldn’t find any reference to the above prior to 1980. Oh oh!

Things are being increasingly lost. So much of my education came from the Library of Congress whether by brown photocopies (way back when) or other means afforded a young student! Most often it was to verify items like Camillus , NY was the birthplace of the Republican Party! I can attest to that!

Help me to find someone that can offer help for me to move forward! I believe we will all benefit! Yea!!!

Oh, I will keep asking for help so that I can return in kind, to you all!

Blessings to you all! Rick =)

PS I wrote a couple weeks ago and couldn’t / forgot to publish … health and such – sorry 🙁

PSS I apologize for being so self serving and I really do hope it will be of benefit for a great many! Thanks! Rick =)

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April 30, 2015 Thursday – Celebration!

Well, it’s been 30 days of mixed feelings of hope, fear, happiness, sadness and many more emotions and persevering! We all made it! I am sure I am no more surprised than any of us!

Many are wanting to continue I see and I hope Nicole will work something out! It’ll be good and if it’s continued I will make a post from time to time. I can’t tell any of you how great it has been for me as you already know from your experiences!

I believe for many of us if not most, it could be considered a journey of all the emotions mentioned above. I hope it has been rewarding for us all as we discovered new parts of us worth building on. I know I did. For that I am thankful as well.

For some of us fear will be a little more afraid of attacking us! Sadness will find a little more joy in those days and know recovery is just outside the door! Hope I think will have grown maybe 3 inches this month!

Of course, Happiness will be doing her Happy Dance too! Better than before!

Of course, this is all awesome and many of us will continue to add a smile to everyone we meet and extend a kindness which will build on our relationships with each other here and those we meet!

After all the only thing that matters in this world is each other.

Nothing else!

Let’s use each of our talents and gifts to encourage each other every day! Then as we go on down our respective paths we will leave and discover a little “awesomeness” each and every day!

I’ll be looking for the May flowers! Hugs to you all and especially smiles! Rick =)

PS Always go for that extra Smile!

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April 29, 2015 Wednesday-Need to do

One expression I have heard lately is all one needs to do is pay taxes and die. Here in the US taxes are due April 15th of each year. It’s a joke used often around this time of year but it’s depressing to me! How about you?

What do you need to do each day? Get up first! But what is the next thing other than getting dressed and off to work – whatever your profession, career, what-have-you?

‘Winging’ it just isn’t going to do it. Sure, you mark down your Doctor appointments, car repair necessities because you didn’t plan (my opinion), grocery shopping, laundry and may more like this!

However, do you know what you will be doing in just 5 years. Have you moved forward whatever that means to you and your family if you have children. Maybe you’ll have to help care for you mom or dad! Yes I always say it’s best to be in the present, but it doesn’t mean not to look forward!

If you don’t know where you are what do you need to do?

For me I would practice my procrastination. I have always found it thoroughly distracts me and finally I forget it was that I was going to do. It’s great practice for when you get older and walk out into the living room from the kitchen and haven’t the foggiest idea of what you wanted or how you got there! I know I’ll be prepared for old age and it won’t disturb me so when I get there.

We all get to be complacent. For some of us it happens faster and the moment you discover it … STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN … before you get run over!

I and my grandpa would always say it’s never too late and I found him to be right quite often (I learned it from him).

How does need differ from want? What we want is fun and it’s right now which is the present! However if we don’t check out what we need there will be little fun later! I promise.

Oh did you see where my shredder is? I NEED to do bills now for May! That’s awesome! Luv you all! Rick

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April 28, 2015 Tuesday – My Son…

is one of my most important persons in the world, as are my other children. Jesus was God’s most important person to Him. Let face it that people are all that’s important in this world and they all are or can be Awesome! That’s what I and everyone else in this awesomization nation Facebook group are or have been discovering.

I believe what many of us have discovered thus far can be expanded upon. Perhaps we can find additional like voices and we can all grow even more. What do you think?

All of us have many gifts and talents that we might share to help build a forum of like minded people that will and can help ourselves and others! Really!

I have benefitted from this exercise immensely. I did this out of selfishness. Yes you heard that correctly.

It’s ok to be selfish. You’ve all heard these statements that if you don’t take care of yourself no one will. More importantly if you start to fail in business or in your health and so on you can’t help someone else. That’s very very true.

In fact, I’m going to be asking Nicole for help for me and it will be also for her since I came to this by her putting this month forward or out there for us all!

Check out The Awesomization Nation on facebook .. I think you can get in there by asking to be allowed. I can recommend it with full confidence. It may or may not be the time for you but read what others are finding for themselves. Please let me know your thoughts as I am interested!

Sending many blessings to you all today! Rick

PS. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Wrote it early and forgot (first time ever). Right! LOL

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April 27, 2015 Monday – What …

matters most today? Pick one thing! Just one thing that’s first on your mind, list or heart!

We didn’t sleep well last night or at least I sure didn’t! I sleep around a lot! One night I sleep with fear of the overdue taxes … not just IRS but we’re 18 months behind in property taxes too!

How was your night? Your daughter is facing a heart surgery and your wife’s biopsy came back positive. Thank God you got a raise coming.

Some people have that many things going on and others more! Face it we all have a lot on our plate and it paralyzes me!

After awhile does your health start to give you problems too? I’m not telling you anything new and I don’t like anyone telling me anything so what am I doing!? I don’t know?

You don’t know me really but I care … really I do care and I am able to as I sense too many things. I have also been there. I am a real person and you can email me or call me if you have trouble deciding what matters most. I promise – just email me or call. I will be available.

If I have already left and gone on ahead … I’m told Jesus’ number is in Jeremiah 33:3 … He’s available 24/7 too! How about you? Who needs you today?

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April 26, 2015 Sunday-Thanks for little things

Today is a day I have spent mostly praying and not because it’s Sunday. Maybe a little more as I’m tired today . I do it everyday as we all should be doing to my way of thinking. God’s a pretty good friend to have. Who better!

Within the last year another church member came up to me and told me I was a friend of God and then walked away ( I still don’t know who he was). However, I had just finally finished Ray Stedman’s Friend of God. It was about Abraham and I can recommend it highly! If you have a best friend you talk with them every day and I think it’s no different with God. Sorry, I got off track … the little things yes?

Today I have been also thinking about the little things we ignore including the chores or whatever. Have you done that lately and then forgot about it? Ultimately they add up and cause us to be uneasy, fearful and we don’t know why!

Probably, we’ve all got 50 or a 100 things we mean or need to do … later. We forget, but they’re still there and add up. They slow us down and can ultimately stop us from doing our best. It’s not just people that can nag!

So I am going to keep cleaning the bathroom and hope to finish tonight. Send a letter to my son. Take a shower since it’s 6 PM on Sunday and I need to get dressed! Write the rest of today’s post. Order some new socks that don’t have holes in them. I have written very little on my book since I have been posting this month. Figuring I’d get to it except I haven’t. Finish my exercises as they aren’t done for the day. Send love to you all. Pray for my kids and their children. Can you think of other little things you need to catch up on?

Yup! Thank you Jesus for all the little things as they are my awesome legacy. What makes up your awesomeness? Blessings to you all too! Rick =)

PS – After this I will be going back to my old posts to add pics finally. Maybe I can find out how to make links purple or blue so you can get to where I’m telling you about easier?!

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April 25, 2015 Saturday – Awesome ?

As many of you know I started posting daily for this month. A challenge from “The Awesomization Nation “ (on facebook). It’s not unlike I would place one difficult task to complete each day and make it number one. It worked for things around the house, at work, with my wife and kids and so it went.

Those were my awesome days not unlike many I see for many participating in this challenge.

I am recalling and passing on things I have learned over a half century. Great Marketing hasn’t changed, but just uses different mediums. In fact it has made more marketers think harder beyond their copy and pasting up ads with wax. That’s just one thing.

I sadly am still tied up more in my work than anything else. In the process I have missed many things, but gained wisdom along the way ( I hope ).

I have been ‘told’ I need to write and clean about 17 months ago. I’m doing writing everyday now and I am thankful! That’s awesome in fact. Cleaning … well it’s been a year since I could vacuum to any good extent as I am unable to.

For almost a month or so I was beginning to be able to, but my WC treatments were taken away and my abilities declined. Now over a year later I am still focused on the wrong thing partly by choice and forced to if I wanted to get better all over again. I needed to ramp up my anger as it helps me to gain strength and help me. All anger isn’t destructive or bad … something else I have learned.

After thinking about Kitty (check out April 24, 2015 Friday – Why Kitty?) I don’t want to miss another minute if I don’t have to. She makes me smile about today and helping me to be in the present and make goals. Everything can be awesome, as everyday can be awesome! Today I made up my mind to clean whatever I can and do little things.

I will shop for sneakers as I need a pair – not want but need. I am going to move forward on being as smart as a smart phone. I am going to buy a couple grocery things I like and not worry that I can’t afford them … I can afford them once today! I am going to start the bathroom shelves and then start to do floor maybe today and work on it tomorrow.

I am happy I took this challenge though at first didn’t know what to do with it .. Every time I just do it over these past 30 years things work out … but if I don’t then things get worse! We both should think about that. My brother did and it started to go better for us both and then he died at 49 and I still don’t know the ‘reason’.

I’m off to do the ‘little’ things! Rick =)

PS got back about 10 PM and in pain with a bad stomach now too! It’s ok.

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April 23, 2015 Thursday – Successes!

Yesterday we spoke of failures and how they contribute to our happiness and can put smiles on our faces!

We look at success as a goal be it for our career or marriage and our children and seek it in so much of our lives. A big focus in our minds and hearts is on money! Eventually that doesn’t satisfy any of us or at least me.

My goal even as a child was to be a millionaire! Years later my wife and I won the lottery for $30K … definitely not a million dollars but it helped. I think to this day a million dollars could have wound up a curse at that time. I know so many that it cost them their business, their families, their reputations and much more – most of them actually. I’ll have to write a book about that someday. I think I’ve said that literally hundreds of times … stay tuned LOL !

Let’s cut to the chase. Accumulating money can be a sign of success, but it really isn’t. That is unless we know what it can do and we are prepared to give it all away!

Yep! You guessed it! I’m gonna say it’s the little successes that bless us most and give us the memories. It is those little successes that will provide the greatest legacy we can give to those following each one of us.

It’s these little things that give us smiles! The smell of bacon and eggs cooking, or a Thanksgiving Turkey, a Christmas Ham, the laughter of children (our and others). Did you ever consider these successes? Me neither until my later years.

It took the death of a few friends, relatives and my wife. Shortly afterwards I quit living for years. I tried to start over, but a couple years later I gave up and went back into wherever I was. I forgot, lost and gave up on whatever I could do at one time. Oh, I was injured before all this too.

All totaled I gave up for several decades (but unwillingly). We’ll talk about that another time, but I know there are a number of you out there that have given up and can come back.

Maybe some of you haven’t even tried yet. You can still do little things whether or not you believe it. I promise you that they can be even greater successes than before! Remember Col. Sanders and chicken?

The point is that we need to re-frame what we considered success. Many before us tried to tell us all! For me, that including my grandfather. I didn’t listen. Reminds me of a scripture saying He who has ears, let him hear … it goes for girls too! =)

Let’s get up and get going today so together we will make a difference now! Thanks for stopping and it’s my privilege to meet you! Rick =)

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April 19, 2015 Sunday – Can you …

Hear me now!

I didn’t go out of the apartment at all today. Exercised, but never took a shower. Finished an addendum to an appeal after discovering new evidence. Exercised a bit more and it’s almost morning and I feel like I have taken a half bottle of IB profen my gut hurts so bad and my body isn’t co-operating.

It’s 5 AM Monday and I haven’t done this in many years but I had to get a few things caught up by today! Not really but they did keep standing in my way of moving forward.

Lately I have felt I can’t fight anymore. I figure it’s hit you at one time or another as well. When it happens and you’re in the present you push through no matter what! Still it’s always a choice. That choice can contribute to or take away from awesomeness! What choices will affect you today.

Can you hear the voice of your God? I’ve been practicing that for years trying to hear the voice of my God. It’s only this last decade that I figured out really what Paul meant to pray without ceasing … . That goes along with hearing God’s voice. Recognizing it to hear Him is the trick!

You know your brother’s or sister’s or mother’s voice and of course your kids and wife and so on. Why? Because you communicate with them daily for the whole day at times!

The more I have spoken with God the more I think I could hear Him talking back to me – Praying is another word for talking. I’ve been told I talk too much, but God has never told me or indicated I pray too much. I wish I had figured that out sooner since it seems so simple and helpful to me now.

Now I hear Him more and more often a couple times a day. Some people call it a hunch or intuition and the like. It may be , but when it’s Him things happen. Yesterday, I kept having a need to go back and ask this person walking if they needed a ride? It wouldn’t stop until I said Ok and turned around and then I ‘felt’ better. I did meet up with them back at the corner. It was a wonderfully spirited woman with short black hair and slight build. At first he/she was walking along as a good pace with a white cane. They were blind I figured, but they appeared quite capable. Many disabled don’t like to be singled out, but after awhile it’s ok. I know this because I have been disabled on and off for 3 decades. Part of the reason I didn’t act right away. Bottom line is it was a good conversation and she was amazed I had stopped. She said it was so nice and brightened her spirits. She has no family other than her daughter who went back south to finish her last semester at college. The long and short of it is we connected and I made myself available to help out if and when she needed it. She thanked me for the offer but said it was nice to get out and walk in the nice weather after having such a long winter. I agreed and I left her my number and we’ll talk again I am sure! I have to tell you that is awesome and it’s not the first time!

Try it out and see what can happen when you find your self following a strong hunch or intuition … it just might be your God trying to talk to you! Wouldn’t that be awesome for you! I hope it happens soon!

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