Happy Thanksgiving – It’s all about family given by Our Father …

Happy Thanksgiving - It's all about family

I’m on my way to Thanksgiving dinner. I have so much to be thankful for already. I am praying to remember this the coming year, as I forgot too much this past year!

I hope to begin my blogging again and finish a couple books I started awhile back!

I pray you’ll join me once again!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

God Bless – Rick =)

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Walmart Starts to Practice Medicine

Written 10/11/3015

salt images 6inch

No … it is NOT a joke or a spoof! Walmart is beginning small and I suspect it could become one of the largest doctor groups in the world. Additionally it should become the only healthcare organization worth mentioning in the future overtaking the WHO!!!

Walmart is prohibiting salt intake in all Sam’s Clubs across the US within their cafe’s!

No clue, but discovered that today! Low sodium in good for heart conditions and blood pressure and it’s all our fault! If we can’t control ourselves, someone has to do it!

A wise decision it would seem to test it first! They have all the facilities in place, so what do they have to lose?

It is beginning in a small way not like Obama care. A big difference is at least Walmart will profit … Nobody is with Obama care!

Removing salt from all the patrons of Sam’s Club cafes is a small test of things coming!

It’s committing to the National Salt Reduction Initiative championed by many others!

Granted, it may take some time to exterminate salt, but meanwhile other things can start to be removed from public use!

Look what we’ve done with cigarettes (30 years?). The next step will be easier. Indeed, pharmaceuticals can start to be raised even more in price right now as they are with Obamacare … upwards of 700% and perhaps more. Greater profits for Sam’s Club and Walmart pharmacies! New and greater profits for insurance companies!

I know a great many of my scripts have gone from $12 to as high as $500 and more!

They are on the forefront of a new world perhaps doing away with stupid politics and only concentrating on profits!

Can you see it?

P.S. I thought I found a free cartoon I could use … to make a long story short I have written at least 3 maybe 4 times including the artist never receiving a response. So being brave or stupid I am going ahead with it. Is there anyone out there that can bail me out just in case?

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Remembering Kitty with Love

August 23, 2015

I was reading news, internet articles and hearing the TV in the background; all about the goings on.

KOMO News.com 150112_flu_death_06_660
Scarlet Anne lost to the flu earlier this year…KOMO News.com

So much is about fighting, and deaths and so many other tragic losses which brought me to think of my family’s losses as well.

Just recently a young girl of 10 and her mom died in a car crash.Almost immediately the 5 y.o. son made a 911 call to announce the accident and lead the rescuers to them. There are so many more children lost

Then the image of Kitty initiated overwhelming sadness, and the almost unbearable loss that comes with the tragic loss of yet another young child!

I had the privilege of writing about Kitty before in an earlier blog.

Loss is more it seems, with a child and I couldn’t begin to number the reasons. We have all lost family like mothers and fathers, brothers, grandparents and more which indeed evokes great sadness and grief.

Still the loss of a child is more. So I once again prayed for her mom and dad and the whole family. I don’t know what more I could do except each time I recall, to pray for Mom and Dad and the family. What else can any of us do except share in the grief and sadness at the time. It helps I believe.

It’s maybe a couple hours later and I went back to re-read my previous post where I found out about Kitty from my good acquaintance Brittany and her family.

I just finished praying how to, in some way, be able to ease the terribly tragic loss of Kitty. She was a bright promising young lady who just celebrated her 5th Birthday this past April.

No one knows what happened with Kitty … perhaps she fell in the water and in trying to get up … it was dark she got turned around after hitting hit her head? No matter what, it is tragic. We all ask why and we all start to lay blame which helps no one.

What has comforted me with Kitty and so many other losses in our own lives was my wife Connie knew they were safe now and we would see them again.

It makes it no less hard for sure!

I guess now that is partly why I am writing my latest thoughts on Faith. We’re all so lost without it along with needing to share it.

Hold Love - Not Loss“>

We both (Connie & I) shared whatever we could do together, but she’s home now with Jesus like so many of our loved ones, maybe working from the other side!

Please continue to pray for Kitty’s and Scarlet’s family and I hope this helps you and all of us left behind!

I want to thank Brittany, Scott, Isla, Hailey and Mira for their help in this post. Check them out to hopefully add a bright spot into your life! The Windtraveler Blog!

God Bless … Rick

PS: Don’t forget to hug, call, email, send a smile to a loved one today!

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Fourth of July means …

July 4, 2015 – August 6, 2015 (actual)

Obama Or Else!

What does the 4th of July mean to you?

Independence … Freedom … A day off … Picnics … Fun … Fireworks … and yes England does have a 4th of July as does everyone else in the world!

I ask each of you to consider what it means to you especially. Is your meaning really yours or is it someone else’s version of who or what you should be! It’s kinda like I will be happy when … and you fill in the blanks … when I grow up … after I find a husband … get another promotion … get a new car and so many more images!

I’m risking a long blog post, but not longer than an average podcast. Many transcripts of podcasts seem to run a dozen pages. Will this be that long!?! I can’t deal with that you say?

If I promise you will make $3000 extra this month … or you can lose those extra 20 pounds with this new 3 x a day elixir you would deal with it, wouldn’t you? I think so. I would need to promise you something that you (whoever you are ) needed.

So I promise you views on how we can think better to help each other, friends, lovers, spouses, children and come out with at least one new idea that will help each of you in the coming year.

I said I was risking a longer post and a month later, here we are — I lied!

It hasn’t been intentional and in fact I have the most honorable intentions but I’ve failed once again.

Since the start of this blog I have striven to make short posts like Seth Godin whom I enjoy very much and you can google as well ( http://www.sethgodin.com ).

Surprise! I am not Seth Godin nor am I Wes Craven, Harry Paige, Bob Allen, Bob Hope, Jerry Buchanan and so many more that I have met, spoken to, or enjoyed their company.

I’m Rick Carter that’s all that I yam … as my old friend Popeye would say!

We are all unique despite the fact we are all told we are created equal. My God makes each of us special with special talents or gifts to start with! We can think and accept equal to our opportunities yes! Others are not so blessed!

Freedom means to each of us something very different from the next man, woman and child on this earth. If I were to really write the infinite variations in a blog I could put you all to sleep in a matter of a few minutes! I used to do that to my wife when we first started dating … !

Now we won’t spend even two minutes with anything unless it matters to us or my son or my best friend – I won’t suggest everything is about you or me for that matter. However, it has to have a connection to what’s important to each of us generally and that’s ok!

That was my original idea for writing briefly like Seth Godin. I don’t want to waste time and I ain’t much different than any of you.

I want to wake people up to so many things we’re all missing and we shouldn’t be!

Let’s take Obama as an example! We make jokes about him, along with foreign countries, and until he came along I would never dare just out of respect.

He is supposed to be leading and defending our country and not bowing down to the King of Saudi Arabia ( yeah he did that too). He shouldn’t be threatening our allies like Israel which will include us!

That is if we don’t agree with approving the Iran Deal, it will be rockets over Tel Aviv. Next, New York City!? HUH?

They’re comparable, don’t you think! His Obamacare has made my life miserable and maybe a few of you out there? So now he’s going to give permission to Iran to do as they wish and stopping the deal will be over his dead body!

Sadly, I’m concerned it will be over many of us. We are repeating our mistake(s) once again!

Could that affect our freedom? It already is and has been for years now. My personal opinion is Obama needs to be impeached and Kerry can help him move out along with his things.

That’s one kind of freedom that means something to me. What is yours?

Maybe making more money via a side business grown out of your hobby. Creativity and that freedom to pursue it built this country in a great nation for one thing.

Well, those two ideas kinds cover our freedoms to pursue our dreams; to be a writer, create a business with inventions or your special chocolate chip cookies! Most important to have choices and not be ordered to dig ditches for your money or be a garbage man if you disagree with the king! We’re not paying attention and we need to be!

One last thought is it’s always about money in so many ways like the freedom of the internet. Major companies that don’t want it stand to make trillions over the future years if they can control it. It’s taken me over 50 years to believe that is true ( the thing about money). As I have mentioned I am slow. But sooner or later I do get it!

We need to help and protect each other so when some of us are sleeping there are others awake!

Maybe some of us fall on bad times and others can hear about it and help … not just here in the US, but I’m sure you’ve noticed the world has grown smaller. What might freedom means in other countries … we should think about that. Understanding their wishes can help us learn more about ourselves to help and protect each other and our collective freedoms , wherever that may be … Vive la Liberte! Remember the Alamo! You get the idea … Caring is never bad.

Oh … today is August 6, 2015 and yes I am a bit late; thank you for noticing! Blessings to you all! Rick =)

P.S. A wonderful writer and one of my teachers had a post just like mine (sorta) today. You can see her at (http://www.aliventures.com/ ) and her post is ‘If You’ve Only Got 15 Minutes, Is It Even Worth Writing?’ That is if you’re a writer – she’s a new mom and now with her second I hear she’s doing awesomely! =)

Photo: Obama: Nuclear Deal with Iran or Rockets on Tel Aviv!
(US President Barack Obama. (AP/Andrew Harnik)

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April 25, 2015 Saturday – Awesome ?

As many of you know I started posting daily for this month. A challenge from “The Awesomization Nation “ (on facebook). It’s not unlike I would place one difficult task to complete each day and make it number one. It worked for things around the house, at work, with my wife and kids and so it went.

Those were my awesome days not unlike many I see for many participating in this challenge.

I am recalling and passing on things I have learned over a half century. Great Marketing hasn’t changed, but just uses different mediums. In fact it has made more marketers think harder beyond their copy and pasting up ads with wax. That’s just one thing.

I sadly am still tied up more in my work than anything else. In the process I have missed many things, but gained wisdom along the way ( I hope ).

I have been ‘told’ I need to write and clean about 17 months ago. I’m doing writing everyday now and I am thankful! That’s awesome in fact. Cleaning … well it’s been a year since I could vacuum to any good extent as I am unable to.

For almost a month or so I was beginning to be able to, but my WC treatments were taken away and my abilities declined. Now over a year later I am still focused on the wrong thing partly by choice and forced to if I wanted to get better all over again. I needed to ramp up my anger as it helps me to gain strength and help me. All anger isn’t destructive or bad … something else I have learned.

After thinking about Kitty (check out April 24, 2015 Friday – Why Kitty?) I don’t want to miss another minute if I don’t have to. She makes me smile about today and helping me to be in the present and make goals. Everything can be awesome, as everyday can be awesome! Today I made up my mind to clean whatever I can and do little things.

I will shop for sneakers as I need a pair – not want but need. I am going to move forward on being as smart as a smart phone. I am going to buy a couple grocery things I like and not worry that I can’t afford them … I can afford them once today! I am going to start the bathroom shelves and then start to do floor maybe today and work on it tomorrow.

I am happy I took this challenge though at first didn’t know what to do with it .. Every time I just do it over these past 30 years things work out … but if I don’t then things get worse! We both should think about that. My brother did and it started to go better for us both and then he died at 49 and I still don’t know the ‘reason’.

I’m off to do the ‘little’ things! Rick =)

PS got back about 10 PM and in pain with a bad stomach now too! It’s ok.

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April 22, 2015 – Learning from Failure

Yesterday, I failed to exit from the shower gracefully. Not my fault as my health declines once again like dozens of times before when treatment is withheld.

There are many ‘types’ and ‘sizes’ of failures. Just like there are many ‘types’ and ‘sizes’ of sin. Something I believed for a very long time.

What it did for me is to learn to be judgmental about everyone and everything. I also learned to be gullible to the nth power as well.

I’m writing a book about my journey of faith and religion and figured out I wasn’t perfect … boy was I surprised!

Then I discovered everyone else wasn’t perfect either, but not my job to judge. We all fail … probably a lot, but this isn’t bad. It can only be bad if we don’t learn and make course corrections.

From now on until I regain strength and stuff I will be hesitant when I get out of the shower. I won’t forget.

You know, all these little failures that we make and will continue to make will teach us how to learn better?

I think it is this process that can teach us how to become awesome with God’s wisdom! What do you think?

Let’s get on with it today!

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April 14 2015 – Tuesday – Not …


If I were to ask how many of you would tell us that we forget what day it is. Sure in the morning but through half the day and longer? I did today. Yes I have a calendar on the desk and it’s in my phone if I look but why do that? I knew I had no appointments for the week! Even when I know I have appointments I start doing Wednesday’s schedule. I show up at Carrier, Lockheed, Albany State Capitol to meet Mario and no one mentions I thought you were coming tomorrow? I am only admitting to this now. Something simple can wreck a lot of awesomeness! Would you agree?

We should look. Something simple like that can interrupt your train of thought two dozen times a day and even 3 dozen if we don’t fix it! Take 30 seconds and look it up and you’re done! I would guess it stole at least 20 or more minutes out of my day! Not to mention walking around trying to figure what you were working on!

It can hurt your reputation and get a lot of people mad at you from missed appointments … at least for awhile! Missed sales, kids soccer games, baseball games! I am sure you can add to that!

A major key to productivity is often to do the most difficult or most disliked chore first and the rest go easier. I can attest to that! Sometimes it’s hard to get started though from my experience.
I want to add something that goes along with simple things.

When you start out and find an annoyance … could be a fly or a bee in the room, wondering what day it is, when is that birthday again, where did I leave my coffee mug, and you make one up! Just fix it as Nike would say (?) … and you’ll be ready to tackle the “ I don’t want to do this, but… “. In fact, you may already be energized to do it even faster! Hope you’re enjoying an awesome week! God Bless Rick =)

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What’s Valentine’s Day?

I think if you had asked my wife she would have said either a chore or a teaching assignment! At least for the first 5 or 6 years we were married! Though not for the reasons you might think! First if you hadn’t caught on yet I am slow. Slow to reason things out. Perhaps a post down the road can help with understanding that, but it takes me awhile to get it!

You see I would get her maybe the best and most expensive Kitchen aid mixer from Macy’s or a Neiman Marcus ‘something’ which took me awhile to discover that anything from there would cost me 6 month’s of my wage! (j/k)

It got me the reply … what’s this Dick?! Why it’s the latest and … Never mind! Thank you! This went on for many holidays including birthdays I’m sad to tell you! How many Valentine’s holidays work out just right?

Something Connie (my wife) and I used to talk about. We’d wonder if it really was a holiday promoted to keep greeting card companies in business to feed their families ? Someone else said that I think?

Valentines Day isn’t that bad and hopefully it brings a little more understanding at least for one day a year here, but what about people in Ethiopia, West Virginia, Laos, the Congo and so many more that don’t or can’t celebrate!

We were most interested in the kids … Can you imagine being a mom or dad and your baby is sick and maybe dying for lack of food, water or worse! I hope not! Rather you or I would like to just think of the great dinner and the movie we’ll see. There’s nothing wrong with that! Honestly! I just want all of us to realize how lucky we truly are on this day. But what about the other billions. I think we can love them too!

Again I would come back to you and ask what can we do? I see kids of all ages along with moms and dads and aunts, a majority of workers here who have a little bit extra! Could we go the extra mile and spare a quarter for each member of our family making up a dollar? A gift from our families only once a year? Connie and I thought so. We even started working at that and Connie’s most heartfelt concern were the Chinese kids … girls especially! What if we could love those few children in the almost 200 countries in the world. The love we could share and give today would be about $320 million ONCE A YEAR ! That’s a $160,000 per country! Just from only a $1.00 extra to take care of as many kids as we could that might not make it otherwise! Yeah our concerns were mostly for kids – our hearts went out to those who were least able to help themselves and kids always jump to the top of the list!

Imagine Love from just one day and only from one country in the whole world! How’s that song go … “What the world needs now is love sweet love … “ . Valentine’s Day is a good day for that here in the US as we will do this Saturday! Can we afford both? Who of you can help us do this?

Charity water ( https://www.charitywater.org/ )gets it all done without using any of the donations. Who can tell us how they do it .. Maybe we can do the same here !

That would be nice and as those of you who know me, I am a helper, giver and a ‘prayerer’ … is that a word? My love is to protect kids and those less able to protect themselves! I know there’s so many more of you out there and it’s great what each one of us can do! However many of us want to do so much more! We can together! We can do amazing things even with little money. Haven’t you seen kids raising hundreds and even thousands from their allowance, bake sales or car washes. We only have to get involved and share ideas. The only one stopping us is you and me. You know what trips us up so often in the course of all our lives and endeavors is fear! However, that which rescues us is always Love! That is what Valentines Day has meant for the past centuries.

There’s a scripture ”And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: FEAR NOT, neither be dismayed.” ~ Deuteronomy 31:8.

That verse goes back even further. I think a great many of us believe that God is Love!

In most of our hearts I truly believe we want the absolute best for one another. I am convinced that God definitely wants the best for all of us!

This Valentines Day I pray is the most loving, memorable and fun day you’ve all had ever!

Can we make a difference? Can we help each other have richer and more fulfilling lives! Can we all increase our successes and joy together?

Go to www.richardlcarter.com and let me and the others know what you think and can do to contribute to everyone! God Bless! Rick =)

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Please tell me what THANKSGIVING is ?

I don’t want to make this long. What little feedback I have gotten and my own quirks some good and some bad … ‘I need to get through things quick! Today that is the way!’ (you can tweet that but I don’t know how to direct you yet … I will).

Is that a good way? Just get through it! Do we want to get through Thanksgiving as fast as possible? I remember families getting together and enjoying games and playing and hearing old stories of our great grandpa’s and grandma’s. We visited to nearby families and farms that had less to really bring a basket. I liked that. The whole thing even in the papers was about thanking God for the blessings we had and how we could help each other now and in the coming year! Darn, it felt good! This happened even with the ‘Black Friday’ hoopla of buying newer and more toys often which we already had as time went by!

I don’t know when Black Friday or the name started but was it a good thing? Thanksgiving and Black Friday are or were two different things. Yes? Depends.

Thanksgiving became associated with the Macy’s Day Parade back in the 20’s. The parade helped to stimulated sales it was hoped and starting right after THANKSGIVING on Friday. Enter commercialism of today.

Now the schedule on Thanksgiving for this year is eat by 1 – 2 at the latest and then divide and conquer! You guys go to Walmart and my brother and his wife will conquer K-mart and the grandkids will get the Bestbuy stuff and you Grandpa will have to babysit the little ones! No wonder I didn’t get to keep the Thanksgiving dinner I ate!?!? Is this better? Did I or you get a chance to express anything we were thankful for?

Why bother to make a big deal! We can launch a new product .. Thanksgiving in a box! Save mom all the trouble! Instant Thanksgiving – $35 to $75 for larger families? – Gee that could generate even at a 30% response a … Billion dollars in sales even before Thanksgiving! WOW!

That’s here in America. What about everyone else? Do we consider anyone else? We used to and I am not out to lay a guilt trip … you are free to do whatever you want. We have free will and power over our decisions. We had the same choices 50 years ago too! I don’t care what faith but most I knew of be they Moslem, Catholics, Protestants … even alcoholics donated to help someone else! Remembering back I always heard it made them feel good. I have 17 pair of jeans – do I need 19? I have a cell phone. Do I need a new smart phone that is smarter than me and will stress me out trying to figure it out? How much stuff do we need when we already have it … even if it is a year old?

Maybe we should just forget about being thankful altogether? Forget about the … Pilgrims? … I think that’s what they were called . I wish I had the money to go somewhere else. Somewhere they thanked the God of their understanding for a fresh water well saving the village from more than we can imagine here. Southern California is one I hear. Wasn’t it a few years back people got killed getting to sales?

We need to start breathing and help someone else! I think that’s what Thanksgiving was meant to be a long time ago! Can we bring it back? Go buy someone a meal today … right now … while they have the strength to eat it. Stay home on Thanksgiving and get to know each other again! Best of all laugh … a big belly laugh and rediscover joy! Hope this makes you ponder …

God Bless! =) Oh, Happy Thanksgiving I hope.

PS. Just got my book to help me post pictures here! Yea!

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What does Transparency mean to You?

I googled ( if that’s a word) transparency and what it means and got more than I bargained for!

I got over 25 million responses. How much time do you have to read? LOL

Transparency is a word that is used in so many ways in business, government, relationships,
religion that perhaps 25 million hits may not seem to cover it all! I’m not joking .

In today’s world we speak of being transparent. I think the main take of it is to be seen as honest and trustworthy! In the past, you didn’t have to really be ‘that way’ because those ‘in the know’ became so skilled at putting it over on so many! That is until too many of us didn’t know which way was UP!

I know I got tired of it too long ago even before my wife died back in ‘96. How about you? We had our midterm elections yesterday (11/4/14) . The 1/2 way point between our US Presidential elections? The governments have always been the best spin doctors around, but now they don’t even try!? They just lie and don’t care if you know it or not!

Headlines like ‘Did you know the Jews made the Nazi’s hunt them down?’ could easily mislead thousand and perhaps even millions today! Look at ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Some of today’s headlines similar to ‘Today Israel is the real terrorist plaguing the Moslems and the countries of Iran, ‘Palestine’ (not a real country but part of Canaan), Jordan and many more!’ They have just a bit of truth in them. Even Obama and too many others are getting into it! Transparency?! Too many biased stories out there during the elections here. Certainly, many more in the world, just like the world’s view of say Israel and what she is trying to steal! Who belongs where seems to be the primary question! See why I say question everything!

Transparency? I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box. In fact I am slow and I have had to admit that too often; a joke which evokes laughter every time mentioned! However, I read in many places that Canaan was given to Abraham by His God and it’s even in the Bible! It has continued to be handed down and ultimately as far as I can see G_d gave ownership to the nation of Israel! Shouldn’t that settle it? I’m certainly not going to debate that with HIM! I’m dumb, but not stupid! I am after truth and facts always as you know.

Let’s get back to transparency.

Transparent – allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen. Another suggestion is it’s easy to perceive or detect what’s happening! You know , it’s easy to see what motives are behind actions. I meant to only write about being transparent and ask how you feel about !

Mine is to be above board without sacrificing personal safety for myself or others. We all do have a right to privacy. Still we will fall over and trip over our own feet if we are not honest and consistent in all our endeavors! Father, mother, boss, soldier, son, or daughter .. you get the idea. Stick to the facts and be consistent; not this way for work, and another way for home and so on. Certainly wouldn’t breed trust would it?

I just submitted a reference for a large company, rather one of their employees ( actually Christine). She cared about helping me! The only thing that matters in this world are people, I think. Isn’t there a song that people who need people are the luckiest! You know I am all about us helping each other! About just one making a difference and it happens all the time! Look around us!

Anyway, I had an order 5 month’s ago with the company I mentioned. It was a small problem, but I was persistent. I got stock answers or ‘lazy answers’ as I called them (transparent) . This firm has too many poor references but mine is 5 star. Why? Even though I had to call back more than a few times I finally found Christine! She is my hero! I want her on my team !

She wanted to help me which I felt and could see it! She had the guts to do what was needed! She took action! She took authority as if it was her company! Accountability along with responsibility part of a winning combo!

I would love to see how far up the ladder she is after 3 or 4 years. She knows how to care and take action! She probably had help to get there … was it you?

Thank you and God Bless! Hugs to you all! Rick =)

P.S. – I asked if you wanted to hear more often. One said it was up to me! I think I will post more often when called for. However, my promise is at least once a month!

P.S.S. – I’d like to find an old friend Joe Snow. He used to work at Chrysler in Syracuse, NY during the 1988 presidential primaries when Pat Robertson threw his hat in the arena. We worked on Pat’s campaign via Grace A/G back then. He had a word of knowledge that God was healing my allergies (God did) and I really would love to see and speak with Joe again!

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