Can You Forgive Yourself

I couldn’t and figured I never would.

I can't get over this!

This isn’t how the story began a few months ago. This story, in a story, is about 8 blog posts. These were to get me back into the habit of anything (finding my passion)! In this instance I was to publish a blog post about every week to the end of the ‘contest’. It’s impetus was initiated by the wife of Scott Dinsmore.  Suffice to say he died way way too early last September at 33. Simply this new world meeting ticket is $650 and she wanted to give it away in honor of her birthday and I wanted to win it. Also to help the groups of “Live Your Legend” to continue to grow for themselves and many others. I didn’t accomplish that but like many things I wondered if I could forgive myself one more time for failing the task at hand?

We make decisions to become an engineer or a doctor or whatever but before school is over many of us are really clueless as where we’re going! Anyway, Chelsea (his widow) wants us to continue to grow. Now there are 200 groups in about 60 countries? It’s kinda like a writer’s forum or group but here we are making and living our legend – whether 6 or 60 so to speak.

The point of this deviation was to simply explain I wanted to win an expensive ticket! Even if I couldn’t go to the world meeting. Check out “Live your Legend” and begin learning if you can forgive yourself?

I just don't know?

I just don’t know?

I’d done so many things like the usual. Cheating, stealing, bad-mouthing, cursing God and using His name in vain, envy, hurting people, praying for my grandfather to die in great earnest although, with a bit of confusion. The list goes on and these aren’t the worst!

I had a lovely wife, daughter, and son but no matter what I did it seemed it was very often wrong. I won’t get into all my character flaws, but they all seemed like failures at the best of times.

I won’t get into the popular wisdom offered why Edison or Lincoln failed. This applied to Mickey Mouse and Poo Bear too! Finally it came to a significant point in my life that I realized I had to do something. Even before my wife died.

My wife and I were having difficulties and not just that alone. I had been told since I was maybe 2 years old I wasn’t worth the powder to blow me to hell!

Didn’t know what it meant but I did experiment with Johnson’s Baby Powder. I apologize for using my simple sense of humor, but it’s hard for me to write this.

I had moved out for whatever reasons and within 5 months I had moved again probably 4 or 5 times. Yet another string of failures.

I was positive beyound any shadow of a doubt that everyone would be better off if I were dead! This was the first time I had decided to do something about it. I also wanted to say goodbye to the few places and times I actually experienced being happy. I left a note or two to be found.

The most important ones were to my kids. My prayer that they would find a way to forgive themselves with a few suggestions. I didn’t know and said so too!

I went off on a trip south to revisit memories. There are many stories even within this but somehow my wife discovered where I was going. She called leaving a message near one of the places we used to go and stay (Ocean City N.J.) . I was disappointed how it had changed for the worst like me, in my opinion. It all depended on my perception. Fact or fiction.

Let me mention the facts. All the commercial properties after a hurricane or something had to be rebuilt in major proportions for some. The result was a lot of cookie cutter bldg. that were ugly to me. Hmm, compromises were made and much got rebuilt … otherwise a great many would not have survived perhaps. Again a personal opinion. I didn’t like it nor did I like me and it was to be years before I would understand.

Many of you who know me will testify I over explain things (we can cover the why’s and wherefore’s later).

It gets easier from here on out. I decided that really everyone would be better off if I was gone. I was gone and not coming back at least in this life! I still can’t remember why I am still here … perhaps at one time.

Over the next week or two Connie would page me and asked how many more places I had planned to go … like where Erika was born or Hershey’s. The Douglasville diner was a wonderful place to eat. My best friend’s widow (Joe Bolonski) and their kids. Again things change and truly there’s no going back.

Those things had been good but I didn’t know what went so wrong? I couldn’t forgive myself for all those things I knew had gone wrong and was being blamed for (real or imagined)!

I didn’t know how this question was to plague me for decades.

‘I will say this now as clearly and as honestly as I can. The greatest successes only come from the great many, and most sincere failures we can dream up! Read that again!’ (If I knew how to I would say tweet this!)

The only reason to ever look back is to add those into our ‘hope chest’ to make sure we don’t duplicate the failures more than twice. Otherwise we will bury ourselves in shame.

It’s the only way we will find ourselves becoming happier through the years!

I guess I should tell you now how to forgive yourself. Don’t know if this will help everyone but if I can help one, they in turn will bless their whole family. They in turn will find all the successes they dream of or dreamt of for business, family, and all other relationships!

I figured it out finally and what brought this on was a friend’s blog . She stated what I discovered, very well for this time.

Leah wrote, “I even fell victim to the thought that ‘I just cannot forgive myself’. By the way, there is absolutely NO biblical basis for the idea that we must be able to forgive ourselves for our sin and rebellion. Jesus forgave us. That is enough. Buying the lie that we must forgive ourselves cheapens what Jesus did on the cross. We are forgiven by Jesus.”

Now I don’t know how long it will take to understand this but it will come. My understanding took a couple decades and for me it’s become the most accurate truth I can discover for this question.

Only He can I believe

Only He can I believe

Maybe it’s because I’m a Christian Jew or a Jewish Christian? That’s for another time!

Does this help? Have I missed some insight ? Share in the comments to help others, me and especially you! BTW , it’s ok to read out loud!

Thanks and God Bless! Rick =)

Do you ignore the little things?

You do know that little things are important and can be both precious or destructive with such little effort.

Well, I’ve been here just over a year now on this blog. It started about 60 years ago, with the desire to help each of us even in some small measure of truth. I do pray I have helped at least one. Gee, after 60 years one would think so, wouldn’t you?

Other than relatives or friends no one has had any interest enough to sign up. Finally this past month someone did! It really does make me smile out loud. It’s encouraging which is a small thing in the eyes of some. To me, I have been beside myself!

What about the widow’s mite, rather two small coins. Jesus said she had given more than any of the others who gave out of their wealth. I would like to think she gave out of Love! I can say I love the new subscriber and am thankful.

Then there are acorns and seeds growing into great Oaks and Redwoods.

This is most generally what we hope for in our beginnings of so many endeavors and real heartfelt leaps in faith.

The-Little-Things-Posters by Robert Braut

The-Little-Things-Posters by Robert Braut

Buying a cup of coffee and soup for a man, or a pizza for an immigrant family. These are small things that can grow as they come together and build. I think we have all seen these in our lives and other’s as well. It is truly wonderful, exciting and soul stirring.

I won’t get into the whys for those times we find that after all loving and sincere efforts that nothing happens. Little seems worth it now. It’s God’s will of course.

Where ever God shuts a door He opens a window! Really John, He has an even bigger ministry for you than you had hoped for in the beginning! Do these comforting sayings help you? How is it setting with you. Next time except this is the 6th time? Often I wish they’d say nothing. Give a hug instead!

Actually God has a bigger plans for me or you or her and we will get there! Funny, what about the ‘normal ordinary days’ that Henry Ford had or Edison, your grandfather or maiden Aunt Rita. There are others, that I hope enjoyed the smiles like you and me and just kept going. Again the little things, the precious moments of each day. All those in-between moments make up the majority of our lives! Both good and bad and sometimes we don’t know why this side of heaven. I hate those ‘sucky’ moments don’t you? Nevertheless, there’s another amazing moment coming along, in just a moment – So all is good!

Into each life we’re told a little rain must fall … I immediately ask why?!? I am noted as the Chief of questions throughout this solar system (talk about egos) ! I also minored in what if’s … !

If we answer honestly there really isn’t much of anything that we will or can do except receive our blessings. If you can agree with this then come along. If not you’ll feel better if you hang here and we’ll be back to pick you up!

This next excursion will cover a few small things we can help or control to some extent. Please take note that none of us have control really. What we do is just try to prepare to help in the most likely things that might occur.

Perhaps we ignore our gas gauge since it’s been broke for awhile now but we were smart! Now we’re not paying attention so much and we’re out of gas and lost too! No idea! At least we have a gas can and so start walking hoping to get a ride! Meanwhile, we get one heck of a Florida rainstorm short but drenching! Alas we return with gas. If we’re calm it’s a little thing and still the same if we raise cain! Short lived. In most instances there are many small things we do knowingly with thoughtlessness!

Then again there are other small things that can grow, like great oaks, into greater destruction. They are of a more important nature. Still they deal in our relationships and endeavors as well!

One small thing I recall involved my little brother of 3 or maybe 4. He came along with my girlfriend Ro and myself. Michael kept singing the same song over and over to which I finally told him to shut up! I also made some critical remark about his singing. It made him stop singing. He never sang again up to his death at 49. That was major – not little – and all that time I could never encourage him to sing again! A horrible little thing that destroyed a lot and turned out as a major thing!

Just one more note about my brother now known to me, “suffer the little children to come unto me” if anyone should harm one they should be dropped in the deepest part of the ocean with a millstone (BIG ROCK) tied about their neck. I agree and but for God’s grace I should not be here.

Then somewhere it’s written to treat your wife as yourself. Connie had just went to her hairdresser (he and I got along … but not so much) and I met her to go home. She had gotten an afro which she had dome for me to look lovely! It was a thing back then. Nevertheless, I told her she looked like a whore or something just as bad. She forgave me. Yet, I regret that more than anyone will know. I should have been drowned years before – truly.

Just a few little words but so destructive.

So you see little things matter a lot and I ask we all pay attention to them. Please take my few words and treat each other from here on as you would yourself. Meanwhile get rid of all that other thoughtlessness. It’s hard, but doable and can be full of joy for all concerned! I hope this helps. By the way it is great for business!

I won’t worry about getting readers anymore, but please stop in now and then, as I really could use and would welcome the company. Hoping you find some wisdom along the way too! God Bless!

Drafted April 21, 2016

Don’t Give Up! A comment for Daphne Delay


Ken RobinsonSadly sometimes it’s a continual fight that goes on too long! We have to replace or allow to replace the old unwanted man or behavior! It’s true that even when we immediately start the ‘new beginning’ as I call it! We have to start a NEW HABIT to replace the old.

Why? I don’t know except that it is a must!

Otherwise even after weeks or months and the more we start thinking (foolishly) … I’m miserable this week! It’s really bad and was it so bad before?

The truth is yes and then we start to rationalize, and head back to the swamp (alligators, pirana, malaria, and more) ! My thought is DON’T! We’ll still fall down but less and less as we get stronger and more successful than before!

However, I have physically gotten weaker and I do fall down more – truly! My doctor says I have to exercise more but I can’t … not yet, so I ask for help!

It’s always ok to ask for help! New beginnings are never failures unless we give up!

By the same token … sometimes they are easy if you work at them and you are following God’s lead!

I’ve had both. And you?

Let me and the readers know your experiences too! Help us all!

( )

New! ( )

Burnt Ashes

Ash Wednesday is here … The ashes come from last year’s burnt palms not given out on Palm Sunday before Easter.

Hopelessness on first view

It’s a Catholic tradition in my mind. Actually it grew out of the Western Christianity. “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” as I would hear growing up. Supposedly it was changed to “Repent, and believe in the Gospel.” centuries later. That seems to make a better thought, certainly mental image.

All I heard growing up was prepare for death as you won’t know when it’s coming. Made sense, but to a 6 or 7 year old … me … it destroyed a good portion of hope … actually a lot in me and increased the strength of any other fears I had! This is my first time confessing that!

Kinda like Bill Cosby’s skit of the bedtime prayer … “Now I lay me down to sleep…”uh huh!

Study that over weeks of Catechism along with the idea that you can only go to heaven if you’re a Catholic. No one else can go to heaven. What about my friends and my grandfather?!

I thought too much as a kid and still do. I am told often, I over explain all the details. That’s a general consensus!

I was foolish and asked, what happens to the Jews if they’re God’s people like Abraham and Rebecca and the rest of them? Wasn’t Mary Jewish? Told you I thought too much!

Simply it too started me on a life long quest for the ‘real’ truth and nothing but!

My upcoming book “What have you got to lose” will go into more detail. However, that’s not how the book started.

The history of it started around 1957. Since then I have been accused of trying to defame the Catholic church and I WILL go to hell along with many other very strong opinions. Then there are others saying to me, I believe in the Catholic church and I am a good Catholic as if asking me to confirm that? I was also asked how did you come to these absurd ideas.

Over the years I also have been asked how in hell are you practicing Islam and then practicing some Buddhist activities and much more . Now you’re really going to hell! Ok. You’ll have to read the book when It comes out … K?

Ash Wednesday starts a 40 day period, excluding Sundays called Lent to fast and sacrifice. It comes from the Lord’s 40 days in the desert fasting in the bible.
Still, in my mind, it emphasized to prepare for death. So why bring it up? I know I get depressed enough without any help!

However in my life long search for truth I consider the time (Lent) to be better spent getting excited now!

Not that fasting is good or bad or will even get you brownie points. It’s for you just like forgiveness. It’s to help you!

I believe that anyone who doesn’t have a ‘faith’ is already doomed! There is no hope of any kind throughout their lives (even atheists) without some kind of ‘faith’.

I am working on becoming both a good Christian and Messianic Jew. It’s been a long journey but a rewarding one for me!

Over Lent I start to remember what God has done for me. He loves me for sure and you too and anyone you can think of. He’s never asked anything from any of us. He just does!

We’re just one step down from the angels I understand. Why would anyone of sound mind consider making someone like us! He did though.

Consider this. As parents we will and would do anything for our kids. Why? We simply want to be loved and watch how our children grow to know each other and us the parents. Are we appreciated and loved? Have we made a difference in their lives and do they know it?

How many choose us? How many turn their backs on us? It’s incredibly painful I think, but in the end those that choose us do so willingly because they’ve come to know us and want to be with us.

God didn’t need more angels, but he wanted and needed us! He created us imperfect and with a fatal flaw. How could God be sure we really loved Him? He gave us a choice and loved us so much. He didn’t want even one to be lost! No not one but some would be. He wanted us to have every wonderful chance possible so His son said I can go and will go because I love you.

Knowing what terrible and horrific things that would be done to Him and placed on Him. God said go then.

I like to think Jesus said I hope I can bring them all back. Father, I go even if I can bring only one back because I love you Dad. I know how much you love them as well and they need to know they have a way back if they so choose!

So, I get excited as I learn more and get to know God and love Him in more and more ways. In fact I sometimes dance and sing though poorly, it is music to my God.

Now instead of preparing for death each day, I work at living while asking what can I do to find more joy today helping another!

This is not a joke but my real life. I fall and fail a lot and I can’t give up because He’s never given up on me! I am still learning but I have a new and better attitude than I learned as a child. God’s teaching me but I’m a slow learner but He’s patient. Really!

Another Reader’s Digest Condensed version!

Join me for Easter 2016! God Bless! Rick

Christmas Eve Thoughts – Part Three (3)


A long cold winter...with breaks of sunshine

A long cold winter…with breaks of sunshine

Written January 3, 2016

This week following ‘Christmas Eve’ gives all of us, I think, time to breathe and time to reflect on so many things!

On first thought we quickly think of the 1st! The New Year and I do enjoy “New Beginnings” – a phrase I coined in 1988; hence incorporated into my life way too many years ago!

Still the best time is this time where I can really reflect mostly on what things I did right and most importantly what new beginnings need to be made to make actions and decisions of last year better or throw away all together!

Perhaps the most important times are what happened in between each boring reflection of success or failure. That is the time we truly need to consider as being gifts of grace right from the throne of God! No kidding! It’s nice to get a yes for our proposal of any kind (good) and the successes and extra joys! Nevertheless they are here and gone! It’s the in between that seems to drag on. These are the times we so carelessly waste big time! Stop It!

These are the times we can rest, and really consider we do have time rather than telling our loved ones and everyone else … I can’t right now … I just don’t have time! Get outta my way! Again Stop It!

Soon the beginning of the New Year will be over and then it will be the rush to ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day and the next and the next … . Soon we shall prepare for Halloween in September and Christmas in November and then we’ll lose Thanksgiving … whatever that was?

Some wonder how all these successful people get things done and we can’t get our laundry finished and have to make Bologna sandwiches for supper … again! Why can’t we? We waste all those in-between moments I think.

Too much time planning rather than discover and move! ‘Just do it!’, as Nike advertised. That’s just one thought. What is yours? It often comes back to the question I always ask is “Who are you?” .

Boring is good! But only if we stop calling it bad! It’s always tied to attitude and perceptions …. . A better new beginning would be if we consider only good attitudes and for perceptions … Let’s call it looking on the brighter side! Yes yes, I know it seems corny and well worn, but why do you think that is? Simply because so many sayings became that way because they are true! Oh! Boring can be somewhere in between if you want it to be!

The last thoughts for the last year are what worked and what didn’t! Again it’s simple. There’s a scripture about confounding the wise or those who are filled with themselves with the truth.

What worked and what didn’t. What didn’t work? Was it a total flop or perhaps a late bloomer? Most times you don’t want to revisit that again, but sometimes we can be throwing out the baby with the bath water. I have a patent (invention) I should have put out there in another form but I didn’t. I may still and so for the last decade that hasn’t helped anyone! Not ONE!

Successes are just that! We are being promoted, expanding our families, staying healthy and our company is growing at a healthy pace !

However, know that a company doesn’t grow without exercise and trying new things! Neither do we or me or you?

That’s always my New year’s resolution and I work at making it every day for myself and each and every person I meet or hear about that I might be able to help! I think that’s been my main job right from the beginning. I work at keeping focus on no more than one thing at a time and no more than 3 altogether, until one is finished! Sadly, some I rinse repeat and wash again and again and realize this would make an awesome rag! Let’s move on!

The next is not to hold grudges and find forgiveness since without it, all can be lost!

From me to all of you praying and wishing for a wonderful New Year!

God Bless! Rick =)

Christmas Eve Thoughts – Part Two(2)

Christmas presents open 1 youtube

Written December 27, 2015

Christmas Eve is a very very active time for my mind, brain, soul and busy hands of the past!

How in H__l does this toy go together! Dammit, where are the instructions! As the years went by I sorta’ learned how to read Japanese, Chinese, Korean and finally dispense with the instructions all together! My natural gift of mechanical ability finally started to take over! Of course I expected awards and cheers … I settled for smiles, screeches and WOW’s. That was better!

However, as I grew up, I was terrible getting up in the morning … mainly for one reason I think that I used to remember. Now, after the years and illnesses I don’t recall so good!

That has been one of my most terrible habits … going to bed late and getting up late … Just that bad habit alone can really mess up your life! Trust me! How does that work for you? I’d like to hear that myself.

What started this bad habit of mine? Why do I still recall part of the cause on Christmas eve?

Sometimes now I can see glimpses … 1st early mass required only one server (alter boy) … I recall ‘old men’ smells. I wish I could get rid of that too! After 5 MI’s and 6 strokes I don’t think much more is going away. I still have nightmares and dreams about that and other times.

I always thought for decades, that everyone went through that in some form or another?

So you see, Christmas eve is a good time since we can make new decisions, and start new traditions and make promises to ourselves and future families as we go on! It is noted as one of , if not , the most joyous times of the year for many and sadly, for too many it is the time when hopelessness can creep in. Sometimes we remember that as well.

That’s why I always tell everyone to smile to everyone. It can bring in the light to chase away the darkness. I think that just might be the best New Years resolution. It costs little. We all own one. Each one is a special gift no one else can give. And it’s easiest to be given on Christmas and we’ll thank ourselves for it the rest of the year (others too)!

Come to think of it New Year’s Resolutions are overrated! I think by now we all knew or suspected that! I suspect we all come up with “I should’s” the whole year! Why don’t we start when we first think that “This or It” might be a good idea? I want to hear your opinion. It’s neither good or bad … it’s yours and you are important! Stop being afraid! What have you go to lose? Come to think of it, I’m writing a book by that title!

It is truly a work in progress since it has and is changing as it reaches completion. Funny, but that’s what each of us are! Someplace in the Bible is says that – Google that! I’m retired.

Now what have I or You left out?

Just maybe all this will help us find more happiness for you and me. Maybe we’ll discover new abilities and gifts to help each other! It happens as we go on to the next ‘ah ha’ moment. In fact it is this in-between series of moments that make up the successful breakthroughs that we have yet to find.

Just think about New Year’s Resolutions! New Year’s is celebrated all over this world albeit with different customs. Many cultures make resolutions of course. I ask you what are most of the US cultures doing?

Making lasting decisions perhaps should be with a clear mind and by persons that will remember them … Yes? Perhaps that’s why most New Years Resolutions at least around here fail?

So very long ago I found Peace, Safety, Comfort, Hope and Forgiveness on Christmas Eve. You’re welcome to join me anytime. I promise you can too!

There is one thing we have to remember. My wife got me this sign that says Don’t Quit! I’ve wanted to many times and yet I haven’t. None of the things we want or think we want come from quitting.

Actually, these are some of my favorite things on Christmas Eve. It just takes action, more action and repeated good actions after that! Oh, it starts with a good decision to begin with! There’s yet one more group of memories and thoughts I find worthwhile on Christmas Eve.

Care to learn more as I do? My last one for today is if I’m doing all the right things then why am I still looking for some secret that I believe is missing?

God Bless and see you in a bit! Rick =)

Christmas Eve Thoughts

Written December 24, 2015

Classic Christmas girl  The Graphics Fairy

Classic Christmas girl
The Graphics Fairy

This blog post just might wind up a short story and that will be ok too~! You see Christmas eve has always been an important time in my life for my very own reasons. You too may have your own thoughts that night as well.

The first one I recall vividly has burned itself into my mind and can never be erased. Yes, seriously. It’s my warmest memory that I can ever have as Rick or Ricky?

It was in 104 Michaels Ave on the north side of Syracuse, NY (The salt city).

It was on the second floor there where I lived with my grandmother & grandfather, and always seemed cold there except in the summer.

The Christmas tree had so many colored lights in it. We had bulbs that looked like Street lamps, Santa Claus, Elves, Wreaths, Christmas trees; you only have to use your imagination to dream of many more and they’ll appear! I do and even after 50 years I find many more as time goes by!

With that there are mostly warm feelings each year with questions of wonder, but with sadness of what happened? The first year was very special though.

That first year was filled with amazing colors mixing on the white sheet to make new colors I’d never seen! Some of the bulbs had paint that had fell or chipped off and made many shapes forming some animals or memories of somewhere else I had been or was going to go!

Later on I often spent my time somewhere else alone with cousins, aunts and uncles and ‘friends of the family’. But the first night I was warm and safe and it still keeps me warm and safe today at least on that night!

I still believe Jesus or the Holy Ghost was there with me that very night, early morning. Sadly I can’t remember if I was 7 or 8 maybe. We had served midnight mass at Assumption. That doesn’t happen anymore there nor at many more similar churches like that. I also liked that night as people stayed up very late and the homes I could end up at were warm, but the trees were never as wonderful as mine that night.

I finally had decided that my Uncle Sam was my father actually. I called him Uncle Sam but wondered if I should let everyone catch on that I knew my dad was my grandfather actually.

Funny how young minds work. Funny how mine and maybe other’s work as we grow up.

Later that night Uncle Sam and I opened the most wonderful train set any kid could ever hope for! It’s orange and black diesel engine was incredible and so were the tunnels, box cars, log carriers, caboose along with all the little men and the other premier Lionel accessaries.

I ran it a bit and was told I could do it in the morning. Now … to bed! I asked if I could color a little before I went to bed. They said I could but no one came back so I stayed up so very late. Not sure how late of early it was but it was daylight when Sam woke me.

I’ll tell you a bit about my coloring that morning as I continue to explore Christmas eve.

Meanwhile I would love to hear about yours. Your special time can be whatever you most recall in detail and it doesn’t have to be Christmas eve! Honest!

I decided to write about this and it began me to think of what made others feel safe or happy or sad. What do you want and how can I best make or bring some happiness to each of you and the rest of us bring as well! What can we discover, or research to entertain you and increase your contentment. I still think we all have many many wonderful stories of a day or a week that filled us with joy or sadness. Perhaps a time when one of us would begin to laugh and couldn’t stop!!!

Sitting here 50 years later I missed too many things because I didn’t know and reading 10,000 books didn’t cover everything!

I believe each of us has answers for the other that will make our lives fuller!

Let’s sleep on it and come back a little later. OK? Both bad and good are to come but you know that I think.

God Bless and see you in a bit! Rick =)

Legacy (s)

Don’t you think everyone wants to create a legacy that is uniquely their own! I do. I may be wrong, but there is always a first time!

Leave-The-Legacy-76Usually it’s for our kids and other loved ones. However, many have larger hopes, dreams and goals that include family and more. Take Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, George Washington and I believe so many more lost in Paris just two weeks ago in that tragic and senseless massacre!

We think of building our legacy and grand ideas, but none of us know how long we have. I know God does but I can’t help you or myself about that. So what are we to do!!!

More and more I hear so very many knowledgeable and even foolish persons saying to us — START TODAY!

But are we listening? I don’t more often than not and I should! After all, I’ve had significant strokes, heart attacks and several cancers, but do I listen? I can only say I test God regularly, and figure I still have plenty of time. What kind of insanity is that?

I like what I think Steve Jobs said about thinking on what is really important on the day of forgiveness as to what is important?!

An extra $1,000 for a vacation, or spending time with a child … your’s or another’s to teach them or just help them smile? These are all gifts and can be part of your legacy too! Oh! Did I tell you that you can do these daily … not large but huge as you go on and I’d be proud of that legacy.

Perhaps having completed the sale of a patent or publishing another book might be your idea of a good legacy … it would be! Can you do it today?

This is the time of THANKSGIVING here in the states. Many are thankful of the kindnesses given to them by you whether it was a coffee or a mortgage payment and the list goes on! We can always do something as little as it may seem to you … may be incredible to another, but do it often. I believe Thanksgiving can be celebrated daily all over the world.

Even Kermit is Thankful!  (faust112670 Kermit)

Even Kermit is Thankful!
(faust112670 Kermit)

So really you can start building on to your legacy right now! No muss no fuss (is that what one says?).

Help another discover a real Thanksgiving today! Of course, you build yet another part of your legacy! If I can help somehow, let me know. Perhaps join us here so we can help one another build your legacy! Many hands make light work!

Write your stories today for your loved ones, friend and yes … strangers! God Bless, Rick =)

Don’t Quit!

Too much to do & see ... so there's eh door

Too much to do & see … so there’s one door …

Don’t give up! Perhaps it is what it is which is so often said. Never did like that saying, but after many years I think I am understanding it … sorta.

I also apologize to you simply because there were some topics you might have wanted to consider but I’ve been too busy with life! I had to take time to get rock solid permission for the last picture. I believed that if I didn’t get permission I was fearful the world would end! Mine at least! I was afraid plain and simple. My wife used to say you know too much, which makes you think too much! Finally, I agreed.

What do you believe or think and how do you process each and every thing? Do you have control over all the processes? Did you just fail miserably or just a little? How many times has this happened this morning? I hope a lot!

I think it means you’re busy living or trying to live! That’s good don’t you think?

We can’t do it all. There’s simply too much so pick!!!

Pick one thing and finish it despite whatever is in front of you that seems to be stopping you! Most of all tell fear you will do whatever it takes to make it happen over it’s dead body!

It will either hurtle you forward to experience joy and happiness, because you will succeed or fail! Either way, it’s behind you and you can take one step forward … Simon says so!

You’ve accomplished it and you know you’ll do it better the next time! Or, you’ve failed and now you know it doesn’t work that way but you’ve gained wisdom! I can promise you that both are satisfying! You can only lose if you quit!

I go through this so many times during the day. I want to quit or be lazy and think why bother!

My excuses are that I am really sick. I have a heart attack and then I am stuck in the hospital to have them recover me so to speak! I am depressed and I don’t think of it much … I just don’t want to do anything … ever been there? However we have life and we forget to be thankful for that gift! Each and everyone of us!

I discovered what depression really is. WE tell people to just get over it … WRONG! I really and truly wanted to go to heaven and be with my wife … I wanted to die because to be alive was not an option. I quit hundreds of times a day and yelled at God! I don’t care if you have something for me to do yet! That’s a lame excuse! You hear me!

Yet in between I have helped my daughter though she doesn’t see and I have helped my son and he sees. I have helped so many and that helps me. It is what I do and is one gift I have for anyone. Truly it helps me to help you. Is that selfish?

Why I am not dead today is a miracle! It’s also only by God’s grace – a gift. I have thrown so many gifts back at God and said no thanks! Get out of my life now!

Today I am so glad He ignored me! What about tomorrow?

My suggestion is Don’t Quit!

My wife gave me that sign before she died almost 20 years ago! I have to look at it almost every day but it helps me to remember you.

Sending smiles to you today! Rick

Walmart Starts to Practice Medicine

Written 10/11/3015

salt images 6inch

No … it is NOT a joke or a spoof! Walmart is beginning small and I suspect it could become one of the largest doctor groups in the world. Additionally it should become the only healthcare organization worth mentioning in the future overtaking the WHO!!!

Walmart is prohibiting salt intake in all Sam’s Clubs across the US within their cafe’s!

No clue, but discovered that today! Low sodium in good for heart conditions and blood pressure and it’s all our fault! If we can’t control ourselves, someone has to do it!

A wise decision it would seem to test it first! They have all the facilities in place, so what do they have to lose?

It is beginning in a small way not like Obama care. A big difference is at least Walmart will profit … Nobody is with Obama care!

Removing salt from all the patrons of Sam’s Club cafes is a small test of things coming!

It’s committing to the National Salt Reduction Initiative championed by many others!

Granted, it may take some time to exterminate salt, but meanwhile other things can start to be removed from public use!

Look what we’ve done with cigarettes (30 years?). The next step will be easier. Indeed, pharmaceuticals can start to be raised even more in price right now as they are with Obamacare … upwards of 700% and perhaps more. Greater profits for Sam’s Club and Walmart pharmacies! New and greater profits for insurance companies!

I know a great many of my scripts have gone from $12 to as high as $500 and more!

They are on the forefront of a new world perhaps doing away with stupid politics and only concentrating on profits!

Can you see it?

P.S. I thought I found a free cartoon I could use … to make a long story short I have written at least 3 maybe 4 times including the artist never receiving a response. So being brave or stupid I am going ahead with it. Is there anyone out there that can bail me out just in case?